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Top 6 Ways to Boost Your Blog’s Loading Speed

If you want to attract more visitors to your site or blog, then you should first concentrate on the loading time of it. If it takes more time to load, then it is sure that the customers will log out of your blog and prefer some other blogs of same kind. Your blog should take a couple of seconds to load, otherwise the internet users will skip it and visit some other pages. It is certainly a loss for you and you have to make up something to avoid this issue. You should try to speed up your blog to get loaded quickly. You can make use of some simple, but highly effective ways to find out whether your blog takes less or more time to get loaded. And, that effective ways are given here below.

1.     Compress your images

You just have to optimize the image size for better loading time. You can save your images with the format called ‘Save for web’ that will be there in almost all the image editing software. Images take more space to get stored and indicates heavier load on the internet. Therefore, it takes more than usual time to get loaded which affects the overall loading speed of your webpage or blog. You have so many sites online that offer you free image-optimizing facilities. Make use of them too for producing compressed images for your blog and see the difference now.

2.     Image format

Apart from choosing image compression techniques, you should also give importance to the format of the image files. You have so many image formats today using which you can save your image file. JPEG is the most common and most suitable image format for photos or colour pictures. You can prefer using GIF format in case of your images to be buttons orlogos. Other than GIF and JEG, you have another format called PNG, which is same as GIF, but it allows you to use more colours on your images. Whatever it is, choosing the right format for your images is important to enhance the speed of your blog.

3.     CSS optimization

CSS coding and frameworks is used majorly for website designs nowadays. Website designing has become more simple and possible for even non-professionals because of CSS scripts. However, if you have included more spaces in between the coding, used similar kind of selectors separately multiple times etc., then these things can result in making your site to load more slowly. Therefore, CSS optimization is must in order to clear and correct all these things. To achieve this task, you can make use of online CSS cleaning tools. The online tools will correct even the useless properties that you have set during your website design.

4.     Include slash on web links

Generally, when you submit a web address to the server, it will take some time to analyse the type of the web address. The server will try to find out what is the type of webpage that the web address contains and after the analysis, it will fetch the webpage as per the result. This analysis may take some time resulting in increased loading time of your blog. At the same time, if you include a slash at the end of the web address, then it indicates that the webpage is already a directory page. The web server will understand this automatically and fetch you the page without any delay and further analysis that results in quick loading time of your blog.

5.     Make use of height and width tags

Not many people are actually using the width and height tags while posting the images on their website. The use of these tags is to indicate the users about the size of the images before it gets loaded. In addition to that, the image space will be reserved and the loading will be continued for the rest of the pages that contains text, links etc. therefore, the users do not have to wait for the images to be loaded and in the meantime, they will go through the texts. It is one simple method tomake your visitors to stay in your blog.

6.     Limit HTTP requests

A website will take time to get loaded because it has to download all the resources related to the webpage and that includes HTML, Javascripts, CSS files, images etc. therefore, to fetch all these elements, the server will certainly take time to fetch you the result. You can avoid this issue by combining the possible resources like CSS files and scripts together. You can CSS sprites that represents a larger image to indicate all the resources used on the webpage. Therefore, a single HTTP request is enough to fetch a site.

Debarshi is a freelance writer and blogger. Currently associated with WebCreationUK, leading website designers in UK with expertise in search engine optimisation. To know more about us follow us on Twitter @WebCreationUK

Top 6 Ways to Boost Your Blogs Loading Speed

Be a Blog Hog: Your Business Will Love You for It

Be a Blog Hog: Your Business Will Love You for It

With 239 million Americans, (75.6% of the population) using the Internet, according to hubspot, blogs are no dying trend. In fact, blogs are so instrumental in how we share and ingest information, the popular news/op-ed blog “The Huffington Post” recently sold for 300 million dollars.

Although 60 percent of businesses have a business or company blog, only 35 percent actively blog at least once a month, and a whopping 65 percent haven’t blogged in more than a year (blogging.com). What happens when you fill in the blanks? The answer is opportunity for your business to take the reigns and start, or re-ignite, your business brand online.

