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Why You Should Use Facebook As Your Main Small Business Marketing Platform?

As a small business, marketing is an important aspect of your business. If you do not continually market your business, it will be difficult for you to gain new customers and increase awareness about your brand. Social media websites, Facebook in particular, are great resources for small businesses when looking to market their business. There are many different reasons why a small business should use Facebook as their main marketing platform.

Create an Account Fast

One excellent reason why Facebook is such a good marketing tool for small businesses is that it is very easy to create an account in a short period of time, allowing you to begin your marketing campaign quickly. In addition to creating your main marketing platform in a manner of minutes, you can also fill that page with branded images to help make it appear more professional and gain the trust of your visitors.

Measure your Results

Another reason to use Facebook as your main marketing platform is because the social media website allows you to easily measure your results. With its own built-in analytics program, Facebook enables you to measure the results associated with your marketing campaigns to see which aspects are working and which are not. Being able to easily track this information will allow you to split test various aspects of your marketing campaign to see which aspects are helping your conversion rate and which ones are not.

When you are able to see precisely which aspects of your marketing campaign are hurting your conversion rates, you will be able to make sound business decisions about which marketing methods you should continue to use and which ones you should change.

Target Local Consumers

Facebook is an excellent business marketing tool because it allows you to easily target local consumers. If you are running facebook ads to send people to your small business Facebook page, you can elect to only show your ads to those Facebook users who are in your local area. This will greatly increase the success of your marketing campaign while enabling you to achieve the highest ROI possible.

Integrate with Other Social Media

While small business owners are quickly realizing the power of social media when it comes to marketing their business, very few know how to utilize these websites to help increase awareness about their brand. When you use Facebook as your main marketing platform, you are able to easily integrate this social media profile with all of your others. By making it easy on yourself to integrate all of your social media profiles and drive traffic from one profile to your Facebook page, you will have a much easier time organizing your marketing thoughts and developing a foolproof advertising plan for your business.

Develop your Campaign with Insights

Perhaps the biggest reason to use Facebook as your main marketing platform is so that you are able to develop your campaign with insights. Simply building a marketing campaign without any clear cut plan or actionable data, is a great way to burn through your marketing budget. With all of the marketing tools Facebook offers its users, it only makes sense to make this social media website your main marketing platform because you will be able to leverage useful information into smart business decisions.

Sebastian writes for proctorsubaru.com/, a business specialized in selling cars in northern Florida. If you own a small business owner and re-thinking your marketing strategy, consider using Facebook as your main marketing platform. The advantages and benefits offered by Facebook to small business owners make it a terrific marketing platform for any business owner.

Why You Should Use Facebook As Your Main Small Business Marketing Platform?

What Facebook’s Graph Search Can Offer Brands

What Facebooks Graph Search Can Offer Brands

Facebook recently introduced graph search which is the equivalent for a search engine for the social web. This has been the result of groundbreaking research and development from the Facebook team and the big data they have access to thanks to the billions of people on Facebook and the millions more joining every other day.

Graph Search

Facebook graph search has intuitive features that enhance its search capabilities. It also boasts of intelligent algorithms which determine the connections between the people in a social network. These are the very same algorithm which suggests friends to a Facebook user and determines the number of mutual friends.

This level of connectivity and social power would not have been believed to be possible ten years ago. The graph search also determines the level of connection between people on Facebook. People who share information with others on a regular basis are also easily identified and one can use this data for a variety of purposes. This astronomical scale of data that has virtually no limits presents a great opportunity for brands and business entities.


Facebook graph search has location specific data which brands can use to better target their market and offer more localized content for the user base. People can now get adverts that are in their local languages and fitted to their local preferences. It would not be a good thing for a Facebook user to get adverts for a restaurant in china and Facebook graph search comes in handy with the user location data.

More Likes

Having many likes on your Facebook page is also a very important as it increases the user base and customer engagement. With the information about people’s connection, it is easier to get more likes and get known out there since people tend to like pages that their friends already like. Having such information can be a very important tool for brand enhancement and having a great presence out there. This also increases the brands rating and makes it appear at the top in the search results.


Photos have their own category in graph search results. Having more tags in photos and location check-ins at ones brand not only increases the ratings of the brand and promotes the brand since people get more appealed to a brand visually.

What to Expect

Although Facebook graph search is still at an early beta stage, we can always expect more improvements and newer innovations. For instance, there are plans in place to implement a sponsored feed kind of thing, which is similar to Twitter’s sponsored feeds. Advertisements are also more localized but we should always be ready for innovative and pleasant surprises from the Facebook team.

