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3 Simple Ways To Optimize Your Internet Marketing Campaign

You will run out of time if you are moving into ineffective acts on a persistent basis. Most internet marketing failure roots itself in ineffective action. Move your attention to goal achieving actions to accomplish a whole lot more in a bunch less time. Think through your internet marketing campaign; what exactly are you doing each day to generate leads? How much time do you spend on creating value for your target market? If you honestly work your way through these questions you will receive answers in due time.

Be patient. Being desperate or needy blocks the answers you so crave. Pull back. Take a deep breath and think through your internet marketing campaign intelligently, to create the desired results in your life.

Money Follows Value

You are in the internet marketing game to help people and make money. Knowing this, dwell on the all important idea; money follows value. By creating value on a persistent basis you naturally become magnetic to prospects, hot leads and of course, the money these individuals will pay you for solving their problems. Relax now, and honestly assess how much value you bring to the table. When was the last blog post you created? How long was the post, or more importantly, how quickly did you solve a problem related to the internet marketing niche with your post?

Being honest with yourself, if you make no money or generate few leads you probably ignore this critical step in the home business success equation. You are trying to get without giving. Slow down and relax. Feel good about creating value, because feeling bad about creating value only creates bad or poor results.

Follow the Internet Marketing Leader to Mimic their Results

Create valuable newsletters, blog posts and videos by doing what the leaders in the internet marketing niche do. Follow their lead by signing up for their newsletter and subscribing to their blogs and you too can replicate their success, by listening to their advice and acting on their advice immediately. Plan, study and implement to see the greatest results in your life. Stop obsessing over doing it all on your own; this is the quickest way to online ruin. The leaders have all the secrets, all the answers to your questions, so follow the leaders and save yourself months or years of struggle.

Leaders push you in the value-creation direction. This is the direction you want to move in if you are to become an internet marketing leader yourself.

Do Not Play the Numbers Game

The worst way to play the internet marketing game is to play numbers. You play an energy game, a people game, not a numbers game. First off, feel good. Nothing is more important than feeling good when you set out to create, because this energy creates positive results. Then, move into this type of inspired, good-feeling action throughout your entire day. You attract leads, hot leads, money, and all types of good things by feeling good about your day and your internet marketing work.

This aspect is horribly overlooked, this good feeling step that the masses of failures seem to ignore all day long. Avoid trying to post to a certain number of Facebook Groups; check your energy as you post to 1 group, then the next group, then the next. Expand your awareness, be at peace, and observe how quickly success finds you, when you start playing the energy game and stop playing the numbers game.

Check your energy and creative steady, persistent value for your target audience to digest. You will become a pro in no time.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who covers all aspects of online and offline marketing; if you are in need of materials for your next trade show, she highly recommends visiting MonsterDisplays.com.

3 Simple Ways To Optimize Your Internet Marketing Campaign

How To Market Your Business Online

Having an online presence has become essential in today’s business world; without it, you’re a no-body. However, it can seem challenging to create a strong presence, especially if you’re just starting a venture, or if you’re not that familiar with terms like ‘SEO’ or ‘rankings’. Effective online marketing isn’t just about punting your product; you need to approach it strategically. Here are three tips to help you get your marketing off the ground.

1)     Have valuable content

It’s important that your content is relevant to your audience, and you need to have a clear content creation plan. Random content and irregular postings won’t get you the result you want, which is a strong online presence. If your business has a blog, Entrepeneur.com suggests that you choose 8-10 topics that will most engage your readers, then add useful, interesting content. Mashable also suggests that you become an expert in your field or industry: you can do this by sharing interesting and helpful posts or links – you’ll gain credibility in no time.

2)     Gain super users

According to Mashable, super users are people who are already big fans of your brand. If you don’t have any yet, not to worry, you can go to them if they haven’t come to you. An easy way of doing this is via a social media search, such as a Twitter Search. For example, if you sell a particular brand of shoes, you’ll do a search for that brand in the search bar. You may find some tweets by hardcore followers of the brand: these are your super users. All you need to do is contact them, and pitch an offer or a discount on the branded product. They’re unlikely to say no. You just need some ingenuity, and a willingness to reach out.

