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10 Tools To Create Infographics The Easy Way

Visual communication is among the most effective methods of explaining complex relationships and concepts, and can be an amazing way of explaining your products or services and create valuable website content. Diagrams and whiteboarding can be used in communicating new concepts and features with your team. Here is a look at 10 tools that can be used to create infographics the easy way.

1. Piktochart
This tool is web-based and has 6 decent free themes for making simple visualizations. You can drop and drag images and shapes, and there is quite some customization available. In addition, you can add simple lines, bars and pie charts with data from CSV. You can export to JPG and PNG in either web or print quality.

2. Easel.ly
This is another free of charge web-based tool used to create infographics. Although graphs cannot be created using actual data with this tool, it is very good for storytelling and conceptual visualizations. This tool has an attractive user interface and gorgeous themes to start you off. The themes support numerous common purposes: flow-chart, map and comparison or relationship graphing.

3. Infogr.am
This web-based tool is also free and has a great interface and some very nice themes for making simple infographics. With this option, you can also create charts with the use of real data. Infogr.am allows you to add your own video and images as well.

4. Visual.ly
Visual.ly has several simple free tools, many of which combine with social networks to scrutinize Facebook and Twitter data. You can create Twitter account show-downs, Venn diagrams and visuals analyzing hash tags among others. Unfortunately, there is almost no customization obtainable.

5. Tableau

Tableau has several free tools for generating data visualizations. Since it is not web-based, you are required to download the software. After doing that, you can upload a CSV or spreadsheet and create a selection of interactive data visualizations kinds, including bar charts, Venn diagrams showing associations, line graphs and heat maps to show activity density by location.

6. OmniGraffle

OmniGraffle is a desktop application with a very intuitive interface and it is a good tool used for wireframing in detail. Objects can be customized and stylized to the level that you utilize the tool for creating complete infographics just as you want them.

7. Balsamiq

Balsamiq is another wireframing tool used to create simple diagrams of mobile and web interfaces. The desktop version costs $79 but there is also a free of charge web demo, which is enough for simple diagramming.

8. Make a video
RSA Animate series is a good example of utilizing visual communication to go with a verbal clarification of something. You can employ an illustration artist or even do it on your own, Whiteboard Friday-style.

9. TimelineJS
This tool uses a Google spreadsheet that has links to Flickr, Sound Cloud, Twitter, YouTube as well as other media sources to generate very nice-looking timelines. This tool can be used to create an interrelated visualization of the beginning of your company or your client’s company.

10. Present.me
This tool allows you to make presentations where you make recordings of yourself talking beside the slides you are presenting. Present.me may be a great way for individuals who work remotely to share a concept or proposal, or to document presentations you have given on your site or blog.

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10 Tools To Create Infographics The Easy Way

A Few Reasons Why Infographics Are Significant

Opinion over Infographic Creation

The only reason I personally see that the infographics are significant is they put quite a positive and appealing look of your brand and your research work to the readers around the world. Through infographics, you can effectively communicate your ideas and profound thoughts with the rest of the world as the creative infographic fetches the attention of the readers and convinces them to form a positive opinion about your information and brand in reference to whom you create an infographic. There are some online tools available through which you can create a quality and info-rich infographic.

What You Can Do With Infographics

Through an infographic, you can outshine your competitors too by creating an enticing infographic. It can effortlessly impart information to your targeted audience or just a random group of readers to whom you think it would be worth sharing the research work with. An infographic helps you connect with the readers in an interactive way as you are then able to deliver and convey your research and ideas with the rest of the world. Through an infographic, you are able to use a variety of colors to define your concepts which makes it more appealing and gains you a score in fetching reader’s attention.

How to Carve Your Infographic

The more creative and enticing your infographic be is the more visitors and readers you will get on your blog to spread the awareness about the subject you create the subject. Usage of proper fonts is where you make a difference. Your infographic color scheme should go with the font you choose as a collaboration of a few things together formulates a proper infographic and thus helps you fulfill the purpose of its creation. After the creation of the infographic, you are now going to find the platforms where you can submit them for to make them go viral on the internet.

How to Make Your Infographics Go Viral

You can definitely use different social mediums to share your art work in shape of an infographic as any creative and mind-petrifying stuff goes viral quite quick through these social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, Hi5 and G+. Apart from this you can use different infographic submission directories and to name a few visual.ly and easel.ly can be used and there are lots more but most of them are paid infographic directories who charge at least $50 as they take only quality and conceptual infographics since recently it has been noticed that spammers are using the infographic submission as one of their spamming techniques since an infographic is majorly an image which is not readable by any search engine crawler except for the text around it where the spammers shoot their back link to the website.