Write Until the Cows Come Home

Building trust with your customer base should be an emotional experience for you and them. Internet guru Seth Godin describes a brand as a prediction of an expectation multiplied by the emotional power behind it. Writing relevant, consistent thoughts, turns visitors into readers, and readers into customers. Reputation.com, an online brand management company, recently interviewed a cattle rancher for their blog, who literally describes his brand as something “[that] whenever people spot, they instantly see that the animal is part of my business and, by extension, it represents what my business is all about.” Think of your blog entries as your cattle, being sent out in the world as representatives of your brand worth showing off to the world.

Easy, Breezy, Informal Communication

Your blog helps thread a personality through your business, making “the man/woman behind the curtain” less cloistered and more approachable. A blog gives visitors a chance to get to know your company and what they stand for in a more informal setting. A blog can also help employees connect internally, offering them insights into the inner workings of the business.

Sowing SEO Seeds

SEO is the name of the game when it comes to successful strategy in business today. Following trending topics and utilizing keywords within your industry can have a profound effect on your blog’s placement, and help thread your site up into higher search engine placements. Even if your PR (page rank) is low, targeting popular but neglected trends can pull your site onto the first page of results.

Rise Above the Rest

There is a huge deficit of corporate blogs in the U.S., and that means opportunity abounds. The Center for Market Research at the University of Massachusetts conducted a study that revealed only 23 percent of Fortune 500 companies are blogging, but the numbers still reveal the vast availability to leverage your company’s blog and use it to stand out. Some of the most notable company blogs to draw inspiration from are:

  • Starbucks: engaging, showcases new products well

  • Marriot: sales emphasis, teaches readers

  • Fiskars: targets their customer base through DIY engagement

Breathe Life Into Your Business

Your blog should be treated as a living, breathing limb of your business. Before the Internet, chatting with the owner of your favorite store would keep you “in the loop” of what’s going on or worth looking forward to. A blog is the living, breathing ambassador that has to replace the friendly store clerk, town gossip, and newspaper boy in one swoop. What does your blog say about you?

Author Bio:

Paul Cohen

A SEO marketing wizard and an insurance agent, Paul is an agent for many high-profile clients who want to improve their online reputation and protect the things and people that are near and dear to their heart.

Be a Blog Hog: Your Business Will Love You for It

New Age Content Marketing – Tricks You Are Not Aware of

If you are not a content marketer, you are not a marketer at all. This might sound a bit harsh but there is no denying of the fact that you simply cannot have a great online marketing strategy if you are unable to harness the power of persuasive content. With launch of Google Authorship markup, Google too seems to be trying to put more weight on the quality of content as a ranking factor rather than relying solely on links and more links.

As we have entered 2013, movers and shakers of Content marketing world are doing something different; they are moving away from the traditional concept of writing content, sharing it on social media channels and then forgetting about it for once and all. Nope, they are trying to explore a brave new world of opportunities and here are the tricks they have come across in their journey that you should incorporate in your content marketing strategy if you are to emerge as victorious –

Penetrate All Possible Channels
The purpose of marketing is to reach out to as many people  and therefore, your brand need to have presence in all popular platforms be it Facebook, Google + or Instgram or whatever it is. However, as you can understand, just having presence is not enough, you have to do more to be able to deliver more value to your targeted audience.

This can be done by recycling your content. Wondering how to do this? Well it is quite easy. Let us imagine for a second that you have produced a great ebook detailing every possible aspect of online marketing. You can publish a great blog post describing how the ebook is going to educate the readers. Or you can make a video from it, design an infographic or create a slideshare presentation from it. In short, you have to use a single resource and then try to make the most of it by recycling the content in different formats.

Think About Partnership
If you believe that your content marketing initiative is failing flat just because you are not getting enough people to actually read the content, you need to think about going into partnership. It is a great idea to go into partnership with sites similar to your niche but you can also go beyond collaborating with only niche sites. You can expand your content marketing activities in places frequented by your targeted audience.

This will help you reach out to those people who might have otherwise inaccessible.

Make the Visitors Engaged
Churning out high quality content all the time is certainly not that easy. And since you are already pre-occupied with other important things, you may not be able to devote that much time, energy and money on this front. So rather than forcing yourself all the time to produce high quality and engaging content, you have to get the members engaged. There are many a big brands, who have done this thing successfully and now, they do not have to think about content creation because the members are doing this of their own.

