SEO is one of the most effective ways to get new visitors to your website as it’s free and the traffic is looking for what you have. However besides this there are other ways you can get traffic to your website to make an action that you want them to make. You never know what’s going to happen with SEO and having that backup of traffic will do you a world of good when it comes to your business.


Pay Per Click is one of the most reliable forms to generate traffic. It’s also a fantastic addition to any SEO traffic you currently have. Pay per click traffic also allows you to set a budget and track how many sales you are getting through that amount.

Also pay per click is a great tool for testing your conversion rates and helping your SEO increase even further. It will often mean that any additional traffic you generate through SEO will mean a better sales ratio in the long term. However you should always check how much you are spending on PPC. Unlike SEO, costs can often spiral out of control if they are not checked and reviewed frequently. If you have a large budget it’s often better to get someone to manage it if you are busy.

Banner Advertising

Banner advertising may have had a lot of stick recently due to the banner blindness statistics. However they can still be effective if they harbour a key call to action and are placed on relevant websites. Many people make the mistake of putting their banners on any website and hoping that they will click. Just like any form of marketing banners should be targeted towards your audience. This will increase the chances of getting traffic and ultimately getting sales.

Banners can also be cheap if you know where to look. Many websites aren’t that clued in on banner advertising. This provides many opportunities for a webmaster to gain traffic for cheaper than they normally would have to pay to acquire.


Video is growing year on year when it comes to attracting visitors. Millions of people research products online and on YouTube to get the most knowledge possible about their potential purchase. Not having a video distribution model can leave you far behind when it comes to attracting visitors.

If you own a web store on products, consider making reviews on the products and posting the video online. Not only will this give you a credible reputation, it will also enhance the trust of your target audience and make them much more likely to purchase from you. It will also have the added benefit of getting them to subscribe or to opt in for your newsletters for further marketing.

So here you have 3 of the best ways to supplement your SEO traffic. As you can see there are many effective ways to getting traffic on the web and it shouldn’t solely rely on the search engines. Having an integrated strategy will help your business grow and also prevent anything unexpected from happening.

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3 Great Ways Supplement SEO Traffic