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5 Easiest Ways to Promote your Online Business Right after your Start

In case you are thinking of starting your own online business or have just started it, and are worried about the marketing strategies, here are some ideas for you.

Create a Blog and Post High-Quality Content Regularly

The best way to market your online business is to create a blog a post and share SEO friendly content there on a regular basis. Such a strategy might not give you early returns, but you need to look ahead and understand that this will increase your online presence and create a loyal, even if small following.

Your blog will help direct relevant traffic to your direction, and also increase your website rating. And if you make it big, your blog will be a source of constant information source to many, who will read and follow your blog and may make important decisions according to it.

Use Google Ads

In case you are an e-commerce website or a website that sells a tangible item, then you need to market these items on google. The reason being, humans tend to ‘Google’ things that they need to buy and not ‘Search’ for them anymore. So, if an item searches for say “Item A” and your website isn’t listed to be selling this item on Goggle Ads, then there is almost no chance of the customer buying the item from you. Having worked at a stealth-mode technology based startup, I can safely tell you this, that for the first few years of a e-commerce based startup, most of its traffic comes from google ads.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is very simple. Say I recommend you to buy a product on site B, and you go on to buy the product from site B, then I shall get a commission from the payment that you make. In today’s world, affiliate marketing takes a slightly different approach. These websitesoffer customersdiscount codes which we can used by them to buy items from the websites we usually shop at, and get amazing discounts. No more does the customer just checkout from the checkout page. Now customers first check websites containing coupons first, and then use them to lower the final checkout price, and then, go on to place the order. Not only dothese affiliate marketing websites have coupon codes for websites like flipkart and amazon where we usually shop, but also for many other websites that have sprung up in recent times, and the best thing about it is that it spread word among customers, before-hand, about offers, whenever any festival or something big is approaching. Small business promotions are a good idea through affiliate marketing, since if it doesn’t work out, then it won’t cost you anything, because of the commission based model.

Use Facebook Ads

Most of the time that users spend ‘on-line’ is spend on Facebook. Hence there is a high chance that if you market your website on Facebook, then a huge community can see and know about your new business, and it might also connect you to newer people and help you to grow. What you will be needing is strategically placed landing places and the exact metrics like age, marital status, etc, that will suit your customer base, in order to get things right. Even if the right recipe takes some time to perfect, Facebook ads is the way to go.

Influencers on Instagram

While creating your own base of fan following and spreading messages across them in a vast network will take some time, using the help of powerful bloggers and influencers, who already command a voracious fan following and are likely to help your ideas reach millions, is a great idea in itself. In today’s world, these influencers have the ability to multiply your sales by just posting a picture of them using your product.

So which of these do you think you can apply to your Startup Business?

Author Bio – Hi, I am Atul Singh a passionate writer at MyTokri.com I love to surf around the web and collect information that can make my audience benefited by reading my words….I Love to share my opinion on different aspect which can also save money for online shoppers.



5 Easiest Ways to Promote your Online Business Right after your Start

Want A Smooth Ecommerce Website? Avoid These Boo-Boos

So, you have decided to sell you products online. Great! But remember just creating a beautiful website with rich content and organising pretty catalogs with high resolution photographs and creative illustrations is not enough. There are several other things including easy downloading of your pages, browser compatibility, etc that need to be focused on aggressively. Usually, a novice businessperson ignores these things and suffers in the long run.

If you want your ecommerce site to perform smoothly, your had better pay attention to these common boo-boos.
1. Too Load on Your Site

Understand this thing. The first thing that irritates a customer is the extended loading time. You make lot of efforts to make your site impressive with many dynamic pages containing heavy flash galleries and graphics. Your efforts are appreciated, but keep this in mind that too many dynamic pages affect your site’s performance. So try to make most of pages of your site ‘static.’  Remember this thing. No visitor will wait longer to ogle at your extremely designed web pages.
2. Browser Compatibility

You will have to create a site that is run effortlessly on all the browsers. Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera all are popular browsers and you need to ensure your site is not only viewed on these browsers but also all the features are running smoothly on all of them. Many owner do not consider it important to view their site on other platform; if fact most of them are not even aware of this fact and it just never strike them at all. Making your site compatible for all the browsers can be a too technical thing for you, but you don’t need to worry for the same as there are plenty of web designer who are just a call away from you.