For brands that are looking to increase their visibility to the billions of Facebook users worldwide, graph search is the best tool to use in order to increase user engagement and offer more localized services based on the user’s social data. The opportunities that come with Facebook graph are not something that should just be passed up easily. With the explosive growth in social data, thing are always expected to get better and it is always good to try thing at the early stages.

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Ludwing Hernandez, co-founder and CEO of Zinzz chat rooms, is a recognized expert in the industry of search and social media marketing. Follow him @ LudwingNY.

What Facebooks Graph Search Can Offer Brands

Tips & Strategies: Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Marketing is not about owning a store or bringing customers through usual practices. The Internet has so many ideas open to help people sell their products. The trick is to make the best and smart use of them.

Almost the entire world connects through Facebook to enjoy a variety of activities. More than just posting updates on wall and likes, Facebook allows every account holder to create a page or group which proves to be one of the best platforms to improve small businesses. An interesting fact is that Facebook plays a key role in inviting millions of consumers through advertisements on social media platforms like blogs and websites.

Setting up a Facebook Account
To begin with, create an Email account in Gmail or Yahoo through which you can register yourself in Facebook. Once you are done signing up, just create your profile and add a picture which should reflect the brand of the company or the product itself. Every profile owner should realize the vital fact that the account is purely for business needs and should never be used personally.
Adding People
This is the phase of socializing. If you are a first timer, you might not find it easy to add people directly. Just synchronize with the mail account and then invite or request them to be friends with you on Facebook. That way, you can communicate with them, give a hint of what you are doing and why you want people to view the product.

Facebook Pages and Groups
Pages in Facebook are as good as the business pages you create and maintain in many other websites. The details that you post in the page will decide the amount of traffic that you can bring in. Post photographs of the product or the plan that you want to market, so that people understand easily. Always make sure that pictorial representations are attractive and uncomplicated.
You can add people to groups where people can join and subscribe for updates about the product. Groups also have the capability of converting visits to customers. Most of the times, you can try conducting polls and quizzes.

Posting Information relevant to the Product
Each time you post something, be very sure that the content is one hundred percent relevant to the product and makes sense to your activities. Give links to the blog or website you own and link them through a pop up message. In a blog or website you own, create a Facebook icon so that you can form a link to the page.
Facebook Ads & Custom Tabs
Create custom tabs which are similar to the Info Tab on Facebook profile. There are so many tools available online to create your own tabs to welcome customers. You can design such tabs for information entry and contest signups. Remember, there is another official path to advertise. They are the Facebook Ads. They come for a specific amount and you should proclaim the offer price and the budget. Also add images and attractive quotes with value.
More than that, you can define the type of people you want as your audience. Retry campaigns on different methods where you get to target various classes of people. It can work wonderfully well but be concerned that the ads you post are worth the dollars you spend.
Go strong on the Brand
Be very sure that you stick to the same logo and theme involved. Never change the product’s look or the symbol. You should also understand that having a unique brand can definitely reflect relevant customer leads. Use the Registered mark ® or the trademark ™ to establish the uniqueness.

Tip #1
Count the number of likes that you have on the Facebook page and take ample time to talk to each person who has given you a like about the product. Never converse in a tone that forces them to buy.
Tip #2
• Be active and answer questions.
• Take comments positively.
• Introduce interesting offers.
• Ensure that they share your content or page.
• Don’t spam peer marketers. Value them.

Ryan Larkin writes about Social Media, Internet and Technology topics. He authors for Broadbandproviders.com – a site that provides the best deals in broadband internet. click here

Tips & Strategies: Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

How To Gain More Facebook Likes For Your Business

How To Gain More Facebook Likes For Your BusinessBy just looking at a Facebook post or page, your eyes will already be directed to the number of likes or fans that it has. The power of likes on this social site is one of the factors that can say how popular you are. It’s not enough that you have started a fan page or update here; you must also know how people will be engaged with it leading them to liking what you’re actually sharing. This is why many are always after those thumbs up being given by online friends and fans.

Based on a study made by Lab42, it appeared that 87% of the participants actually like a product or brand on Facebook. 82% believed that Facebook was a great way for them to interact with the business while 50% found the business’s Facebook page more helpful than the website. With these quick figures, you can already imagine how important the likes on this social platform is. This leads us to the next goal of getting more likes.

How can you gain the best number of likes for your company’s profile or updates? Are there ways you can do for social media users to notice your brand and gain interest about it? Don’t fret about this since we’ve come up with five surefire ways your business can earn those valuable Facebook likes:

1. Use your business fan page for comments and interaction.

Aside from the fan page that you have for your business, you might also have a personal profile for your own use on Facebook. Avoid using this when commenting on posts or status updates. Instead, log on to your company’s account and let it be your voice for likes or comments on other people’s shares. This’ll help you make your brand more visible which can increase the chances of gaining a like.

