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Our world is living and connected with internet. This is one of the most important link ups which have been made in order to know several peculiar things from the different parts of the world. We believe in god but all other countries multi-national companies believe in internet. From stock exchange to religious folks, from banking to The Beatles everything is dealt with the help of internet. Internet has become a part of life for every human being. Every second a person needs internet to get any info.

This internet possesses websites which consists of required information. One of these websites is Google. Google is a search engine where anyone can search for any required info. This website is maximum viewed website.Well this Google contains all other information including the other websites containing the same info. Its an encyclopaedia. This Google has a form of algorithm showing the different pages according to their status and information quality. It quite depends upon the quality information given by the website which is suitable for everyone to understand easily. There are various websites which does not contain required info needed by a person. So those websites are high rank websites and the websites having good info along extra curriculums related to it is always a lower rank website. These rankings also depend upon the viewers also. The websites having many viewers should have a good Google page rank. So these websites are in competition with each other for good rank. But good rank holders always maintain their level.

All websites are following a specific way of their own to achieve a good rank. Actually PR is fully depends upon these websites also. PR system was introduced in order to protect your pc or laptop from harmful websites, misinformation etc. So there are various strategies which can help to adopt it before PR update. Websites owners are keen to have these strategies in order increase his business valuation.But one has to understand the mentality of the viewers. This is because the viewer’salways want to have a compact paragraph of all his info with some extra elements such as pictures quotes if needed. Even some others want more also. A website should be well deigned in a compact way to catch the eyes of the viewers. In order to increase viewers a web designer should make valid stuffs related to it.

The most important part of the website which deals with PR is blog. The concerned person needs to handle their blog properly so that the viewer may not get regretted.

  • In order to improve your rank the person can allow post which comes free but not paid post during the month or a month before the PR update.
  • Also the website needs to be updated regularly along with the blogs. Links should be made in a proper way.
  • Links must not build in a faster rate. It needs to be done in a slower rate. This is because the person should be concerned about spamming.
  • Besides these, sharing and updating blog with posts given by guests or celebrities also helps in increasing PR. This is because Google believes in quality not quantity.
  • The person handling website and blog should publicize it also. Make it as a brand with the help of media and this helps in acquiring both viewers and rank. Another way to achieve a good rank is that if the person concerned may keep a list of viewers which are very common to those websites and try to bind them with their needs.
  • The person actually needs to work on those parts by which the visitors are influenced.

Hope these techniques would help you to achieve a good page rank in the upcoming updates; you might share your views in the comment section if I have missed some important facts.


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How to enforce Google Bots to crawl and Index Web Pages at a Faster Rate

Planning to start a new blog? Or have already started it? The major problem is that many a times, most of the blogs doesnot get indexed easily. Google not indexing your pages means you are not getting appropriate traffic as expected. No traffic means no business.

So, what can be the best way to get your pages indexed even faster than before? Is the answer is through paid search engine services?

Well, there are lots of services being available online which can index your pages even faster. I would always suggest you not to go for paid services as it can make your business go banned. You can easily index your webpages by search engines with fewer efforts by following the tips and tricks as suggested below:

This is true that Google bot almost crawls every website but preference is generally given on high pr websites first. For new blogs, the pr is usually zero and therefore there are fewer chances of Googlebot to come and crawl your pages. Therefore, being a blogger it is your responsibility to inform as well as enforce google bot to search and collect your pages. It is therefore your duty to inform google bot to crawl your site. This you can easily do by following the guidelines as suggested below:

Sitemap Submission: Sitemap is the collection of webpages on your blog. It is generally an XML document being hosted on your web server. However, you do not need to be a XML expert to submit these sitemaps. For wordpress blogs, lots of plugins are there to submit these sitemaps online. Google XML sitemap is one of the best sitemap submission sites and can be the best solution to this service. For this, you need to register and enter your sitemap url and can submit site map to search engines.

Opt for Social Networking Services: Submitting your business on social media sites would definitely help. Sharing post on social networking sites and profiles definitely help in search engine results page ranking.

Try to Add Fresh and Quality Content: Google likes and always appreciate fresh and quality content writing and so as your readers. Therefore, it is the responsibility of a blogger to update the blog with fresh and unique content as possible. This would also help to crawl your pages as possible.