3)     Boost SEO

A big part of establishing your web presence lies in how people can find you when they do a related search. The use of SEO – or Search Engine Optimisation – is essential. According to Entrepeneur.com, WordPress is an excellent tool when it comes to SEO, as its pages are more SEO-friendly than a static website. It’s also highly intuitive, and it comes with a range of helpful plug-ins, such as Sociable (which allows you to integrate social media into posts), and WordPress SEO (which allows you to maximise your SEO by prompting you to add meta tags and keywords in headlines).

You can gain marketing skills via books or tutorials, or you can do an online marketing course at a reputable institution. Here, you’ll learn the basics of online marketing, as well as how to establish your web presence via blogs and social media. Marketing your business online is relatively simple; you just need stellar content, a cultivation of super users, and some basic knowledge of SEO.

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Ang Lloyd writes for Now Learning, an education portal that promotes online courses in Australia, including business management and marketing.

How To Market Your Business Online

How To Avoid Wasting Money On Marketing

Marketing your medical practice is one of the things every doctor knows they need to do but most don’t know how to do it. Furthermore, a misguided marketing campaign can have detrimental affects from attracting the wrong clients to attracting no clients at all. And worst of all, bad marketing can be a major waste of money.

Below are four marketing money pits that every doctor and healthcare professional should avoid at all costs. Because if you don’t, you can end up paying a lot of money for nothing at all.

How To Avoid Wasting Money On Marketing

Money Pit #1: Leaving Your Marketing In The Hands Of An Amateur

This can be a hard realization at first, but you probably don’t know a lot about marketing your medical practice. You know you need a Facebook page, so you set one up. You know blogs are great, so you’ve been working on producing a few posts here and there. But what times should you be posting your content? What kinds of design elements attract readers? What kinds of buttons inspire conversions? If you don’t know these questions, it’s time to face the music: you’re an amateur.

Now you have two options. First, you can learn the marketing game. You can Google for help, buy books, attend seminars, and practice, practice, practice. You might not get to know everything you possibly can about Twitter or web design, but you’ll at least give yourself a pretty good jumping off point. You’ll be able to make the most out of your limited marketing efforts. Your second option is to hire a professional. Yep, marketing professionals exist! They’ll run your Pinterest, they’ll write your blog, they’ll analyze your AdWords account, they can do just about anything you need them to do. For a price. Whichever option you pick, you’ll be saving money in the long run by being able to know which marketing efforts will pay off and which won’t.

Money Pit #2: Failing To Track Results

Marketing leaves data. Data turns into cold hard facts. These cold hard facts can eventually be the making or breaking point of any marketing campaign. Are you posting to Facebook at the right time? Are your chosen SEO keywords bringing in the right audience? Are your ads attracting the right demographics? If you don’t know, then you’re most likely wasting a lot of money.

Tracking the results of marketing can be time consuming. However, these days, it’s also very easy. There are a plethora of tools, including Google Analytics, which can help you decide what’s working and what could use improvement. If you find that your ad copy isn’t converting enough, it might not be the right time for your company to advertise. If you find that you’re email subscriptions have begun dwindling, it might be time to rebrand your email marketing. Without properly tracking your marketing efforts, you won’t know where you’re wasting money, where a few extra dollars can really go a long way, and where you’re money is doing the most good. If you want to stop losing money quickly, tracking your results is a great way of doing so.

Money Pit #3: Failing To Experiment

Marketing tactics, especially Internet marketing strategies, change quickly. Google is updating its algorithms constantly, your competitors are working as actively as you are, and new trends emerge almost daily. Sticking to the same old marketing traditions will cause you to miss out on new and exciting features that might be cheaper, more efficient, and more effective. You’ll quickly become outdated, meaning you’ll be spending your money on strategies that are no long relevant or useful.

