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What you need to know about taking care of your business’ reputation

One of the most important aspects that any businesses or individuals must take care of is their reputation. This is part of public relations responsibility in ensuring that any negative complaints rose against a particular business or individual never arises. However, you can never guarantee that such incident shall never occur especially when it comes to online. The internet never forgets whatever comments written on the article or posted online. Whenever someone searches knowledge about a certain business or individual, all that is written regarding them will be shown. It does not matter whether it says positive or negative commentaries.

This is where online reputation management comes in. Their responsibility is to understandandmanipulate a business’s or individual’s reputation by seeing to it that no harm or damage has befallen upon them. They do the monitoring by addressing information that is considered damaging by using customer feedback. With this application you will be notified the early signs of reputation problems. As a result, you can immediately take action on it before it spreads. Keep in mind that the power of internet is so far reaching that one negative comment can shred your reputation to pieces within an hour’s time. A business who does not address a customer complaint immediately will suffer such consequences. This is one of the reasons why businesses or any individual are so afraid of receiving any negative feedbacks. No one wants to see their business in ruins.

With online reputation management, they can help tie the gap concerning how a company sees itself and how others view them. It will then be the task of the reputation management to see to it that the company understands how others view them so that they can correct it; provided that it is reasonable of course. A company must learn how to listen and communicate well if they want more customers patronizing their products or services.

To make certain that the character of the company or individual stays intact, here are some methods used by reputation management: First, always respond to customer complaints. If you fail to deliver customer satisfaction or at least answer their queries or explain, negative comments will start to flow in. You must learn to apologize and offer complimentary gifts or promos or give discounts to appease them. Rule number that any businesses should keep in mind of is the saying “the customer is always right.”  It is actually very helpful for them to ensure that they serve 100%customer satisfaction. Rule number two, if you think that the customer complaint is not justifiable, then refer to rule number one which is “the customer is always right.” Remember, if you fail to pacify the grievances raised by a customer and that customer will write a negative comment against your company, that single commentary will have a huge impact on your reputation.

Second, to outweigh negative commentaries, you must publish unique and optimistic articles, websites, and even social media profiles. Some would even create fake accounts to act as third party and write positive reviews to shove down negative search results. In fact, some companies would hire out these third parties just to do that. It does not matter whether they have tried the product or service as long as they write good reviews. Other companies would offer free products or give big discounts in exchange for these positive feedbacks. Third, if you think that your company is being libelled, your reputation company can actually take a legal action by requesting to take down such commentaries.

Despite these tips in helping out to ensure that your reputation is intact, there are some practices that the reputation management is being questioned for it had already raised up several ethical issues. One is that there is no written law or agreement in this type of industry that discusses the limitation of exposé, astroturfing, and suppression. In fact, some firms have been criticized for asking customers to remove negative commentaries or posts. It can be very risky for these companies if they are found out that they are attempting to hide negative comments.

To avoid this type of publicity, reputation management has learned to perform and promote ethical practices. What they can do instead is to counter act negative commentaries by publishing useful, unique, and informative information about a particular product or service that they are selling.

What you need to know about taking care of your business’ reputation

Monitoring Your Brand’s Business Reputation Online – Some simple ways to find out what everyone else thinks

Joan Jett didn’t give a damn about her reputation, but applying that attitude to your brand’s business reputation online could result in disastrous effects. Don’t worry, though, there are simple ways to find out what people are saying behind your brand’s back online.

Don’t let your brand be the odd girl out.


Avoid Internet Bullies

The Internet is as fickle as a 13-year-old girl. Figuratively speaking, it can be sweet and post hearts around your brand name showering it with love and glowing reports; conversely, it can be nothing short of evil in its efforts to destroy a brand’s reputation via online reviews, social media, bulletin boards, etc. Thankfully, online reputation management exists as a way to thwart this activity.

Free Methods to Help Protect a Brand’s Business Reputation Online

Set up Google Alerts: This is a free service that sends an email each time a result comes up featuring whichever key words were entered for a specific business or brand. By subscribing to Google Alerts via RSS anything and everything mentioning your brand will be emailed as soon as it appears online.

Browse Social Mention:Social Mention works in a similar fashion to Google Alerts, but it also allows for real-time results to be seen. By entering specific terms to track, Social Mention will monitor the web for the terms and generate an email with results. The program’s “select social media sources” option allows for conversations happening on a variety of social media channels regarding the brand in question to be seen.

