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Strategies in 2013 roll out for Link Building: Make Your Website Link Proof

Day and Day out Google is coming out with new and much improved algorithm as well updates like Penguin and Panda, which makes all the old link building techniques becomes the thing of the past so rapidly. As per the recent trend Google’s bot watch out for few high-quality, most relevant links to give your website more value and weightage to help out improve the overall relevancy to the site. Building a high quantity of low quality links to your site that has not having any relation to your own site content. As your site possesses quality links due to such reason it would be an attraction to naturally want to link to yours.

Now it’s the time to give a permanent break if you are following and also still rely on all old or non-natural techniques of link building than results can be easily seen, sites having all worthy links will be aiming towards the sky and there would be a downsizing of the sites if you are lacking somewhere in building a significant number of organic back links.

If planning to roll-out a new Link Building strategy for 2013 there are certain check points you needs to follow to make your site link proof.

Do Believe Content is the King:For the newbies this might be something new term but if you are in the field of internet marketing since past few years than you can easily make out that this is something much repetitively hear by you. To maintain your site competition it is a very important concept and you should consider this more seriously. The reason behind is that it is one of the most crucial factor which works like a magnet to help your site attract more traffic and improves number of visitors as well to build up organic link it strongly requires content.

Requires Unique Content: As said above “Content is King”, content matters the most and that includes article marketing, blogs posts, videos, podcasts, and info graphics. In all this the content needs to unique and appealing enough that web users might get interested in reading your site instead of your competitors.

Raise your voice through Content: Writing bombinate content aids you to stand different from your competitors. If you are pretty sure that content will keep yourself one step ahead from competitors than it would be the right time to extricate yourself as an expert in the industry as chances are such that users will subscribe for new upcoming updates on your blog. To achieve this you need a lot of research in that niche and creative thinking goes hand in hand with it and also stylish writing helps you to benefit.

Also to bring more focus on Link Building Strategies here are some few tactics to take into consideration:

Social Media:Google is becoming much smarter day by day, so to build relevant social signals to your site Social Media plays a key role in getting links to your site. Sharing of the content on the social media sites helps to share your content around the web. As Likes in Facebook and retweets in Twitter helps your website from SEO perspective.

Blog Outreach:For doing this you need to build a relationship with other bloggers in that particular niche and this helps out in spreading your content out on the web and getting links in honest manner.

All above mentioned points are only the key points you should keep in mind which helps you to beat your competitors in industry.

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Tom Watson is a Lead SEO Strategist zaftechnology, a full service internet marketing company specializing in Organic SEO, PPC, Local Search, Social Media, Reputation Management, Content Marketing and Cheap Guest Posting Services. He is also passionate about blogging.

Strategies in 2013 roll out for Link Building: Make Your Website Link Proof

Conventional link building techniques are getting overhauled

Webmasters and general business owners create wonderful websites, which have two underlying purposes in mind: generate sales or harvest new users which could, inevitably, turn into future buyers.  In purporting new websites, misguided individuals are still behind search engine changes in link building methodology, causing a foray of miscues or potentially costing entrepreneurs thousands of misspent dollars.  …continue reading

Conventional link building techniques are getting overhauled

How To Build Links Without Simply Purchasing Them

Link building takes a lot of time and can be a headache, but unfortunately it’s not something you can skip because it’s necessary if you want a high ranking in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Some people take the easy way out and purchase links to their site from link farms. The problem is that Google and other search engines have caught on to this and will penalize these links. The latest Panda and Penguin Updates that Google slapped on the SEO world weeded out many of the most popular link farms and along with them, the sites that purchased links from them. Successful white hat linkbait campaigns involve one thing: interesting content that will catch people’s attention. You want content that people want to link to. Most of the sites that were weeded out with last year’s Google Updates had spammy website content and didn’t add value with interesting, engaging information.

Offering quality content is easier said than done. If you’re working on building links through white hat content creation techniques and are getting frustrated with your slow progress, here are some tips that will help you with your link building campaigns.

• Make your site look professional and trustworthy. You need to have no spelling or grammatical mistakes, an About Us page that talks a bit about your qualifications, and a privacy/information security policy.

• If you’re looking to place articles on blogs, there are many ways to determine if they are a Splog Blog or not (or a blog that you will want to avoid). Avoid the blog if you see multiple anchor text links going to different pages or even to the same page multiple times. Obviously you want a blog that posts high-quality content with graphics in each article. Make sure the comments are turned on and that they don’t advertise ANYWHERE that they sell links on the website. If the blog is in English, the content should read as if a native English speaker wrote it. These are some things to consider when looking for a blog to post your content pieces.

• Write and syndicate professional articles and press releases to other websites, especially ones that publish articles in your industry.

• Join local programs and groups that will add your business to their site. For example, your local chamber of commerce or an organization that promotes local businesses over chain stores.

• Submit your products to review sites. A good review not only gets you a link, it gets you free publicity.

Link building can be tedious, but don’t give in to the urge to buy links. There are plenty of white hat ways to build links for your site and Google will applaud you for it!

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Give her a company in any industry and she is going to make it successful. Mollie Benton has been actively benefiting the marketing world for over a decade. Her expertise surrounds the search engine optimization, local SEO, Online Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing & Direct Mail Marketing worlds. She’s a regular contributor to and part owner of SiteBumpers.com…and she’s been known to shoot in the low 80s on the golf course.