If you want to get the most of out of your marketing, you can’t be afraid of experimenting. As quickly as your industry is changing, so is marketing. Try new advertising channels, post unique content, get with a few trends here and there, and suddenly you won’t be wasting your money on old and outdated methods any more.

Money Pit #4: Forgetting The Call To Action

All marketing roads lead to one thing: the call to action. Even if you track your results, experiment with strategies, and research everything there is to know about Internet marketing, you can still wasting your entire marketing budget by forgetting to call upon your users to convert.

This part doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply ask for users to subscribe, share, like, or call in. That direct call to action will begin turning all those marketing efforts into conversions. And for any business owner, a conversion means money well spent.

Your marketing could be costing your medical practice, hundreds or even thousands of dollars when it’s not running like a well-oiled machine. You could be wasting more money each and every day you let your marketing campaigns go untested, untracked, and un-researched. Do right by your company and start tweaking your marketing efforts to not only stop losing money, but to gain more business in the future, as well.

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Pete Wise is a copywriter working for 20/20 Institute Indianapolis. When I’m not writing articles or posting to my facebook page, I’m helping around the office.

How To Avoid Wasting Money On Marketing

Get The Most Out Of Your Next Press Release

If you’ve been conveniently forgetting to produce at least one press release every quarter for your business, you’ve been missing out on a major marketing strategy. Press releases can get your name, your practice’s name, and your services in front of hundreds of thousands of eyes. And with practically all press releases being published online now, you have enormous opportunity to turn every press release into a marketing goldmine.

Even if you have been creating a press release every now and then, there are still a few tips you can use to get the most out of your press release. Assuming you know the format, have hired a professional writer, or have learned the proper guidelines, structuring, and optimal wording for a press release, these tips can take you beyond the basics, allowing your press release to speak volumes for your practice.

Integrate SEO

The Internet has given press releases a lot of new advantages. Not only are press releases more available and accessible, but they are searchable, too. Since nearly all press releases go online now, make sure you write yours with search engine optimization (SEO) strategies in mind. You can create a keyword list to reference as you write so you can create content that is not only appealing but buzz-worthy.

You can also include links to your blog, social media profiles, and most importantly, website, to generate links that can boost your ranking and visibility and ultimately lead new clients your way.


With press releases now being a digital format, it’s easy for anyone to promote them. In fact, you should already have several resources that can help you get the word out about whatever your big news may be. Self-promotion is a great way to generate even more coverage for your press release.

Start by sharing your press release on all of your practice’s social media profiles. Have your fans and followers like it, share it, retweet it, and promote it for you. You can provide links to the PR website the press release is posted on and back to your website. When done right, this kind of self-promotion can create a lot of links that can also boost your SEO rankings.

You should also share your press release in email newsletters, on your blog, on your website, and request your employees do the same. Getting your press release seen in as many places as possible ensure that more and more of your intended audience has the opportunity to read it.

Make It Visual

Press releases don’t have to be so cut and dry. In fact, the Internet is becoming an entirely different visual experience and press releases are moving right along with it. It’s time to incorporate some images and even videos with your press releases. If you’re welcoming a new doctor to your staff, show a picture of him working with patients. If you’re hospital is getting some new state-of-the-art machinery, show a picture or those machines in action.

Furthermore, you can include videos that show off your big announcement, are tied into your news, or even elaborate for those interested in gaining more information. If you regularly produce video blogs as part of your marketing effort already (and let’s face it – you should be!) then you can even make a video blog that goes with every new press release. Just like you were promotion your press release on social media and your website, promote it through your YouTube channel, as well.

Also, be sure you’re optimizing any visual content. Search engines can’t understand images or videos so make sure the file names for all images include relevant keywords. You should also include transcripts for all videos so search engines can crawl and index those assets. With optimized visual content, you’ll be pleasing both human readers and search engine algorithms.

A press release can take your medical practice, clinic, or hospital from just another company to a newsworthy, relevant source. Producing quality posts on a regular basis, at least four times a year, in the proper format and with the right words is a great start.

