It is not easy to write an article due to the regular demands and the waste of energy that this job drawn from the writer’s mind. Everyone who is in the writing job will be agreeing that the procedure of development of ideas and writing them into the quality article is a difficult task.

In businesses, the owners also want that writer should have to convince the customer to use the product offered by the company through their writings. Writing should be so effective that user should think that it is worth to use the company product. For this purpose, writers have to set up a tone in writing that will be convincing as well as professional.

Followings are some tips that will help you in rewriting an article in a unique and professional style.

Do not make Grammar Mistakes:

While rewriting the article note the grammatical errors in the original one, do not repeat them. Give an impression through the article that it is written for the professional use not only to share the stories with others. Grammar includes the proper use of the ideas, punctuations, phrasing, spellings as it is not only limited to the utilization of the verbs and pronouns. Always keep analyzing your grammar mistake using grammar checker tool like Grammarly.

Do Proper Research:

Research is the main core of a well-written article. Some writers think that the use of information given in the article that he is going to rewrite is enough to explain, but it is not true. Additional research is highly recommended by the good writers because it will give authority and proper research on the topic on which you are going to rewrite will also increase your knowledge about the subject, and you can write more efficiently about it.

It is good to read three to five sources about the topic you are going to write.

Make it Short and Simple:

The business article is used to convey the information directly about the company and the product that the business is offering. The second thing is the customer want to see the reaction (feedback) and description of the product they want to buy. As you are going to rewrite an article so select the article with reasonable length but if you want to rewrite a too much time article and make a method to shorten the description. The best word length for a business article is between 100-500 words. Through this way, rewriting will get more practical and straightforward description of the topic or product.

Never go beyond the border:

Why are writers hired by the companies? It is due to the creativity of the writers. As writing is an art therefore by adding something new will increase the sales and publicity. If you are an article writer then keep in view that never goes beyond from the border means if you are given freedom to write anything, you can do anything that you want but never go out of the topic just describe the main idea of the original article. Your article must have the same message that is given to the original one.


Conclusion: All the above article writing tips are composed by the SEO Tools Centre Team that offering a vast number of SEO tools to analyze and fix your SEO mistakes.

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