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Top 10 Interior Design Trends In 2013

2013 is here, it is the perfect time now to spruce you house with the best trends of interior designs so far. These home ideas of 2013 draw such an inspiration from all kinds bold colors, mixed metals to graphic flaunted on fashion-runways. The following are some of the most interesting trends of this year so far, whatever your style, take a look at these mot talked about interior-design trends of 2013.

The new relationship between interior design and men

The society we live in is dynamic; its movement comes with collateral-effects on all walks of life. In most modern-countries, men are fond of spending most of their time at home with their children and giving a hand in housework chores unlike in the past, this has been attributed to the men-women equality. Interior design in 2013 has begun to mirror the male presence in the house like never before.
Some features seen thus far in the home that express the male dominance include; less flashy colors, sober furniture details and functionality over cuteness. If you look at it from an aesthetic perspective, the situation creates a fascinating visual balance that will homeowners feel at ease with their own house.

Ground Dynamics

Men’s involvement in interior-design isn’t the only trend of the year so far. Other interesting shifts have been made from personal preferences to group preferences and from one designer to interior-design teams. The efficiency will rise as project-tasks have been managed by several people. For instance, while designing your room, a member of the team can plan, another does light-effects and the last one takes care of the finishing. The more the people handle a project, the faster the work is done in good time.

Texture and touch interior design trend

Things are different now, the likely reason as to why people didn’t pay attention to the feel of furniture in the past is because the functionality that was used was the main characteristic people wanted to adapt. People are in sought of tangible textures that inspire warmth as well as comfort in a way to bring the proper atmosphere to the home. Wood and suede are the two materials that have defined interior designs of 2013. There is a variety of textures also that have been a key-factor in space arrangement.

DIY Projects

The desire for people to express themselves more in their house is a growing trend. People want furniture and decors that mean something to them, make them smile and feel at home. Do It Yourself projects have gained the power in interior designs. Creativity has significantly improved and homeowners are more now in full control of their homes.

Floral patterns with white-background

Floral-patterns have been a growing trend in 2013 as well. The trend has featured a white background with a romantic touch and feeling of a perpetual-holiday for a statement in the house. There is a wide variety of colors to choose from, so long as the end result is appealing. You can try fabric covers, wall paintings, wallpapers and graphic art for a pretty strong effect.

African Influences

Modern villas are showcasing unique design-themes with African influences that are considered exotic and dynamic. So far, 2013 has seen African trends that have brought warm colors and animal-skin imitations, to electric interiors of several fashion-enthusiasts. The African style features wooden furniture elements with wrought iron carvings, hand-made decors and sculptures.

Green Walls and garden-rooftops

Green-living has been a key factor this year both in architecture and design. The idea of mobile-plants and framed-plant screens designed with lighting-effects brings a fresh-touch to any home or public-space. This is a healthy, original as well as elegant unique approach. The benefits as well are unquestionable; humidification, clean and fresh air, evaporation of air and will definitely be appreciated by your visitors.

Hand-sketching writing interior design

These have been popular this year; the collaboration of interior designers and graphic artists has enabled the creation of original wall-imprints. You can have your favorite message written elegantly in the hall-way or even letters that adorn your house ceiling.

Embroidery and knitting

This has been another trend of 2013 and looks like it is here to stay for sometime. The trend features handmade colorful carpets with numerous knots, several storage baskets and poof-covers. These handmade items are charming, nowhere available in the market.

Stripes interior design

2013 has seen the turn of social space to design dynamics that has inspired vibrant energy and living. You can achieve this simple effect elegantly with stripes in the living room. Wallpapers, graphic arts, upholstery and carpets can wear different features long as these are defined by the elegant stripes

Judy is an interior designer in Melbourne specialising in curtains and blinds decorations.

Top 10 Interior Design Trends In 2013

How To Stay At The Top In This Digital Revolution

The music world was delighted in February 2013 to hear news of not a mini but global rise in sales, according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. At just 0.3%, any other industry might not get too excited about that information, but this was the first growth since 1999. That said, we’re certainly not back at 1999 sales figures; revenue back then was a healthy $27.8bn, whereas 2012 saw revenue of just $16.5bn – a 40% difference. So what can the music industry do to stem the money haemorrhage that has come with music piracy? What can new bands do to be successful when putting music out, it has never been easier!

In 2012, the UK music industry was successful in getting many internet service providers to block access to The Pirate Bay – one of the most popular file-sharing sites on the internet. This was a small victory, but as soon as one file sharing website goes down, another springs up in its place. The good news is that, through social media, news articles and celebrity campaigning, people are coming around to the fact that illegal downloading is damaging the music industry.

