Best Games for Windows 8

Are you a gaming freak? If yes is the answer, then cheers! I also join you in the list. Well, being a gaming freak, I always try to download games on all of my gadgets and PC. Few days back, I installed Windows 8 and came to know that one can get games for Windows 8 from Windows Store. I immediately move over to the Store and was shocked on seeing the huge list of games for Windows 8. Well, I somehow manage to make the list of 5 best games and I am going to spread my collected data in this article. So let’s us have a look at it.

Where’s My Water?

The best puzzle game is available for Windows 8 as well. You need to be very smart to conquer this game. For those out of you, who are hearing this game’s name for first time ever, let me tell you that in this game, the central character is alligator, and you aim is to make path for water to reach him. The character in your control is Swampy, which is a duck. You need to cut the pipes in such a way that water reaches the alligator. Though, the work is not that tough, but the fellow alligators, who do not want your alligator to get water, try to stop you on your way. This makes the game quite interesting to play.

Cut the Rope

Cut the rope in such a way that your monster reaches the Candy. The monster is totally trapped in the puzzle of ropes, and you are required to cut them away. Any wrong move will create problems for you so you should be smart enough in every move that you play in game. Once you feed your monster, the level gets completed and you get promoted to higher level.

Reckless Driving

Do you like to play racing games? If you do, Reckless Driving is meant for you. The only rule in the game is that there is not rule. Traffic rules do not hold there. The only thing that holds there is the mad driving by you and your competitors in the race. They will hit your car, will speed up their cars, will break rules to win the race. You must also do the same to be in the game.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Another popular game making into the list, Angry Birds Star Wars is about fight between your Angry Birds and Pig Troopers. You must kill them bastards or they will do it for you. The use of supernatural powers from both opponents makes the game interesting to play.

Fruit Ninja

Cut the fruits that get popped up on your device’s screen. Of course by using your finger as sword. You should be fast enough so that not even a single fruit goes back without getting cut. And yes, smart enough so that you do not cut the bombs that pop up in a frequent manner.

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Best Games for Windows 8