In November of 2012, Pinterest unveiled its new Secret Boards feature. Up until then, if you pinned an item to a Pinterest board, anyone could view it. Those pins you made about your favorite spring fashion trends, the car you wish you could buy or that special project you were working on were all public for anyone to see. Now however, Pinterest user demand has changed all that as people asked for and got this new feature that lets them pin items privately.

You can use secret boards to organize and keep tabs on your shopping lists, to plan a special event or to work on projects you aren’t yet ready to share with others. Here is a 5 minute guide to using Pinterest’s Secret Boards for those things you would prefer to keep to yourself and for ideas you’d like to share with specific people and not the entire world.

Creating a New Secret Board

You can add up to three Secret Boards. To create a new one, simply click ‘Create New Board’ and then choose the “Secret” setting. You don’t have to worry that your secret pins will show up online somewhere because they won’t. You can also click on the Secret Board box at the bottom of your profile to set up a secret board.

Adding Collaborators

Do you want to give someone access to your secret board so they can work on a project you’ve got going? You can do this easily. Once you have a secret board created, type in the first and last name of the person (or their email) so that they will get an invite to access the board whenever they want. Who can you invite? Those you follow on Pinterest, any of your Facebook friends or anyone with an email address.

Marketers and Business Owners can Leverage Secret Boards

Marketers and business owners can get the most out of the new secret boards by using them to gather ideas to keep in one place to save for later use. Essentially, you’re able to plan a complete marketing campaign while keeping it entirely to yourself until launch time using this Pinterest new feature. When you come across great marketing ideas and other tidbits of info or images online you find useful, just put them on your secret board so you can develop them further later on when the feeling strikes.

 5 Minute Guide To Pinterest Secret Boards

Connect with Others using Secret Boards

The new feature on Pinterest lets you create a secret board so you can invite people to see it or to pin their favorite ideas to it. A business owner can post some ideas he or she has on a secret board and then let customers suggest some ways to make the ideas better. A web designer can use these private boards to collect website redesign options or to pin different websites with designs he or she finds inspiring. The designs can then be shared so that collaboration with team members can take place to choose the best design.

Keeping an Eye on your Competition with Secret Boards

Every business owner keeps tabs on their direct competitors. Secret boards offer businesses the perfect place to store and track information about their competitors. A business owner could keep this information to themselves or share it to get the input of others such that from employees or affiliates.

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Catilin Moore writes about social media. Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo sharing site that has rapidly became very popular around the world. Today, it’s being leveraged by all types of people from the likes of those working at Infogenix, a leading web design and development firm to the lone business owner who wishes to share ideas and stay connected with his or her customers. And now, with the introduction of Pinterest’s Secret Boards, the site is all that more useful both for businesses and private users.

5 Minute Guide To Pinterest Secret Boards