How To Stay At The Top In This Digital Revolution

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Illegal downloads fell by 17%, down to 21 million worldwide last year. Sites such as Spotify and Pandora have been credited with contributing to this downturn. They allow access to a huge catalogue of music, without the need to download illegally. Sometimes consumers don’t want to buy a CD or download a track for money that will only be listened to once. These sites pay royalties to the artists through advertisement and premium subscription revenue. Not very much is paid per song, but enough to make it a good source of revenue for the artists and labels.

Whilst musicians like Christina Aguilera, Paul McCartney and Lily Allen have campaigned against piracy in the past, a lot of celebrities were against the recent SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) bill in the US. File sharing isn’t something that will go away and musicians who signed the letter against SOPA were aware that pirate copies of their music helped promote tour ticket and album sales, with some actively using this method.

Advice for Start-Up Musicians

How To Stay At The Top In This Digital Revolution

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Advice for start-up musicians is to take advantage of all the new technology – promote your songs on Twitter, host them on YouTube with overlay ads to produce revenue and allow them to be used on streaming sites like Spotify and Pandora, for a little more revenue. Access to your music is vital to make it in an already crowded industry. Singles are where the turnover lies: 1.4 billion sales were recorded in 2012, which is expected to rise to 1.5 billion in 2013. Once you’ve captured a good fan base they will want to download an entire album. Allow them to do this on iTunes at a perceived fair price and they’ll like your music even more.

Digital revenue is where the money is, because it is where the customers are – online. HMV’s recent bankruptcy is testament to the fact that CD sales are declining. Digital makes up an estimated 25% of revenue and is set to increase. This is considered “non-sales” revenue, but in an industry that has remained flat for the past 12 years, surely embracing any income source is better than holding onto outdated sales methods?

In 2011, co-founder of Valve (video games), Gabe Newell said that many have been learnt and that piracy was not a pricing issue, in actual fact it’s a service issue. He also stated that one of the easy ways to put a stop to piracy was to provide a service better than piracy itself. This is wise advice indeed, for anyone wanting to stay at the top in this digital era.

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Author: Thank you to Jenny for this article. Jenny has kept up with the digital world and even invested in the DV247 Korg Mini. Let us know how you feel about the digital world of music!

How To Stay At The Top In This Digital Revolution

Online Surveys Are A Great Way To Make Quick Money And Give Opinions

It is morning. You’ve just drunk your first cup of coffee of the day. You walk to your mailbox. Along with today’s paper there is a stack of letters. You flip through them and you realize that one of them is a check. But you don’t remember having done anything to earn in. This must be a mistake. You leave the stack, still wondering about the money and turn on your computer and go through the day’s mail and then it strikes you. You’d ticked some survey forms!

Sounds easy right? Something that is only possible in the world of TV shows and fairy tales and so on and so forth. Let’s get back to the real world. Could this be possible?


Opinions matter and not all of them fetch you money. Paid surveys do. In a competitive market, companies are eager to become more successful than their competitors. Millions of dollars are spent in market research.  One way of getting an edge over the others is by knowing exactly what the consumers want and working towards it. If consumers get what they want from a product or service (which includes heath, education, and other government organizations even), they wouldn’t go to anyone else. Thus in order to understand the market’s needs, wants and other opinions companies are willing to pay.  Hence participating in a survey is a quick and easy way to make money for anyone and everyone.

What qualifications and how much money can you make?

  • I hear you asking what qualifications you need for filling a survey.
  • Honestly the only qualification you need to participate in a survey is your ability of expressing your thought about a product or service.
  • If questions frighten you then let us prepare you for what a survey generally inquires:
  1. Do you like a product/service? Do you dislike it? Why? How do you think it can change?
  • Sounds easy? It is! You don’t require great skill, or expertise on anything to earn the money that the companies are willing to give you for participating in their surveys.
  • A lot of companies pay you handsome amounts for your willingness to take part in elaborate surveys.
  • A simple online survey can fetch you about seventy five bucks, and if you are willing to give them some time from your busy life  to ask you questions on the phone, they can give you a hundred and fifty bucks per call.
  • If you are willing to join a focus group, you could earn two hundred and fifty.

Are there no risks?

But take care for things that come easy have their risks. You have to be careful of being scammed. Since a lot of companies ask you your personal details, you must think twice before giving it to them since there are high risks of identity thefts. A lot of websites even ask you to pay a fee in order to access a survey; this could be a scam to extort funds from you.

Whenever you are asked to participate in surveys or when you go looking at websites for them, take a moment to consider whether or not it sounds or feel like a fake. You’re your master and it’s prudent to take a wise call before jumping the gun and taking a survey for anyone.

Jonathan Brown is a freelance writer and likes to earn money through various online resources; most part of his income coming from online surveys.

