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4 Factors That Will Make Or Break Your Mobile Content

It’s been said again and again that developing a website for desktops is different to developing one for mobile devices. There are several contradictory opinions floating around about whether it is better to develop a separate mobile site, or to just design one website that is flexible enough to suit all screens. While opinion is divided, it seems clear that mobile sites have plenty of restrictions that affect things like load time, images and content.

We’re going to look at four essential factors that could make or break your mobile content.

1)     Battle for attention

If you thought you only had a few seconds to grab users’ attention on conventional websites, be prepared to up your game for mobile sites. People surfing the mobile web have less patience that people on desktops and laptops. They’re not prepared to scroll down reams of text to find what they’re looking for. You need to give them what they want immediately. That means you need clear headings and clearer, attention-grabbing opening sentences.

It also means that you need to keep your paragraphs short and snappy.

Remember that brevity doesn’t equal lack of flow and incoherence. Your content still needs to be properly structured; sentences still need to make grammatical sense; and you still need catchy phrases.

2)     Style

Mary C. (onbile.com) says that mobile content should be written in a similar style to press releases; at least it should be based on the basic premise, which is that of the inverted pyramid. The first paragraph is the most important information (who, what, why, where, when). The second paragraph contains important details. The following paragraphs flesh out the details.

3)     Calls to action

Calls to action need to be prominent on conventional websites; this we know. The placement of calls to action is even more important on mobile sites. They should be above the fold (bear in mind that the fold is very short on mobile sites) and they have to be very strong.

4)     SEO

The lore of SEO content writing applies to mobile sites just as much as it does to conventional sites. You need very strong keywords and well-optimised headings. Writing optimised content for mobile sites is trickier than writing for conventional websites, however, because you have less text within which to place your keywords. This means you have to be very clever with your words and sentences, so that you don’t sacrifice quality for the sake of some search engine attention.

The restrictions of mobile sites pose challenges for mobile site developers, but they also have implications for content writers. This means that writing for mobile websites is even more of an art than writing for conventional websites. It also means that good communication between writers and developers is essential to ensure that mobile site structure supports content, and vice versa.

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Sandy Cosser is a website content writer who fully understands the necessity of working closely with web developers to ensure that websites are optimally structured for browsing and conversions.

4 Factors That Will Make Or Break Your Mobile Content

What Kind of Phone Do You Need? A Market Overview

When it comes to choosing a new mobile phone it has to be down to your own personal choice. Not everyone has the same taste in handsets or the same needs and for this reason most manufacturers offer a wide range of handsets. If you are a businessman and you are looking for a phone to use for work then chances are that you will choose a completely different handset from the student that lives next door.

You can opt for a basic handset, a smartphone or a feature phone. Before you go ahead and buy a phone, work out what you need it for and what you want it to do.

Basic Phones for Calls and Texts

Not everyone needs their mobile phone to be a miniature version of their computer. If all you want it for is to make a few calls then select a basic handset and save yourself a lot of money. This is often the case with older people who see no need to be connected to the Internet 24/7. Phones such as the Samsung Gusto 2 or the LG Rumor Reflex might be ideal for this type of person but all manufacturers offer a basic version of their phones.

Feature Phones for Email and Document Handling

If you need access to your email no matter where you are then you might want to consider a handset that has been given a QWERTY keyboard. These are not the same as many other smartphones but they can still connect you to the internet if you need it. You can synchronise a number of email accounts and pick them up wherever you are. The most famous phone aimed at business users is the BlackBerry and this comes in several versions now. These are often standard issue in larger companies to sales staff and managers.

Smartphones for Full-On Internet Access

Smartphones have the biggest share of the market by far. These have all kinds of handy extras such as a processor for getting on to the internet, storage for music, video and photos and apps that are designed to offer shortcuts for practically anything. This means that more or less anything you have on your computer at home can also be done on a smartphone. Opting for a contract deal with a smartphone is often the best way to go as these can be expensive to purchase outright. The smartphone is considered by some to be something of a status symbol and there is often competition among teenagers about which phone they are getting. They often want the latest models along with all the accessories that go with them.