Use Free URL Submission Services: Going for manual url submission is always time consuming as there you need to submit one by one. It is always better to submit urls of top posts that will increase ranking in search engine results page. Submitting urls of top posts will bring a good reputation and thus will enforce Google to crawl your pages.

Guest Blogging: Though guest blogging is not an easy task to get backlinks, search engines and Alexa preferred links. Guest blogging in high pr blogs would also help to get good backlinks. Therefore, it also helps Google to crawl your pages as early as possible. Therefore, it is always better to stop doing guest post at a single place and try to get backlinks from different areas of blogosphere. That is infact very essential indeed.

Thus, following these tips and guidelines would surely help to index your web pages even at a faster rate. Social networking sites and adding fresh quality content definitely helps a lot. But yes apart from this, applying to all other methods would surely enforce Google to crawl your site even more easily.

About Author:

Aditi Datta is a professional and expert content writer as well as a blogger who maintain a good era of blogging. She also provides effective writing tips and tricks for both newbie and professional writers through her researched works. She has also got a clear command and excellent ear of the language.


How to enforce Google Bots to crawl and Index Web Pages at a Faster Rate

Why You Need To Use Google Authorship

If you were to walk into a bookstore and see two books with similar covers, only one was written by John Grisham and the other by an unknown writer, which would you pick up? If you are like the average individual, you would probably pick up the one by the familiar author. You know he can write well and you know you will enjoy the read.

This tendency to choose a familiar author has not changed with the advent of digital copy. People are still prone to read works by someone they recognize and trust, and Google Authorship allows you to finally take claim for the works you publish online. Now, with this new feature, it’s going to start mattering who is behind the words published on a screen. Here are some reasons you need to pay attention to Google Authorship.

Make Your Content Stand Out

When someone searches for your keyword, posts by authors who are using Google Authorship will have a small headshot avatar next to the post indicating who wrote it. This is important, because it draws the eye and encourages someone to click on that piece or search result. The eye is naturally drawn to images when working on a screen, as proven by eye-tracking studies. This means that Google Authorship, and the little image that goes with it, will cause more people to notice and click on your link.

Increase Click-Through Rates

Since the eye is drawn to the links in the search engine results that have a small avatar, the result is a higher click-through rate. Even if the ranking is not improved, meaning the link is lower in the results page, it will get more clicks. In fact, some companies, like Catalyst, have tested this. Catalyst reported a 150 percent increase in click-through after implementing Google Authorship. That’s a tremendous result.

Build a Reputation as a Writer or Expert in Your Field

As a writer, the most valuable thing you can have is the trust of your readers and audience. Once you have earned their trust, readers will search out what you have to say as a subject matter expert. Building trust in an online world where anyone can be a “writer” is challenging, but Google Authorship helps. Adding your headshot to your search listing helps people to associate you with the helpful item they read on your link. This builds trust, establishes you as an authority in your niche and helps you rise above the plagiarizers who are copying content and using it on their generic web pages.

Makes You Instantly Identifiable

Many writers have names that don’t really stand out. There are probably multiple John Smiths out there who are submitting blog topics and writings online. Adding your headshot to your name will help you stand out. Even if your name is unique, people may not remember it, but they will remember the image associated with the quality article they read, and they will be more prone to click on something else you have written later on.

If it is used well, Google Authorship will increase the importance of solid writers across the board. This is good news for anyone who has ever tried to publish content online. So set up your Google+ profile and start linking it to your pieces so you can make the most of this new tool offered by the search engine giant.

This post was written by Jeff Shjarback.  Jeff Shjarback, MBA is an Internet Marketing Consultant, Writer and Blogger that enjoys blogging about digital marketing, business, finance, economics, technology, websites and business philosophy.  To learn more about Jeff, you can visit his Google Author Profile.

Why You Need To Use Google Authorship

What You Can Learn Through Adwords Training

Google Adwords is the biggest online advertising platform of its kind, so for anyone interested in Internet marketing, it’s an essential part of generating traffic that can lead to sales. Initially, the setting up an account through Google Adwords appears deceptively simple. The hard part comes afterwards when trying to put together an effective Adwords campaign that will prove cost-effective and stand out against the sheer competition. This is where Adwords training comes handy. Here are some of the specific areas where Adwords training can help you gain the upper hand.

