The Top 3 Ways To Grow Your Mobile App FollowingToday, there are millions of apps available for download to a mobile device. While this is in fact great news for mobile consumers, it’s certainly isn’t that great for mobile app developers. The already stiff competition in the mobile app industry gets even tighter by the day, which is why creating the next Google Map app or Angry Birds game is no easy task. So how exactly can you get people to notice your app, encourage them buy it, and share with their friends? Here are the top 3 ways to grow your mobile app following:

1. Capitalize on Traditional Advertising
This is often neglected in the heat of the moment. Don’t forget that mobile consumers are “mobile”, which means they’re everywhere. It’s only right to push your app online, but it also makes sense to promote your app in the traditional offline mediums such as magazines and posters. Make sure to specify where they can get your app. For instance, you may add a text that goes “Available for download at the Android Market / App Store”, or “Get the app by visiting us at”.

Providing a QR (Quick Response) Code also works as collateral for offline marketing. This offers more convenience to the user as they can instantly access your app upon scanning the QR code and at the same time makes the app easier to share with other audiences. Simplifying and instantaneous features like this are often well embraced by mobile consumers, so scratch their backs and they’ll scratch yours.

2. Create Engaging, Buzz-Worthy Contests and Giveaways
Making people talk about your offered app is vital to success. Word-of-mouth marketing is still the most influential marketing tool that won’t cost you a cent. The more noise that people make about your app, then the bigger exposure it will gain, which can then convert into bigger sales for you. If the mobile application you created is unique enough, then you’re only halfway there, as people will only talk about the app due to its distinctiveness. Nevertheless, how can you get people to spread the word about the app for you?

Telling yourself that your app will go viral is a prayer and not a marketing tactic. Instead, ask users to share the app with their friends in an engaging way. One way of letting your existing followers and fans do this is by creating noise-worthy contests and giveaways for them. As an example, you may host a Share and Win promo, which rewards the user exclusive access to features or win freebies when they “Like” your app on Facebook or share it with their friends on FB and other social networks.

3. Be Twitterific
Start a conversation about your app on Twitter. Make it easy and engaging to encourage Twitter users to “tweet” about the app. There are millions of users in the Twitter network, and their chirps have brought success to some of the best apps in the market today. Even a simple tweet like “Check out this app!” from one of its users presents a free and influential shout-out to the vast Twitterverse.

No matter if your app is playfully addictive or instantly gratifying, you can compose a message that is “Twitterific”. Think of a compelling message that you would be re-tweeting yourself as a consumer. Sum it up in a short yet memorable line and let other Twitter users pass it along the Twittersphere for free exposure.

With the flood of mobile apps being released day by day, it is always a smart move to have a marketing plan behind your app. The iLiving App has a very effecting marketing plan, thus making it a good example to imitate. Follow these top 3 inexpensive tips to grow your mobile app following and skyrocket your app to success!

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The Top 3 Ways To Grow Your Mobile App Following