Find a Phone that Suits You

Phones are no longer just for making calls, although this option is open to you if you prefer it. If you need more from your handset it is easy to find a phone that fits the bill. All phones have reviews which can be readily viewed on the internet and you can find out in advance exactly what it does and does not do. The main thing is to find a phone that suits you – do not choose something just because somebody you know has it.

Phil Turner has been very happy with Tesco phones since he switched to them a few years ago.

What Kind of Phone Do You Need? A Market Overview

Why You Need To Protect Your Mobile Device

p>Taking steps to protect PCs from viruses and other threats is now standard procedure, but very few people are as careful when it comes to their mobile phones. However, smartphones are at just as much risk of infection as other devices connected to the internet.

In addition to the usual problems that you need antivirus and firewall software to protect your equipment from, hackers have developed new tactics to target mobiles. In particular, IT security experts have noted a rise in the number of threats aimed specifically at Android devices over the past six months.

Why are mobile phones so vulnerable?
The 2013 Threat Landscape report by the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) predicted that as an increasing number of consumers make mobile devices their primary method of accessing the internet, there will be an “exponential increase in threats” to mobiles. As more people use their handsets for banking, online shopping, and gambling, they become more attractive to cybercriminals.

One of the reasons for this is that much of the communication on mobiles takes place over unsecured Wi-Fi or poorly-secured GSM channels. Mobile operating systems and applications are also less mature than those used for PCs, which means it can be simple for hackers to steal personal data.

A lack of awareness of mobile security issues among users also helps to make life easier for cybercriminals. This is particularly true when devices are regularly used to access social media, as such sites are vulnerable to attack and members often choose weak passwords.

What are the biggest threats to smartphones?
Mobiles are now widely at risk of threats traditionally associated with PCs, such as viruses, malware, phishing and botnets. ENISA also warned there is evidence of a growth in more sophisticated attacks on mobile devices.

The report named drive-by exploits, Trojans used for stealing personal data, and exploit kits as the top emerging threats to mobile operating systems. All three of these can lead to devices becoming infected by malicious code without the user realising. Drive-by download attacks can be particularly damaging and are very difficult to spot, as they are usually launched from legitimate websites that have been compromised.

IT security experts observed a rise in attacks on Android devices during 2012. Trojans have been discovered in apps available via Google’s Play Store, while Android-specific hacking tools designed to steal banking and social media passwords have been found. Similar problems have been noted in Apple’s App Store and on iPhone software.

Written by James Sheehan, an internet security blogger.

Why You Need To Protect Your Mobile Device

Blackberry Business Assistance Apps

While the Blackberry is still at the top of the list for business and the corporate people, the company has started a new way of dealing with its niche. The company RIM that was known to be very low on the app side is now marketing out the best apps for the people it targets. Not only for the older phones, but also for the newer ones, the company is marketing out the most fun and yet the best business apps so that the functions of one’s personal tasks can be carried out without any hassle. The business apps that can help the people in their daily tasks are as follows. You will find that each app ahs something in it for you. The best you can do to justify the use of your phones and the playbooks is that you can cover the devices with good Blackberry cases. The recommendations for the apps are as:

  1.   Job Fetcher Nigeria: This app is for all those who live in Nigeria to help them find the best apps for the new and old employees in different companies. This will also be a good app for all those who want to find their first jobs. This is just like a recruiter but works free for all the employees and the candidates looking for good jobs. Those who would want to survey for their job s and find out what the other people at their level are being paid can also download this app. Although this app is location specific, but still, it is a good app for all those who would want to find their jobs in the high paying economy in Nigeria.
  2. Adobe Connect Mobile: With the front facing camera, you can take care of the easy video conferencing. The front and rear camera in the mobile devices can be sued both for the conference with the help of this downloaded and plug-and-play app. You do not need any further drivers or stuff for this app to run on your BB device. The app is now available for the OS 10 devices as well coming out in the near future.
  3. iSpeech Translator: This app is for all those who deal with international clients in different languages. It has the text and the speech recognition systems which allow you to speak in one language and it talks like a translator to the other person with the language he speaks in. The app also has the text recognition system, which will allow you to input text and emails in one language to get the result in any other language that you like. The app is free of charge for a limited time so grab your file and play with it.
  4. Currency Exchange Rates: This app tells about its functions from its name. This app is for both the BB mobile devices and the playbook tablet. You can convert 70 different currencies into the ones that you want converted. Just enter the exchange rates and you will get the results easily for the amount of money you would want to convert. The app also recommends to you exchange centers and Money Gram points in your area for easy access.
  5. Easy Agenda: This meeting minute’s app will help you keep track of all your meetings, previous and the new ones to come. You can schedule them automatically as well with the help of the scheduler in this app. You can also be given intimations of meetings well before time so that you can prepare for them and be a good manager.

Author’s Bio:

Jack Cooper is an a professional advisor and helper in the field of the mobile phone accessories, tablets, laptops and the topics related to technology and IT. His work is exemplary in the area of issues faced by users while searching for good apps and accessories for the iPad, iPhone, Kindle etc like the unique Blackberry cases, etc. Read his blog posts on the subjects you are looking help in. He recommends www.wrappz.com for your ease.


Blackberry Business Assistance Apps

Top new Smart phones to sashay into the market this year

Today the cell phones are no more the simple phones which we may use for the purpose of calling someone or for taking the calls. Today it’s the new world of Smart phones which can have the power even to replace a computer. So, in 2012 quite a few Smart phones were released and there are reports that in 2013 too, some more Smart phones too are going to be released.

HTC 7 Pro – The Windows Phone 7 is going to debut through Sprint soon enough. It is going to have a big and yet a sliding QWERTY keyboard. Like most of the other Windows Phone 7 gadgets, this gadget too has a 1GHz processor along with the 5 MP camera. It has such a beautiful screen that it almost looks like a tiny laptop.

Sony Yuga – It is rumored Sony is soon going to join the league of the 5-inch Smart phones which has the power and storage capacity of a tablet. It is also said to have a quad-core processor, with the 3GB RAM and the 128GB storage capacity. It’s rumored that it has a 16MP camera. And if all of the rumors come out to be true then Sony Yuga could is going to be of the best and the greatest of the Sony Smart phones.

Samsung Galaxy Premier – This cell is supposedly going to have a 4.65 inch HD Super AMOLED screen. In addition, it may have a 1.5 GHz dual-core TI OMAP 4470 SoC. It is going to have an affordable price tag.

LG Revolution – Verizon is said to have released four new LTE and Android-based phones this year, at the CES. The key features of LG Revolution include the likes of the capability to capture video at 1080p HD and it has the ability to organize the Android applications into different and specific folders, thereby helping you to avoid creating any long application tray.

Samsung Galaxy S 4G – This new version is going to be launched by February 13 along with the Galaxy S 4G. Nothing much is known about this generation of Galaxy S.

Samsung Infuse 4G – This is a hyper-thin and a super-huge Smart phone, which has a Super AMOLED Plus screen. As per the reports, Samsung Infuse may provide you one of the cinematic Android experience, in the best form. It has a 4.5-inch display and has the 800-by-480 resolution like that of the other Smart Phones. However, Samsung has promised that the Super AMOLED Plus is going to improve the colors.

Nexus 5 – Both Google and LG are said to be reportedly prepping the sequel to this sleek Smart phone. This new handset has the features like that of the 5-inch full-HD display, the quad-core Tegra 4 processor, the 8GB or the 16GB internal storage capacity, 2GB RAM, and the 13-mega pixel camera. It also has the next version of the mobile operating system from Google – the Android “Key Lime Pie.”

These are some of the Smart phones which are all set to be released in 2013. So, if you are planning to get one Smart phone for yourself, or even gift it to somebody; you can buy one from the above described list.

Sam is a passionate blogger, he likes to write articles on various informative topic’s & gets them published in various websites.

Top new Smart phones to sashay into the market this year