2. Share useful content and not just bland advertising updates.

Gone are the days when you just bombard your customers with advertisements everywhere. Consumers now are more picky and attentive on what you have to offer. Don’t just post an update about selling your products or newest offer. Make them feel engaged by showing the benefits of what you have to offer. Provide useful information which will be the convincing element of your post. After all, a valuable and interesting content shared online is more likely to be noticed and go viral according to the study.

3. Provide an exclusive offer in exchange of likes and shares.

Make a deal your Facebook friends or fans won’t resist like a huge discount or a freebie. What’s the catch? Let them like and share your page to their connections for better exposure. You can even ask comments or feedback on what you’ve given to them and make this a plus point for your brand. Just be sure these are positive ideas since you wouldn’t want to hurt your business with negative reactions.

4. Join related groups and stay active.

Think about being in a community where you all have the same likes or somewhat identical topics to talk about. It’ll be a good field for you to gain more friends and supporters, right? Do this on Facebook by joining specific groups with the same business interest. Interact with the members there for them to notice to your business. If you’ll do this on a regular basis, then your brand will be more visible and noticed by others.

5. Try other ways of sharing your Facebook page.

Aside from using Facebook and other online efforts to promote your business fan page, you can also share with your traditional marketing tools. Add up a QR code with your Facebook’s URL on business cards for your customers to be interested in scanning. Plus based on an infographic about QR codes, the use of it has increased to 4,549% from 2010-2011 making it a breakthrough in sharing information.

You can also include a link to your page on every corporate email you send. Make it a part of your template so that you can promote it even through emails.

Use all of our tips and you won’t have a hard time getting those likes for your business page. Just remember to maintain a good image or reputation online since this can make your brand stronger on Facebook. Always think about how you want others to react on your post and try to put yourself on their shoes too. This’ll make it easier for you to handle your Facebook page and make the most out of it for your company goals.

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Roxanne is a creative writer from PrintRunner, your friendly brochure printing company that offers small businesses innovative marketing tools in new and exciting ways.

How To Gain More Facebook Likes For Your Business

Eight Ways to Get The Most out Of Your Business’s Facebook Page

Social media has boomed over the past few years. Twitter and Facebook have literally taken over the internet. As a result, social networking websites such as these provide monumental opportunities for business owners. They give the chance for a company to drive traffic, strengthen their brand image, create a loyal bond with customers and consequently make more money. This is why social media has become so integrated into business’s SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy.

Nevertheless, in order to get the most out of social media you need to know how to use it properly for marketing. Thus, read on to discover the top eight ways to get the most out of your business’s Facebook page…

Update Your Page Frequently

The major mistake that a lot of businesses make is that they only update their page now and again. You need to see your Facebook page as the opportunity to create a loyal bond between you and your consumers. If you only post now and again then you are effectively taking one step forward then three steps back.

Include a call-to-action graphic

A lot of the top Facebook pages contain a page which consists of a fancy graphic. Its purpose is to tell viewers to hit the ‘like’ button to view the page.  Once they have done so, they will then be able to see everything that you post. Without this, you will find that people won’t click like and thus will only view your Facebook page when they need. This means they won’t see your updates.

Create your own URL

Once you have 25 likes (which shouldn’t be too hard) you then have the option to create your own URL e.g. www.facebook.com/putherewhateveryoulike. This is great for enhancing your search engine optimisation because URLs play a big role in determining your ranking.

Keep a track on everything

A lot of people remark that the feedback Facebook analytics provide is rather basic. Thus, it is recommended you use another platform, such as Google Analytics, in order to determine how well your Facebook page is doing.

Don’t forget about keyword optimisation

Carefully selected and placed key phrases work just as well in Facebook as they do for SEO articles. Thus, be sure to include them when posting. Nevertheless, with Facebook it is even more important to make sure that they look 100% natural.

Run competitions

The best way to promote your business via Facebook is to run a competition. A format which a lot of business use and which works well is to post an image of one of their products with the tag line “like and share to win”. This means that those who want to win the product have to like and share the image with all of their friends and thus is a great marketing tool for exposure.

Encourage interaction

Don’t just use Facebook as a portal for advertising products. People will get fed up if all you do is post an endless array of links. You need to encourage interaction – ask people what they thought about a TV programme or what they are having for lunch. Little things like this work wonders in building a relationship with customers.

Invite friends box

This is pretty self explanatory; add the widget whereby the person viewing your page can quickly select friends to suggest the page to.

If you implement the eight tips mentioned in this article then you should have no problem ensuring that your Facebook page operates to optimum level.


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Emily is a copy-writer associated with some of the best SEO communities. She used High Position website to gather information regarding search engine optimization for this article.


Eight Ways to Get The Most out Of Your Business’s Facebook Page