A blog is interactive, informative and easy to interface although if you are running a business and want to seem formal and professional, you will need to replace it with a website. A website is almost a requirement in all commercial units. Initially, you can opt for cheap webhosting to make it available on the World Wide Web and therefore accessible by everyone. A website is a virtual store that if updated well can ‘do’ actual selling for your goods or services.

Dynamic websites

They are flexible and have high functionality option. Complex programming codes are used in their initial set up but afterwards, the user is trained on how to use the simple CSS to update new images and content.

Advantages of a dynamic website:

1. You have clear and total control of your content

2. You are able to create several pages

3. You can monitor traffic to the page. You can monitor what content they seem interested in ad how they are landing the page anyway. You can use this information to analyze market trend.

Static websites

These are quick and cheap to build and maintain as compared to dynamic websites. They spear quickly in search engines, plus they load quickly since they have less in built extras.

The below are general features of a good website:

  • People hate having to wait for a web page to load thus the web designer takes this factor into consideration when creating a website. Even with a slow internet connection, a website should load quickly to avoid potential clients from leaving the page without reading information. Developers optimize texts and photos for speed so that upon request, a page can load quickly.
  • The content should be up to date and original to attract viewers to read more. It should be free from spelling and grammatical errors.
  • You should be aware of your target audience and get the website doe in conformity with them.
  • It should be attractive to look and easy to navigate. Proper and clear labeling of pages is essential to ensure that the viewer gets relevant information. There should be a contact information page where the physical address, email and telephone contacts are put in case the customer wishes to contact you.
  • Images and graphics should not be too many or too large since this will affect the performance of the web page.
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