Affiliate Marketing – Smart way to make online money

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of selling products and services via Third Party Website or Blog or any other means, which we name here as an Affiliate. Affiliate Marketing is best way to earn money online. There are four core players in the Affiliate Marketing i.e. Merchant, Network, Affiliate and Customer. Merchant is the person who wants to sell his products and services through any Affiliate. Affiliate is the person who sells products and services of merchant through his own website. Whereas the Network is the place which provides deals and takes care of Payment to Affiliates. Customer is the end user of product or services.

In Affiliate Marketing Merchant places his ads to Affiliates site and when there is a click through Affiliate site and a sell of product or services happened then a fixed commission is paid to affiliate by Merchant. Affiliate Marketing Tools consists of Cost per Click (cpc), Pay per Click (ppc), email Marketing, and Display Advertising. 80% of the Affiliates use Pay per Sale. And others use Cost per Action or Cost per Click. The Beauty of Affiliate Marketing is to earn online money without having any Expense.  It increases the online Reputation and provides a Global Exposure.

The basic aim of Affiliate Marketing is to earn commission by selling products or services provided by others. The best part of Affiliate Marketing is that you can use the popularity and traffic of your website/blog to earn online money without manufacturing a product or providing any services. Whereas from merchant point of view, Affiliate Marketing reduces the time and cost to spread the online business globally without any extra efforts.

Some of the popular Affiliate Networks are following:

  • Commission Junction
  • ShareASale
  • Amazon Associates
  • Google Affiliate Network
  • ClickBank
Affiliate Marketing – Smart way to make online money