Asking someone to create an infographic for you can cost you around $2000 minimum as it’s easier said than done. An infographic creation requires a solid subject and then most importantly to do an in-depth research work on that subject for the completion of it. It is useless to create an infographic unless its conceptual, enriched with information and appealing graphics.

Author’s Bio: Sally Gibson is a well known research analyst who forms her opinion on her favorite subjects including infographics and parallel to this she works for her favorite assignment writing service.

A Few Reasons Why Infographics Are Significant

Social Media Highs and Lows of 2012 [Infographics]

Social media networks offer up some of the best promotional mediums in our modern world, thanks to enormous, worldwide audiences that use them – but a social media campaign can go either way. In 2012, many companies learned this the hard way.

American Apparel was forced to apologize for its pre-storm tweet offering “bored” hurricane Sandy victims a store discount. When the so-called super storm killed more than 130 people and left 4 million without electricity, the store issued a statement claiming that the promotion originated “from a good place of trying to keep the machine going – for the sake of our employees and stakeholders,” and was left looking rather sheepish.

Honda, on the other hand, reached 5.5 million people when it offered $500 to high powered Pinterest pinners to promote its new CRV model by taking a break from the site for 24 hours. The competition winners created a board documenting what they did with their time away from the social networking site.

Social Media Highs and Lows of 2012 [Infographics]

Image compliments of MBA in Marketing Degree Guide

Social Media Highs and Lows of 2012 [Infographics]

How To Create A Good Infographic

We are besieged by the flood of information given to us every day; thus, the amount of information that needs to be processed can become overwhelming and time-consuming. For this reason, we need to find an effective way to communicate information in an appealing way.

How To Create A Good Infographic

Infographics: An In-Depth Look

Infographics are very effective communication tools that can easily and visually present data, enabling us to immediately grasp the meaning behind the information. This technique can help us process, comprehend, and remember details easily and quickly. The data are displayed in a distinct, understandable, and visually-appealing manner so that viewers can see the meaning behind the data instead of simply reading about it. The aim is to provide a common conclusion for all viewers, making it a very powerful presentation technique.

Essentially, this visual representation of data is not very different than the charts and graphs created in Excel. With the advancements in technology, infographics have evolved with design trends and obtained creative changes. Today, the World Wide Web provides interesting information that can be presented in a visually appealing method.

Three Basic Steps To Create An Infographic

    1. Create Flowcharts

      When you create an infographic, you can approach it just like how you would any design project. You must first put together a flowchart, which contains words and arrows, and cluster together similar data. The flowchart you create will help simplify the process and help you connect the details later on.

    2. Work Out A Color Scheme

      You will be amazed by how a color scheme can greatly impact an infographic. The right color scheme will help you convey important information in a variety of methods. This will enable you to create organized data, promote the brand, and make a strong point.

      If you use the wrong color palettes, your viewers will be overwhelmed and confused; thus, they wouldn’t be able to understand what you are trying to communicate. Here are some tips for choosing the color palette:

      • You can use a variety of colors, but it is important to assign them before you start with your design.
      • If you find it hard to pick a color scheme, you can choose three primary colors. The background should be the lightest of the three. If you need to add other colors, you can use shades close to the primary colors.
      • Avoid using neon or dominant dark colors since these do not look good on infographics.
      • Avoid using a white background if possible since this will make it hard for your viewers to determine where the infographic begins and ends.
    3. Graphics

      A good infographic must be able to present the data visually. To achieve this goal, the infographic designer must be able to do some research and compile the concept for the final graphic design. It is important that you are able to turn the information into a cohesive and visually appealing design that communicates well.

      Remember though that infographics is not merely about laying a bunch of charts and graphics. If that was the case, it wouldn’t be too different from the charts made in Excel and clients would not need to seek out good designers.

These are just three of the basic steps involved in creating an infographic. This method of presenting data visually is definitely a huge challenge, and it requires creativity and ability to think outside the box.

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How To Create A Good Infographic

Infographics For Your Business

If your web marketing and SEO campaign doesn’t yet include infographics as part of the mix, then it’s high time you thought twice about that. Infographics are more than just today’s hottest way to inform modern internet surfers in regards to all the benefits your site or business has to offer. They’re also one of the most popular ways friends, family, and peers share with one another over social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. An infographic that goes viral could mean big things for a given business as a result!

Take a look at the following graphic for the real skinny on what it takes to really make an infographic of your own successful – from design elements to blurb choices, back linking to marketing technique. Learn what successful infographics have to offer that mediocre copycats don’t. Find out which sites are the best places to market your graphics as well!

Infographics For Your Business

Adam DeJong, marketing director at a leading internet marketing and SEO company.

Infographics For Your Business