Do It Regular Basis
I know you have heard this thing many times before and yet just like any other content marketers, you are struggling to produce quality content on regular basis. But sorry to say, there is no way you can escape this. You have to produce quality content on regular basis; otherwise you may end up losing your loyal visitors.

Author Bio

This article is contributed by Michael Evans, who is a leading online marketing strategist and he writes for insidershostreview.com where you can read web hosting testimonial


New Age Content Marketing – Tricks You Are Not Aware of

Get Passive Traffic with Your Blog’s Existing Content

There is a great traffic building strategy that most bloggers never try: Instead of worrying about writing new posts to get new traffic, worry about using your old posts better to get more traffic. There is no reason to banish your old posts to the archives, and let them get old, dusty, and only the occasional hit via search engines or old backlinks. Instead, you should be working to reinvigorate them, and draw readers to them who have not seen them (or heard of you) yet. And there are lots of ways you can promote old content, both on your own WordPress templates and elsewhere. For some ideas on how to go about it, check out our checklist below.
Choose Only the Best
It is hard to come up with a great blog post every single day. In fact, it is probably impossible, which is why many blogs are really good some days, and not so good on other days. But if you have several months of archives to choose from (or several years to choose from), you can probably choose only the very strongest content, those posts of which you are really, really proud. These are the posts you are going to recycle and use to lure new readers. Make a list of them, then move on to the next step.
Hit Up Message Boards
You probably already participate in a few bulletin boards related to your chosen topic. If you don’t, start. Then, when a question comes up that relates to one of your best posts, make a short reply, and then toss in your link. As long as you are adding something worthwhile to the discussion, people won’t mind the self-promotion.
Use Content Aggregators
Besides more specialized discussion communities, you should stop by Reddit and StumbleUpon at least occasionally. Once you have built up a bit of a reputation around those places, you can submit your links. Some of them will gain traction on these websites, and that can mean a ton of new traffic for you, and in a real hurry, too.
Write “Summary” Guest Posts
Identify a few blogs that are related to yours, but aren’t exactly the same. Propose doing a guest post for them that will summarize the information you include in your blog. In that post, link to a few of your posts on your “greatest hits” list. Lots of readers will follow those links, and a few will become regular readers of your blog.

About author
Olga Ionel is a creative writer at ThemeFuse.com – a top provider of WordPress templates. She is passionate about studying online marketing industry and sharing informative tips.

Get Passive Traffic with Your Blog’s Existing Content

Three Ways to Make More Money with Your Blog

Having a blog is one thing, but creating a successful and authority site is another.

A common goal among all bloggers is that they want to have a successful site that people visit, read and comment on. Oh yea, they also want to make money in the process.

Before making money with your site, you are going to want to make sure you have the basics covered.

  • A great site design – Everyone wants to visit a clean site with easy to read content and clear navigation through out the site.
  • Content is still king – No matter what, people are coming to your site strictly for your content. Never forget that.
  • Less ads, the better – The last thing people want to feel is that they are being used to make money. Make sure you never load your site up with too much advertising or distractions on your page.

Now that we have the basics covered, let talk about some ways you can start making money with your blog.

  • Affiliate marketing – This is one of the most sought after and successful ways to make money online. There are no orders to handle, you never need to talk to the customer and you get paid for actions from visitors on your site. All you need to do is generate the traffic and content, then push your audience in the right direction.
  • Selling your own ads – If you have a large enough site with a decent amount of traffic, selling your own advertising directly might be your best option. This means you keep all of the profits yourself, which can add up to a lot of money during the lifetime of your site.
  • Building out a mailing list – The best way to keep visitors returning to your site is to get them on a mailing list. Create a simple giveaway item and offer it in exchange for people signing up to your mailing list. Most sites are giving away free ebooks and user guides.

If you would like to grow your blog to new levels of success and profitability, be sure to follow these helpful tips.

This article was written by Jessica, who loves to write about free stuff. You can visit her web site by clicking here.

Three Ways to Make More Money with Your Blog