But you can also get more out of your press releases by optimizing content for SEO, including keywords and relevant links, self-promoting each press release on your own social media profiles and websites, and jazzing up each article with a few visual elements. You can transform an outdated channel of news communication into a modern, interactive, and intriguing platform for generating buzz among media outlets, consumers, and even search engines.

Don’t miss your next opportunity to turn a press release into a walking, talking marketing machine. You can taking your practice to new heights with these helpful press release tricks by your side.

Pete Wise is a marketer working for 20/20 Institute Indianapolis is the leader in vision correction in Indiana. We specialize in LASIK, but we help everyone see better. Check out the Facebook I contribute to!

Get The Most Out Of Your Next Press Release

How Professional Networking Sites Affect Traditional Networking

Successful business networking used to mean knowing and understanding how different cultures treat each other when discussing business. Having this knowledge was crucial, as it meant that a businessperson could develop and maintain strong relationships in any country they happened to be doing business in.

How Professional Networking Sites Affect Traditional Networking

Understanding the culture of another meant that you held great respect both for that culture, and for the person you were doing business with. But with the advent of business networking sites like LinkedIn, many aspects of physical interaction are no longer required, and some are wondering if this is helping or hurting the networking game.

Some Traditional Networks Have Strong Influence

In countries like China, a concept with roots stretching back thousands of years, called Guanxi, is the main and socially-acceptable way of doing business as well as maintaining a wide array of other relationships.

The idea behind the Guanxi concept is that the personal connection between two people, or an individual and a nework of contacts can be counted on to perform service or favors when they are requested by a connected party. The general understanding of this concept is that one person will be aware of the other person’s requirements and will automatically take them into account when making decisions about future actions they may take.

This concept has resulted in many benefits being gained from one’s social connections, but it also requires that any favors done be reciprocated. Those who don’t reciprocate the favors they receive are seen as having committed an offense that is unforgivable.

Other countries have similar concepts at play. The Cuban Sociolismo is one example, and the Middle Eastern Wasta is another. However, these social connection concepts can mainly be based on the physical aspect of connections with the purpose of obtaining rare goods and favors such as the waiving of fines.

Do Traditional Networks Work In The Online Business World?

Recently, it was reported that professional networking sites like LinkedIn and France’s Viadeo ran into trouble when attempting to enter the business world in China. Although the country boasts nearly 600 million internet users, those looking to get a firm business foothold in China have ended up either getting a very small share, or being forced to close their doors.

The issue, it seems, is Guanxi. Chinese experts say that it will be very difficult for business networking sites from other countries to get the concept to share any space. This is because, they say, Chinese residents aren’t interested in networking with people they don’t know. And the numbers speak volumes: apparently, only one percent of LinkedIn’s users around the world hail from China.

But France’s Viadeo is making progress in the country. This is because it has adapted to the country’s environment by acquiring a similar Chinese company and marketing as a Guanxi maintenance tool. As a result, the company is registering users at the rate of 500,000 per month.

Personal Space and Business Cards Not Applicable

Personal space plays a crucial role in the business networking circles of virtually every culture. Where intimate space in the United States may be one foot or more, this constitutes social space in a country like Saudi Arabia. And so you may give the impression that you are stand-offish if you recoil when a business associate leans in to discuss a deal.

The handing over of business cards is a ceremony in several world cultures. Japan’s business card ceremony, called meishi, requires the business card owner to present their card, front side facing upwards and holding only the card’s top corners to demonstrate the utmost respect. And even how the card is treated after it has been received is important.

But do these physical traditions have any place in the online business networking world? Some are questioning this intently, to the point where the survival of entire cultures is being pondered. Others say that while adoption of online social networks has been slow, they will increase as time goes on. As well, they say that social business networks will not replace, but could actually complement existing social concepts like Guanxi.

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Guest author Jesse Schwarz writes on a variety of topics, particularly related to technology.  He helps consumers review internet service providers in their area, as well as clarify online safety issues for children and parents. You can also find Jesse on Google.

How Professional Networking Sites Affect Traditional Networking
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