Have a look at following browser statistics:

Want A Smooth Ecommerce Website? Avoid These Boo Boos

3. Search Bar

Search bar is a tool that allows a visitor to search a particular product a visitor wish to purchase. Visitors have no time to explore your entire gallery and waste time to find out ‘one particular product’; instead they will appreciate if you can show them the ‘one particular product’ that they are looking for straightaway.
4. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Sites (SMO)

SEO is tactic that is used to increase your visibility on search engines. SEO is a complex process and you need experts to execute the same for you. You should ensure that when a person look for products on Google, your site appears in top results. Further, avoiding Social Media Campaign can also harm your business in long run. Social media sites are places where people hangout and it contributes a lot in purchasing decisions of users. Your ecommerce site must have options where visitor can “like” and “share” the products instantly.
5. Ignoring Third Party Usability And Performance Feedback

It is of great importance to understand visitors’ behavior towards your site. Today, there are many free and paid websites that offer usability surveys, usability tests, usability scores, etc that help you scrutinise what is lacking in your websites.  For example, Crazy Egg is a tool that can tell you what customers view the most on your site. If you understand these minute things, you can work on those areas and perk up your pages.

Besides, complicated web design, unclear navigation, lack of good images, incomplete product information and shipping information are other things which you can’t afford to disregard.

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  • Want A Smooth Ecommerce Website? Avoid These Boo Boos License: Image author owned
  • Want A Smooth Ecommerce Website? Avoid These Boo Boos License: Image author owned

This post is shared by Mayank Kaushik, Business Manager from RiaEnjolie RiaEnjolie offers high-impact small business Websites as well as custom Website design to help grow your businesses. You may follow them on twitter @RiaEnjolie

Want A Smooth Ecommerce Website? Avoid These Boo Boos

5 Magic Words To Persuade Audience To Buy

Online business is tied closely with words. Yes, whether you’re an affiliate or vendor, your business is based on your ability to write. Thus, words carry a very important function in your online marketing business. People in offline business use words verbally, while people in online business use written words to persuade their audience to buy their products. In either case, words are used as a form of communication. That’s why it is important for you to use words in the right way. It will affect your success in generating sales for your product promotion. Here are 5 magic words that will persuade your audience to buy:

1. “Without”

The word “without” implies that your audience can solve their problem without doing specific things, especially complicated and difficult things. For instance: “cure acne without using expensive over the counter products”. With this sentence, you are telling your audience that they can cure their acne without buying expensive products, which most people usually do. In this way, you are making the solution easier for them. When you use the word “without” in your article or ad, you can boost your effectiveness in persuading your audience to buy your product.

2. “No… Necessary”

The phrase “no… necessary” is similar with “without” in a sense that it will help your audience to solve their problem easily. For instance: “lose weight fast – no diet plan necessary”. It implies that your audience can lose their weight without using any diet plan or method. We know that there are many diet methods available for people to lose weight, and most of them are strict diet, which can cause more harm than good. With this phrase, you’re trying to alleviate their pain by assuring that they don’t need to use any dietary plan in order to lose weight. In this way, people will have curiosity to find more information about what you’re trying to offer.

3. “Really”

Most people don’t believe in advertisements. Why? That’s because most ads are fakes. They only exaggerate on their claim. That’s why they hate ads and think that ads are annoying. But, when you use the word “really”, you can change their perception. For instance: “this is the only method that will really help you to lose weight fast”. This word implies that the method will really help your audience to lose their weight fast. All other methods are not. It will make your ad so special that people will begin to feel curious about it. Thus, by using the word “really”, you will be able to make your ad unique.

4. “Real Result”

The phrase “real result” will help you to convince your audience that the product you offer to them really delivers real result. People want this assurance. People don’t want to get in the trap that those fake products are setting them. They want product that works. They want products that can deliver real result for them. No matter what the problem, the product that you offer needs to deliver real result for them. That’s why you include the phrase “real result” in your ad.  For instance: “the only push-button marketing system that will deliver real result for you within a week”.

5. “Your”

This is the most important of all words, and you have to use it generously. Why? That’s because it will connect you with your audience. And this connection needs to be established in order for you to get good response from your audience. Most people buy based on their emotion. And guess what? You can establish an emotional connection simply by using the word “your”. For instance: “cure your acne once and for all”. In this case, you can simply write “cure acne once and for all”, but it won’t establish the needed emotional connection necessary to persuade your audience. If you use the word “your” in your advertisement, you can remind your audience about their problem as well as point them the right way to solve it. This will in turn produce great response from your audience.

Those are 5 magic words that will persuade your audience to buy. Use the words above in your copy to ensure maximum response from your audience.

About Author:

Patrick has been working for international clients providing SEO services and content writing. He looks up to Eric Schiffer as his writing icon.

