Google+ is a relatively new addition to the social media family. There have been mixed messages about Google’s success in its entry to social sites. No matter what experts may say, there are many benefits to adding Google+ to a company’s social media strategy.

Integration with Google Services

Many businesses use Google Docs, Google email and other Google services for their business applications. Adding Google+ will help create an easier integration between social media marketing and other business processes. While signing up for Google+ is simple compared to other social media applications, businesses that use Google Docs or other Google applications will find registering for the social site almost instantaneous.

Better Privacy Settings

Though Facebook may have been tweaking its privacy settings, many people believe that the settings on Google+ are preferable. Google+’s privacy settings are more strict and allow for better variations for what you let others to see, the information that is shared, and the levels of security for different aspects of the site.

Safer Sharing

The privacy settings extend to the information that is shared within the social media site. Google+ allows people to adjust the information that is shared with documents and photos. The information that people receive, including attachments and who they receive it from, can also be controlled with sharing settings. This allows businesses to send confidential or sensitive information to other people in their circle without worrying about the content falling into the wrong hands.

For example, if you are a pest control company who wants to share important information on how to catch a skunk, you can control who receives that information within your circle and deny access to others who shouldn’t have access to the content.

Mobile App

Many people have also stated that they prefer Google+’s mobile app to the applications from other social media sites. People say that this mobile app loads faster and works better whether the smart phone is Android-based or iOS. Not only does this help businesses to use this application remotely, it also encourages people with in their circle to communicate via Google+ more often, which will increase responses to content shared on the site.


Businesses and individuals have praised Hangouts as one of the best features of Google+. These real-time sessions enable people to share documents and videos and communicate with one another for business meetings, sales presentations, training or personal time with friends. Businesses can find many useful applications for hangouts that will help make many business processes more efficient.


The photo tools that are available on Google+ are better than those found on other social media sites. The photo tools for Google+ allow for quick upload, adjustments, resizing and other necessary applications to make the photo usable as a part of content or the photo gallery.

Trending Topics

Many social media sites allow you to search for trending topics within the site. Google+ has adjustment tools that aren’t available in other sites that allow you to tailor your search for specific topics such as for your company, keywords, market or competitors. This allows you to utilize the social media site to better understand how the market uses the site as well as how those in your circle see your company and its offerings.

There will also be other additions to Google+ that will help businesses use the site to be productive and increase return on investment. Google advertisements for Google+ and Google+Analytics are two features that will allow companies to understand their market, increase sales and determine successful strategies on Google+.

Google continues to improve its social media application. Already businesses and individuals have seen increased benefits from using Google+ to create networks and reach stakeholders. Adding Google+as a part of a social media strategy for a business will only increase its benefits as the Internet conglomerates tweaks its offerings.

With so many individuals and businesses already on Google+, a company needs to consider the impact of not using this social media site to connect with customers. The flexibility of the Google circles, the addition of Google Authorship and the ability for any Google+ member to see business page information as a part of it search engine results have already increased visibility for businesses. The ability to create a more targeted approach in networking and social media gives Google+ users a benefit that isn’t available with other social media sites.

While most social media sites say that they created their offering for individuals and not businesses, Google+ is one social media site that had clear benefits for businesses from the beginning and increased its offerings geared toward companies faster than on other social media sites. Combining Google+ with Google Docs, Gmail and Google Analytics can help a company create a holistic strategy for doing business, marketing and working with remote employees.

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