When you think about mobile apps, does your mind project images of cartoon birds flying into pigs? How about rotating blocks falling into place? Smartphones have the potential to enhance our lives, but too often we turn them into mindless distractions. The right apps can turn your smartphone into a life-enhancing companion. From personal finance aids to virtual remote controls, these apps improve everyday life.


Evernote is a powerful note taking application that allows you to sync your notes across multiple devices. Evernote also can be incorporated into a number of other mobile apps. Once you learn to rely on this platform, you’ll want to use it for everything, from business documents to grocery lists.


Mobile banking is a convenient solution for checking your balances and performing other bank functions anywhere, anytime — right from your smartphone. With Mint.com’s mobile app, you can track your personal finance information. Like the Mint.com website, its application allows you to review your bank account, bills, savings, and other personal finance information. You’ll know exactly how much money you have available and how much is going out the door for bills and other expenses.


According to DirectSpecialTV you get more than 285 channels through satellite TV. Chances are, you’re going to need some help to keep up with the shows that you want to watch. DIRECTV offers a mobile application that allows you to remotely set your DVR and share what you’re watching with your friends on social networks.


Dropbox is a service that offers cloud-based file hosting. While that service is efficient, the applications that Dropbox has available for mobile devices takes it up a notch. When you install Dropbox on your phone, you have access to all of the files in your account, no matter where you are. Your files get synched across all of your devices that use the software and applications. Upload a file from your phone, and it’s available on your tablet, desktop, and laptop computers as well.


When you’re trying to figure out whether the hole-in-the-wall restaurant you’re standing in front of is amazing or a flop, you can look up reviews using a mobile web browser. However, it’s faster and more useful to use the Yelp app. It gives you easy access to all of the reviews on the site, as well as advanced search features that show you nearby businesses and restaurants.

Mobile apps prove that you can improve almost every facet of your everyday life. There’s nothing quite like being able to send cute pictures through Dropbox, check your household grocery list through Evernote, record your favorite shows through the DIRECTV app, and hit up a highly rated restaurant thanks to a Yelp recommendation. You’ll wonder, how did you ever manage without these mobile apps before?

5 Mobile Apps That Will Change Your Life