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Online Business Success: Tips To Develop A Success Mindset

You might have every practical online business tip in the world at your fingertips. Unless you adopt the proper mindset you ignore these proven tips and move into haphazard, failing acts on a daily basis. The high failure rate within the online niche indicates most people have a poor mindset when it comes to running their online business.

How you choose to think determines how you choose to feel and how you choose to feel determines how you choose to act. Choosing to think positive, success-creating thoughts creates successful feelings, moving you into successful actions which yield successful results. But choosing successful thoughts on a persistent basis requires you to spend significant time in devout personal development because most people are stricken with a failure consciousness. This means you generally think negative when it comes to growing an online business and this is the reason 97% of people or more fail with their business ventures in the cyber arena.

Spend 60 Minutes on Personal Development Daily

Remember those 97% of people – or more – who fail online? Most spend 0 minutes on personal development. Some spend 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes meditating, visualizing, or affirming, but then spend the next 14 waking hours worrying, fretting, panicking and believing they will fail online. The 14 hours of worry overrides the 30 minutes of personal development. The individual naturally fails miserably.

Once you begin to spend an hour or more on personal development daily you carry a positive, peaceful, confident and placid nature with you throughout the day. You cease rushing and begin acting from a relaxed place, knowing you are becoming successful. Spending time in personal development helps you to uproot any negative, limiting beliefs. Uprooting these beliefs is a huge factor in becoming an online success because becoming a success is more about releasing negative, confining beliefs than acquiring positive, freeing beliefs.

Take Hourly Breaks

If you start the day by dealing with an irate prospect or client over the phone or your YouTube account was terminated you might just move into an immediately tailspin. Everything you touch seems to turn to crap, you are angry, upset and agitated, and you plow your way through a miserable day. This is how most people spend their day which is why 97% of folks – or more – fail horribly in the online niche.

The few successful folks are smart. They take a break every 60 minutes, walking around, exercising or meditating, so they can see how they truly feel. This is why successful people usually have a bad few minutes each day, if they suffer at all, instead of having a horrible day. They change their vibe after a few minutes or hour, feel better, and they have a sensational day despite the bump in the road faced upon waking.

Take a break every 60 minutes. Walk around, meditate, visualize or affirm to feel better about yourself. Observe your feelings. Identify any grudges you might be holding in relation to any person who may have acted aggressively toward you. Forgive them, release them and move forward to have a fun, prospering day.


Pick a field that makes you sing. You can choose an online business for monetary purposes but you will never be truly happy. If however you select a job you feel passionate about you enjoy your business dealings and the ironic part of the situation is that money flows in with greater ease.

Spend time researching your venture. This is a business, not a hobby, so treat the online venture as such.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who covers all things online business; if you are researching online opportunities, she recommends you check out AvivaDirectory.

Online Business Success: Tips To Develop A Success Mindset

Self-Marketing For Small Businesses

Effective marketing is essential for every business, but especially crucial for those hoping to expand.  Unfortunately, small businesses face the greatest obstacles in this regard, and the ever-rising costs of professional marketing services put a serious strain on companies with limited resources.  But what many entrepreneurs and small business owners fail to realize is that marketing doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  With a bit of ingenuity, a steady investment of time, and some industry know-how, marketing can be kept in-house and inexpensive.  And while self-marketing has always been a viable option for small businesses, it is easier than ever in today’s digital landscape.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the most important and least-understood force in marketing today.  It provides businesses with the opportunity to connect with consumers in ways that were unimaginable just a few years ago.  Not only do sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn give marketers invaluable information about their consumer base, they also give companies the chance to show the human faces behind their professional facades.


Although SEO is beginning to lose relevance as Google improves search algorithms and social sites facilitate increasingly targeted advertising, it is nonetheless an essential aspect of online marketing.  Building links, posting regular content, increasing page traffic, improving site speed, and utilizing keywords are essential for every business with an online presence.  With a quick Google search, small businesses can find an endless array of tips and tricks for effective do-it-yourself SEO.

Alert the Media!

There is a wide range of sites (like fashion4media.com) that connect companies with journalists and help entrepreneurs create press releases.  Business owners can also track down press contacts in the back of industry-relevant magazines and newspapers.  Ultimately, quality marketing requires quality networking.  Whenever your company releases a new product, wins an award, relocates offices, or makes an exciting new hire, it is a valuable marketing opportunity.  Get the word out by building relationships with journalists and sending out regular press packs.  Be sure to make it easy by providing all the necessary info, including correctly formatted quality photos, and keeping it brief.

Persistence + Time

No matter what else your marketing campaign includes, the two most important components are persistence and time.  Particularly when it comes to social media, companies must make marketing a weekly or daily priority.  Building relationships takes time, and marketing investments rarely mature overnight.

Measure Success

Good marketing is a process of long-term refinement and growth.  The only way to find out what works in a marketing campaign is to constantly chart progress and efficacy.  Of course, this is no easy task, and the results are rarely clear.  But businesses must quantify the time and resources spent on marketing and learn where their customers come from.  Without data to back it up, marketing is little more than a speculation-based shot in the dark.

As every business owner knows, marketing is an investment—one requiring forethought, planning, and industry research.   And while the task can seem daunting for those just starting out, it is well worth the time and effort.  Fortunately, the web provides an inexpensive avenue for detailed consumer research and the opportunity for massive worldwide exposure.  The internet has utterly transformed the marketing world in the past decade.  So as traditional modes of mass advertising quickly become anachronisms, small businesses today are suddenly finding themselves on equal footing with deep-pocketed corporate giants.  Not only is self-marketing the only affordable alternative for many businesses, it is also arguably the most effective way of advertising in today’s increasingly targeted and digitized marketplace.