Keep Current with Kurrently:Kurrently is another free tool for online reputation tracking. To use this tool, brand managers can host a Twitter chat and use the program to follow the conversation. From there, Kurrently shows users how the conversation continues along other social media channels.

These free tools are beneficial and a must-have for any business or brand regardless of Internet activity. After all, even without a strong web presence, consumers, competitors, and every Tom, Dick and Harry out there in the blogosphere has the ability to post anything they want about your brand. Staying ahead of the game is what it’s about in the world of online reputation management.

Hiring Reputation Trackers

Sometimes it’s necessary to ramp up the watchful eye on the Internet for things being said about a brand. Paying for an online reputation management service means that someone else is constantly monitoring the web for any form of negativity and dealing with it swiftly.

According to the online reputation management company, reputation.com, users will benefit from having top results in Google free from unfair news articles, hostile forum comments, disparaging blog posts, outdated legal issues, exaggerated reviews, and blatant smear campaigns.

Be a Part of the Good Crowd

Keeping a brand’s reputation out of the gutter is a necessity into today’s world. Things posted online last forever, so make sure what’s out there reflects the true message behind the brand and parent company. Don’t let the 13-year-old girls of the Internet world bully your brand.


Dana Rasmussen is an author who writes about a variety of topics including arts and entertainment, social media, marketing trends and online reputation management.


Monitoring Your Brand’s Business Reputation Online – Some simple ways to find out what everyone else thinks

The Importance Of Online Reputation Management For A Successful Business

Business owners know that no matter how large or small their business is, integrating Internet technologies is important for its success. It’s an easy way to advertise and offer the services and products of a company and to provide information to possible consumers. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t drawbacks. The Internet makes it easier for customers to leave reviews of the company. While this can really boost the popularity of one’s company, just one or two negative reviews can damage its reputation. Potential customers who spot just one negative review are often turned off. This is unfortunate, as a negative review is not always indicative of a company’s service.

Negative Reviews

Negative reviews are often unavoidable, especially if the company has grown and has a large customer base. Unfortunately, a customer who is not satisfied is much more likely to leave a review than a customer that is satisfied. This is because dissatisfied customers feel wronged and want to vent about the situation as well as make sure that they are heard. Sometimes, it’s not even the fault of the business in question, and the bad experience could have resulted from a miscommunication. If a company has a large number of negative reviews, especially, compared to its positive reviews, then the negatives probably paint an accurate portrait of that company. However, even if the company has hundreds of positive reviews, just one or two negative reviews will often stand out. Just a single negative review can put a lingering doubt in the potential customer’s head. This was the case with Home Direct. One poor review led to their reputation being stained as being a “rip off” company, even with the many positive reviews backing their business.

Combating Negative Reviews

The best way to combat those rare negative views and to avoid a Home Direct rip off situation is to have a company representative communicate directly with customers via Twitter and Facebook. This allows customers to better judge how the company interacts with its customers, as well as get a better feel of their customer service. Not only can the customer interact directly with the company, he or she can view the interaction between other customers and the company and form a more well-rounded opinion of them based on that interaction.

A negative review doesn’t tell the entire story, but sometimes, it is the only story that is told. A company needs to manage their online reputation by creating a conversation, and thus, creating many stories. Reading and responding to reviews, maintaining an active and participatory social media presence, and listening to customers is the best way to keep unruly review gossip from turning into a company’s identity.

Joan Price works in brand and reputation management. Follow her @JoanniePrice.

The Importance Of Online Reputation Management For A Successful Business

Managing Your Online Reputation Is Critical In Protecting Your Brand

One of the most important assets that your company has it the brands. It is what connects the your company with consumers. It can be as simple as a symbol, sign, term or a phrase  with which the business enitity or person is connected. It is much more than the simplistic definition. Corporation spends years and perhaps hundreds of millions in building brands, because , the connection brings recognition and ultimately more sales. The brand is perhaps the most highly regarded intrinsic component of any business.

There is no coincidence or happenstance that makes the worlds’ top brand so valuable.

  • When computers are mentioned, the first company that comes to mind is Apple, and estimates are that the brand is valuated at more than $70 billion.
  • The Google brand which previously occupied the top position, is now in second position and is worth more than $48 billion.
  • The Microsoft brand is valued at almost $46 billion.

It is easy to see why brands are so highly regarded, because tarnishing a brand can mean a very significant drop in sales as the reputation the the company has spent years and resources to build can be damaged.

