While the Blackberry is still at the top of the list for business and the corporate people, the company has started a new way of dealing with its niche. The company RIM that was known to be very low on the app side is now marketing out the best apps for the people it targets. Not only for the older phones, but also for the newer ones, the company is marketing out the most fun and yet the best business apps so that the functions of one’s personal tasks can be carried out without any hassle. The business apps that can help the people in their daily tasks are as follows. You will find that each app ahs something in it for you. The best you can do to justify the use of your phones and the playbooks is that you can cover the devices with good Blackberry cases. The recommendations for the apps are as:

  1.   Job Fetcher Nigeria: This app is for all those who live in Nigeria to help them find the best apps for the new and old employees in different companies. This will also be a good app for all those who want to find their first jobs. This is just like a recruiter but works free for all the employees and the candidates looking for good jobs. Those who would want to survey for their job s and find out what the other people at their level are being paid can also download this app. Although this app is location specific, but still, it is a good app for all those who would want to find their jobs in the high paying economy in Nigeria.
  2. Adobe Connect Mobile: With the front facing camera, you can take care of the easy video conferencing. The front and rear camera in the mobile devices can be sued both for the conference with the help of this downloaded and plug-and-play app. You do not need any further drivers or stuff for this app to run on your BB device. The app is now available for the OS 10 devices as well coming out in the near future.
  3. iSpeech Translator: This app is for all those who deal with international clients in different languages. It has the text and the speech recognition systems which allow you to speak in one language and it talks like a translator to the other person with the language he speaks in. The app also has the text recognition system, which will allow you to input text and emails in one language to get the result in any other language that you like. The app is free of charge for a limited time so grab your file and play with it.
  4. Currency Exchange Rates: This app tells about its functions from its name. This app is for both the BB mobile devices and the playbook tablet. You can convert 70 different currencies into the ones that you want converted. Just enter the exchange rates and you will get the results easily for the amount of money you would want to convert. The app also recommends to you exchange centers and Money Gram points in your area for easy access.
  5. Easy Agenda: This meeting minute’s app will help you keep track of all your meetings, previous and the new ones to come. You can schedule them automatically as well with the help of the scheduler in this app. You can also be given intimations of meetings well before time so that you can prepare for them and be a good manager.

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