Online business is tied closely with words. Yes, whether you’re an affiliate or vendor, your business is based on your ability to write. Thus, words carry a very important function in your online marketing business. People in offline business use words verbally, while people in online business use written words to persuade their audience to buy their products. In either case, words are used as a form of communication. That’s why it is important for you to use words in the right way. It will affect your success in generating sales for your product promotion. Here are 5 magic words that will persuade your audience to buy:

1. “Without”

The word “without” implies that your audience can solve their problem without doing specific things, especially complicated and difficult things. For instance: “cure acne without using expensive over the counter products”. With this sentence, you are telling your audience that they can cure their acne without buying expensive products, which most people usually do. In this way, you are making the solution easier for them. When you use the word “without” in your article or ad, you can boost your effectiveness in persuading your audience to buy your product.

2. “No… Necessary”

The phrase “no… necessary” is similar with “without” in a sense that it will help your audience to solve their problem easily. For instance: “lose weight fast – no diet plan necessary”. It implies that your audience can lose their weight without using any diet plan or method. We know that there are many diet methods available for people to lose weight, and most of them are strict diet, which can cause more harm than good. With this phrase, you’re trying to alleviate their pain by assuring that they don’t need to use any dietary plan in order to lose weight. In this way, people will have curiosity to find more information about what you’re trying to offer.

3. “Really”

Most people don’t believe in advertisements. Why? That’s because most ads are fakes. They only exaggerate on their claim. That’s why they hate ads and think that ads are annoying. But, when you use the word “really”, you can change their perception. For instance: “this is the only method that will really help you to lose weight fast”. This word implies that the method will really help your audience to lose their weight fast. All other methods are not. It will make your ad so special that people will begin to feel curious about it. Thus, by using the word “really”, you will be able to make your ad unique.

4. “Real Result”

The phrase “real result” will help you to convince your audience that the product you offer to them really delivers real result. People want this assurance. People don’t want to get in the trap that those fake products are setting them. They want product that works. They want products that can deliver real result for them. No matter what the problem, the product that you offer needs to deliver real result for them. That’s why you include the phrase “real result” in your ad.  For instance: “the only push-button marketing system that will deliver real result for you within a week”.

5. “Your”

This is the most important of all words, and you have to use it generously. Why? That’s because it will connect you with your audience. And this connection needs to be established in order for you to get good response from your audience. Most people buy based on their emotion. And guess what? You can establish an emotional connection simply by using the word “your”. For instance: “cure your acne once and for all”. In this case, you can simply write “cure acne once and for all”, but it won’t establish the needed emotional connection necessary to persuade your audience. If you use the word “your” in your advertisement, you can remind your audience about their problem as well as point them the right way to solve it. This will in turn produce great response from your audience.

Those are 5 magic words that will persuade your audience to buy. Use the words above in your copy to ensure maximum response from your audience.

About Author:

Patrick has been working for international clients providing SEO services and content writing. He looks up to Eric Schiffer as his writing icon.

5 Magic Words To Persuade Audience To Buy