Cyberspace can be cruel. It is easy to enter, there are no gatekeepers, organized  anarchy may be an apt description, and it is easy to do good as well as bad.  Industry and commercialization remains an extremely competitive environment  Although the interpretation is more virtual or illusory than literal most of the businesses in any industry would  love to “bury the competition”

Digital communications  are here and are not going way any time soon. Communication and involvement in social media will become much more prevalent, until it is disrupted by another media. There was, and  perhaps still is reluctance by many corporations to be involved with social media, and in many circles, it is still an unproductive waste of precious company time. Understanding of the overall picture appears to shedding a new light on how pervasive the and beneficial can be as information can be literally be disseminated at the speed of light.

The competitive nature of the business world often lead responsible individuals to forgo ethics and adopt a win -at- all costs attitude.  There are no laws that protect the reputation of a company , and the truth is, however, given the high degree of anonymity at which malfeasance can be conducted, the Internet makes it easy to damage the reputation of any business.

The  salient truth is that information about almost any person or business can easily be published and spread online, and it just as easy to publish truths as well as untruth about any person business or thing.

We have entered into a new arena and  most business are not now focused on brand protection, and  are still retroactive in repairing damages after sales have been lost.

A whole new industry has recently been developed that is concerned primarily with protecting and managing reputation online.

It is an area that needs constant activity, and the key to success in managing an online reputation is to be proactive.

One of the areas that now demands constant activity is in the area of social network. Although your business may not be involved in any social networking activity, what is being said about you as an individual or about your business, whether it may be true, untrue distorted or exaggerated,  can, if left unattended, can  easily destroy the reputation that was many hard years in the making.

The web can be a cruel place, where users must remain vigilant in order to avoid personal and professional attacks. You can ask Michael B. Why he thinks reputation management is so important, and you will get a succinct and clear explanation as to how the web really is not the equalizer that is purported to be. You can join his circle at Claimbrand.com.

Managing Your Online Reputation Is Critical In Protecting Your Brand

The 5 Essentials Of Online Reputation Management

If you have a product and intend to sell it online, you have to make sure that people like your product. If you have an online business, you won’t get many customers if you don’t have a good reputation. That’s why managing your reputation is important if you want to keep your customers trust your product. More importantly, bad words are spreading like wildfire on the internet, so when people talk bad about your product, your online business might get adversely affected by it. So, here are the 5 essentials of online reputation management that will help to keep your business name clean on the internet:

1.Increasing Brand Awareness

Your brand awareness is important, and it can help you to protect your reputation online. The stronger your brand, the stronger your reputation will be. It won’t get affected by small negative feedbacks. But, if you have a weak brand, even small negative feedbacks can affect your business significantly. That’s why it is important for you to continually increase your brand awareness.

2.Keeping Good Communication

Good communication is essential to keep your customers satisfied and keep their trust toward your business. How many businesses lose their customers due to bad customer service? If you can’t treat your customers properly, they might not treat you properly. By simply keeping good communication with your customers, you are able to maintain your integrity. With strong integrity, you’ll be able to manage your reputation.

3.Aiming For Great Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a big part of online reputation management. Without it, your business simply can’t survive online. People who aren’t satisfied with your business will leave you and go to your competitors. So, it is imperative for you to aim for greater customer satisfaction in your business. The first thing that you need to do to increase your customer satisfaction is to increase the quality of your product or service.

4.Understanding More About Your Market

When you understand more about your market, you can run your business in a clear direction. Without understanding your market, you don’t know what people want from you. If you don’t know what people want from you, you’ll likely to disappoint them, not knowing about how to solve their problem. So, you have to understand more about your audience so that you can establish a strong bond of trust between your business and your customers. In this way, you can establish strong reputation online.

5.Tracking And Monitoring

When you track and monitor your online reputation using various online reputation management tools, you will be able to see what people think about your business. There are many online reputation management tools that you can use, either free or paid. The purpose of those tools is to track and monitor your online reputation so that you can fix any problem right away. For instance, when people talk bad about your product in some websites, you can go to those websites and request the content to be removed. Or, you can give the solution that will solve their problem with your product. Tracking and monitoring must be included in your online reputation management plan.

Those are the essentials of online reputation management that you need to follow. They can lead you into building a strong reputation for your business.

Kimberly R.is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on business,technology and gadgets. Beside this she is fond of photography and  books.

The 5 Essentials Of Online Reputation Management