About the author: Kirsten works within marketing for Voucher Cloud and is currently using social media to launch the latest voucher campaigns to increase exposure for Voucher Cloud. She is currently working on money saving April deals including the Pizza Express discounts campaign.

Self Marketing For Small Businesses

Why Customer Reviews Are So Valuable [Inphographics]

Customers who visit local businesses often use review websites to provide user generated information about their experience to help others be better informed to make smart consumer decisions. The business model for these websites is fairly simple. Users who add content can be from any walk of life. They simply sign up and add their experiences, which is then published. Then people who are looking to research businesses before they become a paying customer pays the review website a visit and compares reviews to be better informed. 82% of all customers using these types of websites found that user generated reviews were extremely valuable and often reliable. These user/customer generated reviews are often so powerful that they are trusted more than an expert critic’s review of a business, and it’s very important for businesses to find themselves positively reviewed on these websites because 70% of all customers nowadays consult review websites before making a purchase. For many more positively fascinating review facts keep perusing this infographic.

Why Customer Reviews Are So Valuable [Inphographics]

This infographic was designed by PeopleClaim.com. PeopleClaim is an alternative dispute resolution service.

Why Customer Reviews Are So Valuable [Inphographics]

Branding Power Of Social Media And Its Benefits

Branding on social media has become inevitable in the modern era. The main reason for this is social media has become most commonly used way to stay connected to each other and it has become a gateway to search any product or a person or almost anything. Just about every brand today has a presence on social media due to its fast growing popularity. The exposure which a product can get on social media is unlimited and if its branding is done carefully and is promoted well it can do wonders for any business.
Things to be kept in mind while branding: Branding is the most important aspect of a business. Branding is a promise made to a customer by a business about the quality of the product, its services and what to expect from it etc. It is a unique element which separates a product with others of same category in the market. There are some points which need to be pondered while branding which are:

  • One should be transparent and should be real so that more and more people get appealed.
  • One should engage himself with the customers and should make them know that their views are read and heard.
  • Identify and know the target audience.
  • Try to be as interesting as possible.

Benefits of branding through social media

  • The first and foremost benefit is it is very affordable. It doesn’t need high budgets and any marketing expertise. Simply hiring social media marketer of a brand builder can do.
  • It is viral in nature. If the content is appealing it has the potential to get several thousand hits instantly. Which means the product will be watched by a number of potential customers within no time.
  • Branding on social media has the potential to improve the brand reputation and it helps a brand to establish a strong rapport with the customers.
  • It helps the business to get connected with the leaders of the respective field creates an opportunity to interact with them.
  • It is helpful in building credibility. Social media is the best way to create a positive perception about the brand. The clients and the customers believe in what other customers say about the product rather than what the promoter or the owner says.
  • Increased frequency of discussion related to the brand which enables modification in the product and making it even more desirable.
  • Branding on social media helps in increase in traffic to the websites.
  • Informs about the positive and negative feedbacks related to the product.
  • Enables identifying the new products and service opportunities etc

Use of social media for branding is the best possible means to promote a product because no other media has the benefits of social media. The rapid increase in the users of social media makes branding on it even more essential as it ensures that the product will reach more and more people through it and the popularity of the product multiplies in no time.

John works as a brand consultant providing business solutions to small and medium size companies.

Branding Power Of Social Media And Its Benefits

Social Media Marketing Vs Content Marketing

Rather than look at Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing as two separate entities, start looking it as you cannot have one without the other. Together, Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing share a great bond in building your SEO. You need great content for your readers, but how do you distribute your content in a way that’s makes is visible and relevant? Therein lies the search for the perfect balance between your Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing.

Content Marketing

This should come first and foremost. Why? You need to build your reputation of creating value. SEO is still a relevant and powerful asset to your content marketing. You should ask yourself “Am I writing about something relevant?” “Am I writing something that can engage my potential visitors and current readers?” Developing great content is one of the first steps to building your audience. The right keywords, the right phrases, and the title should all help in building awareness to your content on the search engine. If you are giving a positive or negative view to a current trend out in the marketing, you’ve won half the battle.

Social Media Marketing

This is your next step. You may have some incredible content, but this only gets you so far. What are you doing to push your awareness to the next level? By not participating in Social Media, you are letting your business die out like the dinosaurs. You have to keep up with the times and this form of marketing will only get bigger throughout the years. Organize your marketing in a number of platforms such as a micro-blog like Tumblr. Create your own video content on a channel such as YouTube to help create a strong form of viral video marketing. You can capitalize off your YouTube subscribers and shares. Also, get on a site such as Pinterest to learn how to create a buzz with your infographics, memes, and other creative photos.

Combine The Elements Together

Having both a Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing presence will really help to separate yourself from the pack. When you start finding out the content that gets the most response through your YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter accounts, it will help you’ll find better focus for your content marketing. Measure your statistics and find different avenues such as your demographics, your site views from a mobile device, and other data to help you better distribute your content via social media and the search engines. You’ll find that you have a better focus in pleasing your existing customer base and knowing how to draw in future prospects to your site.
A combination of content ready for the search engine, optimization for your own base, and viral content through social media is imperative to flourish in marketing today. It takes time, effort, creativity, and a good know how to dominate. Keep in mind that your Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing are two parts of a whole marketing campaign.

This article was written by Brian S., article writer for Virtual Web Productions and internet marketing expert. VWP is one of the industries elite Movie Production Companies based out of beautiful Orlando, FL.

Social Media Marketing Vs Content Marketing