How To Build Links Without Simply Purchasing Them

How a link building service can pave the way for your business success

We are living in an age where Internet is governing a great number of things in our life. This is why trade and commerce is finding online business a key to their success. The masses are getting inclined to online shopping and online business is something which is gaining amazing popularity. But successful execution of online business requires proper internet marketing and SEO sets the base for that. Link building service is a vital technique of Internet marketing and it is highly effective in making you site known to people and tell them what your business is about.

In the world of Internet marketing Link building is a must use service. In the existing world of SEO there is no better alternative than this. Without a link building service you can end up being a failure in achieving the desired ranking in the prime search engines. And this means a failure in achieving success too. With a smart service you can locate beneficial and safe link partners. The job also involves proper maintenance of the links and keeping proper information that you are not de-linked by your link-partner and they do not service terms of Google.

Hiring link building services means ensuring quality reciprocal as well as non-reciprocal links. This gives better ranking in search engines which results in more and more people visiting your site. SEO campaigns are there to give you a long-lasting and viable solution. As soon as your site ranks on the top positions of search results people will click on your site. And this is where Link Building SEO comes to play. It is the skill and experience of SEO service provider that helps an organisation get noticed and improve its traffic. But a vital part of link building is getting high quality links.

The popularity of a website in search engines is determined by many factors; the number of incoming and outgoing links of the website, the rank of websites placing a link to you, etc. If your website has relevant and quality content it will naturally be liked by other websites and they will like to link you with them. The reason for all these is Google makes sure to produce more relevant results and it is the number and quality of links that is going to decide your rank in the search engines.

Link building is a part of Search engine marketing and it involves optimising your website by link building campaign. But most important is Link building and SEO service together play a great role in making a site rank higher in search engines.

While looking for link building service you need to choose one that ensures high quality links rather than low quality links in high quantity. A high quality link can be recognised by looking at the information accompanying the link. A link is good only when it is relevant and of good quality. Therefore, high quality content is a big factor in link building. Before hiring a link building service provider make sure of having some instances that reflect how they are going to accomplish link building.

Andrew Jackson is an SEO and link building expert who has been associated with some top SEO firms for a long time. He loves to write blogs and articles on various Internet Marketing techniques. In this article he is offering us some valuable information on how a link building service can pave the way for your business success. Andrew Jackson suggests you to click here to know more about link building service.




How a link building service can pave the way for your business success

Five Ways To Avoid Building Bad Links

Five Ways To Avoid Building Bad LinksOld school search engine optimisation was all about volume – it didn’t really matter where your links were coming from as long as you had a lot of them.

But in its never ending quest to deliver the best possible search results, it’s now almost impossible to make long-term SEO gains by building hundreds of low-quality links.

So how do you know if a link you’re attempting to acquire will be worth the effort?

Here are five tips to help make sure you don’t end up with a bad link profile.

1 – Never, ever do it just for the link

It may sound odd, but if you want to build quality links the links themselves shouldn’t be your main priority.

Why? Well, Google loves links because they’re a useful way of determining what pages people find helpful.

However, not all links are born equal and it stands to reason that if you’re cramming in a link to a sports betting site on a site which is dedicated to teddy bears, then that’s not a resource that visitors to the teddy bear page are going to find helpful.

Put simply, Google loves links which add value and that’s what you need to be focused on.
Before you even approach a site owner to ask for a link, you need to think to yourself “will the inclusion of my link add value to a visitor’s on-page experience?”

If the answer is no, then the chances are that’s going to be a bad link.

2 – Avoid sites that openly sell links

Theoretically, it is possible to buy and sell links without Google ever knowing the practice has occurred.

In reality, people’s greed means most link selling happens in an incredibly brazen manner.

Sites that openly sell links should be avoided for two reasons – the first is that they’re highly unlikely to pass on much value anyway, and the second is that Google will find and penalise both the selling site and the buying site.

Even if you could get a link for free on a site that is also openly selling links, you should avoid it – only get involved with sites which meet Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

3 -Look beyond basic metrics

It can be tempting to judge a site solely on its PageRank and Domain Authority, but there are other facts you need to take into account.

Have a browse through the site to see if it’s well maintained – comment spam, or low quality content with keywords that have been shoehorned in are signs that your link won’t pass much value, regardless of the metrics.

Ideally, you want to build links on well-maintained sites with an engage community of commenters.

4 – Don’t obsess about anchor text

Over optimised anchor text is a tell-tale sign of orchestrated link building, and because of this it should be avoided.

This ties in with point one on our list – forcing a certain phrase into an article doesn’t add value to the reader.

Branded links are still viewed as the poor relations of exact match anchor text links, but that’s just a hangover from old school SEO.

Don’t worry if most of the links you’re building are branded, it’s exactly the thing you should be doing.

5 – Don’t hire an SEO without checking their past projects

If you’re not doing your own SEO, you still need to make sure they’re going to do things properly.
Ask them to provide you with details of projects they worked on in the past contact the clients for their view of the company.

Also make sure they show you all the links they’re getting you each month and evaluate them to make sure they’re of a good enough quality.

You might even want to include a clawback clause in the contract so you can get your money back if things go wrong.

Finally, if you have any doubt about the worth of getting a particular link, the chances are it’s not worth it.

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Written by Will Stevens, who maintains the SEO and social media blog What Is Search? You can also find him on Google+

Five Ways To Avoid Building Bad Links