The beauty of the WordPress platform is its openness to plugins. You can improve almost any feature using plugins on WordPress. Examples include; plugins for social media buttons, plugins to optimize your site for speed and performance, plugins for security, managing mailing list etc.

Image are important in blogging, apart from the fact that they are necessary to make Pinterest share, they can also be optimized to boost your SEO, and also for a description on what your article is talking about.

As important as the image is, when they become much on your blog archive, you site may begin to experience slow loading of page, therefore the necessity for WordPress Plugins for Image Performance.

These are compilations of WordPress Plugins for Image Performance that you can employ to your site.


This WordPress Plugins for Image Performance works by resizing images, the aim is to prevent an image from slowing down the load time of your blog; it can generate various sizes of image based on the size of your content when someone accesses your site. It quickly adjust to appropriate size, be it small or larger image. It is easy to set up Hammy, and it just has three configuration options.

Lazy Load

When you are looking for a WordPress Plugins for Image Performance that will preserve you bandwidth, Lazy Load is a very good option, it allows the images to load only when user sees it, the plugin does not requires any configuration, you just install and activate it.


This is also another WordPress Plugins for Image Performance that resizes uploaded images in case they are larger than the configured size. After installation, the only configuration it requires is the jpeg image quality and maximum size of image.

Apart from working upon the images you are uploading, Imsanity is able to resize in bulk the images you had already uploaded before installing this plugin into your WordPress platform.

WP Parallel Loading System

Only two connections from a domain are allowed on HTTP 1.0. WP-PLS WordPress Plugins for Image Performance creates your blog’s sub domain and allows from there downloading of files. More hostnames is created on browsers for downloading of content, this creation of multiple connections makes file downloading quicker and website loading faster.

CW Image Optimizer

This WordPress Plugins for Image Performance resizes images without loss of quality, the only set back to CW Image Optimizer is the setting up, it gets more complicated when your site is on shared hosting.

It is featured for bulk optimization in case you got so many images to optimize.

EWWW Image Optimizer

The mechanism of this WordPress Plugins for Image Performance is also to decrease image size without affecting quality, the set up is very easy and there is a step-by-step guide for installation provided by the author on the plugin page. It also has the bulk optimizing features.

PB Responsive Images

This plugin makes the images on your site fit according to the screen resolution of your visitor; it doesn’t require any technical coding. After configuring the image size, PB Responsive will automatically insert the image syntax in the post.

You page will load correctly to fit the size of visitors who comes through their tablet and mobile devices.

WP Smush.It

Smush.It needs is popular, a plugin that needs no configuration, it makes use of the Yahoo’s service for your image resizing.

The requirement is simple as installing and activate and all uploaded images will be automatically optimized. Bulk optimization features is also available on this WordPress Plugins for Image Performance.


This plugin follows its name by parallelizing resources among many hostnames; it enhances your page loading time by allowing downloading of files from multiple domains.

This plugin is risky but easy, the instructions provided by the author on the blog are there to follow critically.

There are still more WordPress Plugins for Image Performance that are yet to come to my knowledge, you can name more of them in the comment box below!

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9 WordPress Plugins for Image Performance and Optimization