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Top LinkedIn Keywords

According to Alexa LinkedIn is the 16th most visited website on earth. Most of the searches are for people trying to develop partnerships, find employees, jobs, vendors, customers, and internships.

So you’ve created a LinkedIn account for networking, an online resume, job searching, or to connect with potential employees. Let’s assume you’ve completed your profile 100% by LinkedIn standards. Now don’t just sit idle and wait for connections, messages, and recommendations. LinkedIn like other social networks are organically driven. By interacting with others you drive traffic to your page and this interaction can develop into meaningful business relationships.  Just like having a website you need to optimize your personal LinkedIn profile as well as your business page for searches. This ensures you are appropriately promoting you and your company online. Giving users the information they may need depending on your business goals.

Unlike SEO for Google or Yahoo!, LinkedIn optimization is much more basic. LinkedIn’s search algorithm is not very complicated because it searches only within its site and two is based mostly on job descriptions.

Keyword selection should be limited to 5-10 specific keywords relation to your job title. Use the Google Keyword Tool to find out which keywords or phrases are searched for more often.

For example you could list previous jobs.

  • Art Director
  • Art Purchaser
  • Human Resources Director

Understand that since “Art” was already mentioned that keyword is already going to be found as well as “Director”. It does not benefit you to list repetitive keywords. You will be found just the same if you used:

  • Art Director
  • Art Purchaser
  • ·         Human Resources Director

Below are the major factors involved in ranking high in LinkedIn search results:

  1. Job History: LinkedIn uses your      current and previously held job titles and descriptions. The more often      that title is repeated in different companies the higher the ranking. This      shows you’ve consistently had similar responsibilities and skills at each      company.
  2. Headline: In your headline the search engine uses this to      see if that keyword appears here as well. Again looking for continuity for      a job position.
  3. Name: If you happen to have the name “Eric Carpenter” on a personal      page and are lucky enough to be a “carpenter” by trade you will rank      extremely well when people are searching for that keyword. Though fake      names for individuals are highly discouraged and you can risk being      banned. Though having a keyword in your business page name could be      beneficial. For example “Mike Nelson Accounting” or “Kramer Photography”.
  4. Connections: Growing your connections increases the chance of reaching more      networks, groups, schools, business, or social circles with your profile.      The broader the network the more people will be able to find you in search      results.

Your highest level of education should be listed with activities and organizations. If it benefits you to be connected to high school or junior college groups go ahead and list those as well, but only if it enhances your profile and helps you reach your accounts purpose.

Create a list of past clients, companies, projects you have worked for in the past. LinkedIn does not penalize users for your typical “keyword stuffing” like with a website being crawled by Google or Yahoo! would. Basically you should name drop with your top 10 clients and projects. This expands possible keywords to be found under in the searches.

LinkedIn Strategies provides a tutorial video on optimization that is definitely worth checking out for more information.

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Eric is a online marketer and search engine optimization specialist (SEO). In his free time, Eric enjoys exercise, motorcycles, technology, and spending time with family and friends. Connect with him on Google+

Top LinkedIn Keywords

7 Reasons Why You Need to Get on Google+ Today

Google+ is a relatively new addition to the social media family. There have been mixed messages about Google’s success in its entry to social sites. No matter what experts may say, there are many benefits to adding Google+ to a company’s social media strategy.

Integration with Google Services

Many businesses use Google Docs, Google email and other Google services for their business applications. Adding Google+ will help create an easier integration between social media marketing and other business processes. While signing up for Google+ is simple compared to other social media applications, businesses that use Google Docs or other Google applications will find registering for the social site almost instantaneous.

Better Privacy Settings

Though Facebook may have been tweaking its privacy settings, many people believe that the settings on Google+ are preferable. Google+’s privacy settings are more strict and allow for better variations for what you let others to see, the information that is shared, and the levels of security for different aspects of the site.

Safer Sharing

The privacy settings extend to the information that is shared within the social media site. Google+ allows people to adjust the information that is shared with documents and photos. The information that people receive, including attachments and who they receive it from, can also be controlled with sharing settings. This allows businesses to send confidential or sensitive information to other people in their circle without worrying about the content falling into the wrong hands.

For example, if you are a pest control company who wants to share important information on how to catch a skunk, you can control who receives that information within your circle and deny access to others who shouldn’t have access to the content.

Mobile App

Many people have also stated that they prefer Google+’s mobile app to the applications from other social media sites. People say that this mobile app loads faster and works better whether the smart phone is Android-based or iOS. Not only does this help businesses to use this application remotely, it also encourages people with in their circle to communicate via Google+ more often, which will increase responses to content shared on the site.


