You love writing a blog and sharing your experience and thoughts with people? Or are you a business entity that reaches to its reader and customer base through a blog to let them know about your work and helping them in their needs?

In both the cases, you would seriously desire that more and more would read and follow your blog. But with increasing competition in the blogging field day by day, it’s no child play to remain on top until you really know how to be a smart blogger among the crowd and optimize your blog in the right manner. Let’s talk about some strategies that are significantly essential to make you’re a blog a top-grosser in the search engine rankings:

 1. Chose a good hosting service:
• Register a domain name, in sync with your blog’s niche. Go for a very good Blog hosting service like WordPress, Blogger, etc. Choosing a blog hosting service is the best one as it gives you customized site, you never have to worry about the basic programming things and can dedicate your time on blogging work only.

2. Mention about yourself:

You are the author of the blog and just like the people’s interest in the information on your blog they would want to know about the author also and his professional identity. Setup an “About me” section on the home page describing about you.

 3. Optimizing your Blog:

The optimization part is the most important part as it decides how your blog is going to be look like and how will it interpret your words to the readers.
• “The look matters”. Choose a very good and suitable theme or template. Make your readers get impressed in the first view, the basic key to hold and engage. You will find many themes available, either on the blog host’s site or through third part theme developers.
• Check that your blog easily loads and runs the whole page images, videos and plug-ins on each and every browser. Do that compulsorily before deciding on a blog theme too.
• Get plug-ins for your blog. They are a must. They add some great functionality to your blog and can help you performing multifarious functions. Chose only the ones which support your blogging platform and relates to your niche. Do not over-stuff your blog with plug-ins.
• For the business perspective (basically for SEO) chose some Google tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster that helps you to keep track the viability of your blog over the internet.
• RSS and E-mail subscription tools are must to keep your readers engaged t your blog at regular intervals. You can also manage your RSS subscriptions by registering with Feedburner.

 4. Promoting and Social Bookmarking:

• Add the respected social media tool buttons of your blog’s profile on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. These help you in scattering your blog contents across various social networks which in result can provide you some good traffic.
• You can use social marking sites like Digg, Reddit, Delicious, etc which are some of the great source of inbound traffic for your site. The more your content gets bookmarked on these sites the wider your network becomes and so the wider of your blog.
• Write some great posts on other top blogs which are commonly referred as Guest posting and is on the rage these days. This will help in providing some informative and valuable feedback to people reading other blogs and that will increase your reputation as a blogger, which in turn would propel the readers to navigate to your blog too. Apart from guest posting, try to post some comments and feedback also on other site’s blog posts.

Grace Smith is a professional freelance writer that focuses mainly on Internet marketing for different businesses. She is also a blog marketing expert and is really into social media networking as well as seattle seo services. She enjoys helping people as a copywriter and marketer and is always excited about learning about a different niche industry.

4 Simple Tips to Rank Your Blog Higher On Search Engine