Online Surveys Are A Great Way To Make Quick Money And Give Opinions

Cloud Computing – The Way Of The Future

All businesses have one thing in common: they are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs while operating as efficiently as possible. Cloud computing is becoming the solution for many businesses to reach their present objectives on a global scale.

Cloud Computing and the Internet

Cloud computing uses the Internet as a bridge to allow communication and collaboration to be done between consumers and companies who need to access multiple applications over a connected network. Through this form of technology, cloud computing eliminates the need for further hardware or software installation and subsequent maintenance.

Cloud Computing Technology is Comprised of Three Core Aspects

Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS), enables software developers and vendors to host their applications to their end users on the Internet, such as IaaS provider Amazon; Software as a Service Model(SaaS), gives customers access to software applications without having to purchase these applications thruogh a web browser and is usually offered as a pay-per-month subscription. Vendors like NetSuite, Google and Salesforce.com already use SaaS extensively as an effective business model; Platform as a Service (PaaS) helps software developers develop and host new software via the Internet without having to purchase new software or hardware. Two widely known PaaS providers are Google Apps and Microsoft Azure.

Companies Need to be Aware of Risk Factors

Risks may occur when making a transition from traditional communication and data storage methods to cloud computing. As adoption levels increase and pull in more and more strategic and core applications and systems, the more cyber attacks will be focused on cloud computing technology. Data loss, privacy risks, legal and regulatory compliance as well as making the cloud work with network infrastructure in existing data centers are key security challenges that companies will need to address and are critically important to master – since these factors can threaten the business benefits and return on investment of the cloud. The average savings for a company’s applications hosted in external public clouds would be between 30 to 50 percent.

Energy Use and Administration Costs

The average corporate data center has a 2.5 Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) while leading cloud data centers operate at around 1.2 PUE, so it’s not surprising how switching cloud computing could be cost effective. More than half of today’s organizations have significantly changed the way they are using their data center resources. Upfront costs for server or OS licenses, hardware and software can easily total into hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement. As a result, many organizations are re-evaluating their options to initiate deployment of their apps.

Although many organizations remain confident in the security of cloud providers, cloud computing poses major challenges. A large corporation cannot put everything on the cloud, as this would cripple their infrastructure. Aside from reducing costs and enhancing efficiencies, companies need to focus on developing and delivering an integration capability within their IT departments that will create a seamless transition over to cloud computing technology to achieve long term success and address security issues effectively.

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  • Cloud Computing   The Way Of The Future License: Image author owned
  • Cloud Computing   The Way Of The Future License: Image author owned

The preceding article was written by Thomas Jay, blogger at SQL Solutions. SQL Solutions is a leading provider of SQL Server consulting, SQL Server performance and remote DBA services for Microsoft SQL Server.

Cloud Computing   The Way Of The Future

The Fastest Growing Websites In The World

The web is growing at a rapid rate with new websites being added everyday and those websites are growing just as rapidly. Below is a list of some of the fastest growing websites in the world.

1. www.nhl.com is where you get all the latest scores, stats, schedules and everything to do with the NFL.
2. www.7794.com This is an interesting one because unless you understand Japanese it is quite difficult to know what the website is about, but they must be getting a lot of traffic to still be able to be part of the list of fastest growing websites. This is where Google translate comes in handy.
3. www.mgid.com unites thousands of websites and is the largest audience development platform.
4. www.exoclick.com is an open ad network that uses proprietary ad serving technology which provides efficient solutions to all advertisers and publishers around the world.
5. www.informer.com specializes in social network related projects and widgets/web services. It is a leading web 2.0/3.0 development company.
6. www.searchqu.com is a search engine.
7. www.24quan.com provides deal-a-day services offering local discounts. It operates a group discount website.
8. www.target.com is an online store for a well known store in the U.S.A.
9. www.pinterest.com a top known website which is a tool for collecting and organizing everything you love such as videos and pictures.
10. www.sears.com is an online department store that was bought out by K-Mart in 2005
11. www.aizhan.com is a website especially for Chinese websites, providing creative design and support for every type of project.
12. www.walmart.com is another American online store
13. www.groupon.com features daily deals on where to eat, stuff to do and buy in 48 countries.
14. www.samsung.com showcases Samsung’s products and services
15. www.seriesyonkis.com is a Spanish search engine where users can read reviews and commentary about their favorite series and movies and also search and download various series and movies
16. www.sparkstudios.com is a premium advertising network.
17. www.android.com exhibits the world’s most popular mobile platform – Android.

There are various ways of ranking the fastest growing websites in the world and the above list is based on websites which have increased site traffic rapidly and continue to grow. Some of the websites are well known, such as Pinterest and it is no surprise that they are on this list while some come as a surprise.

Tate works for the leading EpiServer CMS partner based in South Africa, Karma Digital.

The Fastest Growing Websites In The World