In order to yield the best results in any organization, employers need to device means and motivation strategies to ensure they retain their employees. They are the greatest asset one could ever have in their company. In whatever setting, workers require something to keep them going. In most cases, a good remuneration is enough to keep them going.

However, other motivational approaches may be used to appeal to staff since we all know money is never enough. You may use such appeals as praise or recognizing and acknowledgement of achievements, giving counsel instead of bartering and so on. So what can an employer do to improve employee relations?

  • Show your employees respect

Appreciate and revere your staff as often as possible. How you make them feel is what counts the most. You do not want to be surrounded by staff that fear or despise their superior because of stringent rules and the way you carry yourself. It is a sure recipe for poor performance in any organization. Showing outward respect for employees regularly not only leads to better and positive service delivery but also good work place relations/ culture. Respect is a double-edged; it goes both ways

  • Responsibility allocation

Encourage employees by giving them responsibilities that enhance their productivity and allow them to grow. Support them by persuading them to gain new skills and provide sufficient training and education opportunities. Hire from within when possible and to those deserving, give generous promotions at suitable times.

  • Reward employees

Rewards should go beyond financial compensation and attend to emotional or personal needs of the staff. Morale builders such as recognition of outstanding performers in gatherings, awards, handwritten notes and so on help create and contribute to the company’s positive culture.

  • Relaxation time

Provide adequate time for family vacations, new babies and sick leaves as well as off days, especially for those involved in exhausting professions such as long distance movers. Allow employees to unwind after an assignment through mini breaks or organizing team building activities. Exceptional performance is expected of everyone, but not without allowing him or her some time out.

  • Sharing of revenue

Treat your employees well by letting them own part of the company through regular contribution of part of their earnings to help in generating the company’s revenue and profit goals. As it grows, employees will be obliged to stay on and contribute further to the expansion of the organization as long as they reap the benefits in the end. Provide incentives that give employees reasons to stay.

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