5 Magic Words To Persuade Audience To Buy

Magento Ecommerce Development – A Cost Effective Solution for Website Owners

Magento, being the prime ecommerce platform in demand, plays the leading role in creating effective and robust web designs which is very much necessary for e–commerce or electronic commerce. The huge potential functions and scalability of the Magento platform is being highly used by the Magento developers who are creating bespoke websites for businesses of all kinds, at any stage – be it a small company selling a single product or a huge corporation with multiple products. The three incarnations in which Magento is used are Magento Go, Magento Enterprise and Magento Enterprise Premium which are small, medium and large sized business solutions respectively. For all these cases the Magento developers get access to a huge range of user facing and back end functionalities which give rise to a bespoke web design as per the requirements of the client.

Magento offers diverse advantages. The system provides a completely customisable design which is a highly popular choice for those clients who wish to make their brand shine but do not want to have a wholly bespoke back end platform built for them. For the fact, Magento developers can also create quick sites by using the set templates for the small clients, these are particularly ideal for those who are least bothered about the looks of the store as long as it works for them. This is a clever choice when it is the development of web stores for the first time as these are generally replaced by something much more personalised on later stage. Magento developers have the ability of creating both; it can be generic and simple and something bespoke and complex. When there is no cost obstruction, the look and feel is created which is in accordance with the brand of the client.

For the website owners Magento is a cost-effective solution creating the websites that highly boosts online commercialisation. This free e-commerce application is very much user-friendly and the customisable websites created with it are SEO optimised, cross browser compatible and pixel perfect. What makes Magento the most cost effective CMS or Content management system are its exclusive features like Scalability, Search engine friendliness, Catalog management, Product browsing, Analytics and Reporting and Customer service. For the small businesses, Magento Go is the perfect and dependable solution that allows building a better online store. With flexibility of design and excellent technical support you get a fully hosted solution that lets you have a great online presence.

Over 125,000 online business people are using Magento technology for empowering their online stores. The small business is finding it great to have a website which is an impressive online store with fantastic features like shopping cart and gadgets to make transactions secure. When many small businesses have found their profits to be soaring high by selling their products though the innovative and functional Magento websites, the demand of this E-commerce platform is getting remarkably high and it has notably increased during the last few years. With Magento, online stores are now more sophisticated, more functional and above all more cost-effective.

Magento Ecommerce Development – A Cost Effective Solution for Website Owners

What Do QR Codes Mean To Your Ecommerce Site?

QR codes are a type of bar code that are scanned by smart phones. Rather than the traditional multi-width bar lineup, though, they appear to be a square of multi-spaced pixels. It is likely that, even if you are not sure you know what a QR code is, you have seen them all over the place. While they can have many exciting applications, they remain lesser known because many companies are still not sure of how to use them. This leaves you, the ecommerce entrepreneur, with a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd. What do QR codes mean to your ecommerce store? Read on to learn more:

Email contact list building. As an ecommerce business, you are likely to rely heavily on Internet marketing campaigns. One of the most effective ways to market via the Internet is through email, and the longer your email contact list, the more email marketing power you have. You can use QR codes to build that list, by linking them to opt-in pages.

Tweeting your way to more customers. Social media is a very powerful brand development tool for ecommerce stores, and Twitter is near the top of the social media totem pole. You can use QR codes to spread awareness of your ecommerce store through Twitter. Simply use an app that automatically posts the QR code URL to the scanner’s Twitter account when they scan the QR code.

Marketing campaign performance tracking. In order to successfully tweak your marketing efforts so that they are more effective over time, you must be able to gauge customer responsiveness to them. You can do this with the use of QR codes, by assigning separate codes to separate products and/or embedding customer tracking URLs in your codes. By aggregating information about incoming customers through QR codes, you not only learn a lot about how well your QR codes are working for you, but also where your customers are coming from and what they are most interested in.

Targeted marketing. Who is your primary customer? If your target demographic is young men who are technically savvy and well-off financially, then you, especially, should be using QR codes to market your ecommerce store. Studies show that this segment of the population is the biggest user of QR codes, so QR codes is a way to reach this sector directly.

QR codes can be a powerful marketing, branding, and sales tool for your ecommerce business. There are so many uses for QR codes that you are really only limited by your imagination, so do your research, keep an open mind, and put QR codes to work for you.

About the Author: Alleen Cianchetti loves building ecommerce sites but likes to keep things simple. She recommends you check this site out for simple templates and solutions anyone can use to build an online store.

What Do QR Codes Mean To Your Ecommerce Site?