Over the last one year the search scene has changed to a large extend. The year 2012, has proven to be quite eventful due to the shifts in the SEO survival.

An enormous crackdown on spammy websites due to the EMD updates was just one of the scathing steps. Google algorithm updates occur more than 100 times a year, to remove low quality websites from the topmost position in search engine results.

Google is never going to end the persistent run to make search engine results more appropriate.

Search engine optimization is now, not as simple as it was two years down the line. Over the years, it has turned quite challenging, to attain high search engine ranking.

Well, no one is aware about the exact updates that are to occur in the coming year. But here is a list of Google updates that are expected to occur in 2013.

Author Rank

In 2013 Author Rank is going to be the main search factor.

Google is going to assign an Author rank to each blogger depending on a number of parameters for example domain expertise, niche authority etc. The higher the author score of a blogger the more chances of his content ranking high in the search engines.

Also, author’s content will be linked to his Google+ account, to draw Google+ in the SEO calculations.

Disavow Tool

The Disavow link was creates to scrutinize a website’s backlink structure. Google is expected to use this tool in 2012 to create a new algorithm utilizing the links that have already been submitted. This tool will most probably be uses to enhance reporting of spammy websites and low quality backlinks.

Presence of Social media

Search engine optimization is strongly influenced by social media networks currently. In the year 2013 it is going to be compulsory, to develop an effective social presence, for the success of an online business. Sharing engaging content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. will be of supreme importance. Social media is going to play a crucial role in deciding the fate of an online website in the coming year.

A successful social presence is evidence that the readers find the content of the website useful.

Digital marketing

2013 is going to be a big year for digital marketing. It will eventually involve the entire band of online marketing from content creation, to pay per click, to social media utilization. This is definitely going to give a boost because of Google updates, and more brands will try their luck in the field of digital marketing.

Well, we can take one thing for granted that these updates will keep search results relevant, honest and useful for the searchers.

So are you up for the new Google updates in 2013?

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