What You Can Learn Through Adwords Training

Understanding The Bidding Process – When creating ads, advertisers need to bid for keywords in order to get them placed higher up. Without any prior experience, it can be daunting for the beginner determining what sort of pricing strategy they should use.

An Adwords trainer on the other hand, can give the advertiser the benefit of years of knowledge of the marketplace in order to bid effectively and gain higher rankings in a cost effective manner. They will also help you decide on your budget that determines how much you are willing to spend each day to ensure that you don’t exceed your desired amount.

Finding Appropriate Keywords – Determining the correct keywords to use for your brand is an art to itself. With the help of Adwords training you can avoid mistakes others have made in the past and target keywords that are specific to search queries that have a purchasing intent. In addition to this, an Adwords trainer will show you how to identify a multitude of negative keyword terms where you would not want your ad to appear.

During the keyword research process there are many different ways of brainstorming and using the search filters in the keyword tool on the Adwords dashboard. With an Adwords trainer, the process will be demystified and much quicker than doing it on your own.

Writing Great Copy For Your Ad – Although pay-per-click ads are quite short, the content of these ads can be the deal clincher for visitors and have a direct affect on your quality score. The more your text (or advertising image) is relevant and eye-catching, the more people will click through. Google will also give you a better quality score, meaning that your ad will cost less per click and be positioned higher in the ads. Adword training will focus on making sure that you understand what works when it comes to writing these.

Monitoring Your Account – Adwords training will show you how to maintain your account and evaluate the performance of your advertising campaigns. This may require some tweaking and fine-tuning every month or so, and in some cases it may be useful to split test adverts. This maintenance could be light touch with minimal time required, or more detailed and time intensive depending on the preference of the advertiser. In any case, your Adwords training would be customised to your specific needs by your Adwords trainer.

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Eilidh MacRae is a passionate writer who works for Marketing By Web; an internet marketing company that also offer Google Adwords training.

What You Can Learn Through Adwords Training

Examples Of Companies Using Google+ Well

A great amount of controversy exist around the Google Inc owned and operated, Google plus (also known as Google+, and previously known as Google circles). Some critics say this social networking site is a monumental failure. However, looking at the stats, this statement can be disputed.
The platform was launched on 28 June in 2011. By July 14 of that same year, they had reached an estimated 10 million users. This number increased to a staggering estimated number of 500 million users, of which 235 million were active monthly users, by December 2012.
There are also some companies that is effectively using this platform, and having some great results. Here are some examples.
In one month, the BBC had 44 953 followers. Google plus says this is because they draw people into their brand page and back to the website. How? By uploading a mix of breaking news, potentially viral stories and engaging interactive features.
As one of the first brands on Google Plus, Burberry now has an estimated 125 930 followers. Their focus is on visuals; a contributing factor that makes them, to date, the premiere fashion brand on the platform.
Features such as clickables, print coupons and free lunchtime, has made Marvel one of the most popular brand pages on Google Plus. In 2012 they used ‘Hangouts’ (one of Google Plus’s features) to promote their release ‘Avengers vs X-MEN’.
Nasa uses Google Plus to post lectures (from luminaries), pictures, space photos and even breaking news on the developments on space exploration. They also consistently post original content. As a result, they now reach out to  more than 73 000 followers daily.
Toyota’s brand page on Google Plus, is all about introducing the newest, flashiest, luxury cars to their followers. Huge, clean, professional pictures dominate their page. They are dedicated to strong graphic and this makes content easy to share.
This tech giant has tailored their brand page on Google Plus, to the desires of their followers. They post archival footage, videos and photos of the company’s offices. Intel also engages their followers by asking them questions, such as how they can improve their page and what new content they would like to see.
Many have wondered whether Google Plus is trying to compete with Facebook in terms of being a popular social network. Whether or not they are trying to do this should not (in my opinion) be a point of discussion. Both are beneficial in many (different) ways and I think that is what should be focused on. 

Leandre de Bruyn is working as an copywriter for the leading Cape Town Recruitment company.

Examples Of Companies Using Google+ Well
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