Even to this day, many companies do not give heed to the URL structure. The URL is comprehensively the most basic and the most important element of SEO. People tend to keep a long URL. It mostly consists of various numbers coupled, that means absolutely nothing to a lay person. It is imperative for the business peoples to follow the best URL practices. This will help them gain more traffic to their website. You have to make the URL more appealing for the users. It should match the guidelines to come within the ambit of Google search engines.


A Complete Guide to URL Structure and its Importance in Search Engine Optimization


A systematic approach to optimizing link building process is the use of common sense. Find below the basic guidelines to create Google friendly URLs for the users:

Keep The URL Simple

The URL structure must be kept as simple as possible. The structure should not be complex for the users. It should be made in a way that a lay person comprehends the same with ease. It should be descriptive of the contents of the page making sense to both the lay person and the web crawlers. It should be made more users friendly. It should consist the name of the brand product to make it easier for the people to get an idea what will be on the page. The use of the brand name makes more sense than using a catalogue number.

Keep The URL Short

Keep the URL short as possible. Try limiting it to a few words. URLs with short names are easier to remember, spell and share as well. Keep the characters of the URL to a certain limit to make it more users friendly. The less the characters in the URL, the better it is for the users. Technically, a URL having complex and multiple characters create a lot of problems. They guide the users to similar content posted on your website. This makes the users spend more time to get to the right page he was looking for.

The Use Of Static URLs

It is advised to use a static URL that is restricted to the use of question marks, equal signs etc. These are dynamic URLs which are not content specific hence, very difficult to remember. A URL has to be such that describes the content on the page. They make things more confusing for the users.

The Use Of Keywords

It is imperative to use the keyword in the URL structure. If you are ranking a keyword, the keyword should be placed in the URL as well as on the page. Make the keywords specific and relevant. Keywords should neither be overpopulated nor should the same be misleading to the users. It might gain you traffic initially but it might damage your rank later when people find out that it does not relate to the content on the page.

Use Lower Case Letters For Web Address

The URL is very case sensitive. To avoid any muck up, one should use lowercase letters in the web address. People tend to use both the upper case and lower case letters but the same confuses the things considerably. Often, people think of the web address to contain lowercase letters therefore, it is the safest best. Capital letters should be refrained from usage in the web address.

The Usage Of Punctuation

The Google guidelines are very simple and straightforward on the usage of punctuation marks. You must separate the multiple words used in the web address with hyphens. Although it is wrong to gel two words together without separating them with any punctuation mark but it makes it more user friendly.


A Complete Guide to URL Structure and its Importance in Search Engine Optimization

The URL should be uniform. It is the life structure of the page. An inconsistent URL can only create confusion for the users.


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A Complete Guide to URL Structure and its Importance in Search Engine Optimization