Businesses and individuals have praised Hangouts as one of the best features of Google+. These real-time sessions enable people to share documents and videos and communicate with one another for business meetings, sales presentations, training or personal time with friends. Businesses can find many useful applications for hangouts that will help make many business processes more efficient.


The photo tools that are available on Google+ are better than those found on other social media sites. The photo tools for Google+ allow for quick upload, adjustments, resizing and other necessary applications to make the photo usable as a part of content or the photo gallery.

Trending Topics

Many social media sites allow you to search for trending topics within the site. Google+ has adjustment tools that aren’t available in other sites that allow you to tailor your search for specific topics such as for your company, keywords, market or competitors. This allows you to utilize the social media site to better understand how the market uses the site as well as how those in your circle see your company and its offerings.

There will also be other additions to Google+ that will help businesses use the site to be productive and increase return on investment. Google advertisements for Google+ and Google+Analytics are two features that will allow companies to understand their market, increase sales and determine successful strategies on Google+.

Google continues to improve its social media application. Already businesses and individuals have seen increased benefits from using Google+ to create networks and reach stakeholders. Adding Google+as a part of a social media strategy for a business will only increase its benefits as the Internet conglomerates tweaks its offerings.

With so many individuals and businesses already on Google+, a company needs to consider the impact of not using this social media site to connect with customers. The flexibility of the Google circles, the addition of Google Authorship and the ability for any Google+ member to see business page information as a part of it search engine results have already increased visibility for businesses. The ability to create a more targeted approach in networking and social media gives Google+ users a benefit that isn’t available with other social media sites.

While most social media sites say that they created their offering for individuals and not businesses, Google+ is one social media site that had clear benefits for businesses from the beginning and increased its offerings geared toward companies faster than on other social media sites. Combining Google+ with Google Docs, Gmail and Google Analytics can help a company create a holistic strategy for doing business, marketing and working with remote employees.

Adrienne is a blogger and aspiring novelist. When she’s not blogging about tech and social media, you might find her practicing her French, whipping up some recipes she found on Pinterest, or obsessing over vintage postcards and stamps.

7 Reasons Why You Need to Get on Google+ Today

Interpersonal skills | Most required to create a good social network

To interact with the people socially we need some skills which are known as Interpersonal skills. These are the set of rules applied to interact effectively with persons. Interpersonal skills play a very important role in one’s life if he wants to be succeeding in an organization. These are essential to get interacted with superiors, peers and subordinate. And they are important too to interact with people outside the organization. Interpersonal skills are set of skills which includes soft skills, communication skills etc. They all are used differently according to conditions. Sometimes we consider interpersonal skills as communication skills; however they are different as they include behaviour, habits, attitude, manners, and appearance.

As the baby born his interpersonal skills are influenced from his family, experience from friends. As we grow up its our responsibility to initiate the changes in interpersonal skills that might be required.

Dimensions in Interpersonal skills:-

In an organization people with good interpersonal skills are likely to be more creative after that those with poor. A person with good interpersonal skill is usually one who responds suitably to the needs, feelings of different people in different situation. Such person is compassionate, tactful and respect others.

Self Awareness:  This is the First and foremost step to be moved towards interpersonal skills. The more you know yourself, the better you will understand how you are perceived by others. Self awareness is something that may be learnt on one’s own, it cannot be taught.

Emotional Intelligence: This is another dimension of interpersonal skills. It is based on some premises in order to be successful we need to be able to manage our own emotions. It includes both personal and social fitness. In personal sense a person is able to assess his strengths and act with self confidence. In social aspect a person have ability to perceive and interpret with accuracy with other persons.

Self Management: This skill tells an employer whether his personality fits with the organization. It refers to skills and strategies by which individual can effectively direct his activities to achieve his objective. It includes Goal setting, Decision Making, Scheduling and self development.

Leadership style: There are various leadership styles to suit different persons. Transactional leadership is an exchange leadership between leader and follower. Transformational leadership is based more on a leader’s shifting the values. An effective leader should establish trust with followers he should clarify his objectives and motivate the followers.

Teamwork Skills: The skills or ability to work with group of people altogether is known as Teamwork skills. A  Team is composed of different people with different abilities. Teamwork creates a greater output than an individual’s by their own.

Interpersonal skills | Most required to create a good social network

12 Great Tips for Using Pinterest for Your Business in 2013

Many businesses today are turning to social media in order to better promote their products and Pinterest is one of those Medias. So, if you are interested in getting your product into the eyes of millions of people and gaining new customers for your business at the same time Pinterest is the way to go.

1. Get Connected If you really want to boost ratings or gain customers through Pinterest you should link your new Pinterest account to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

2. Put A Button On It Adding a Pinterest Pin It button will make it easier for people to follow your product line or to show off the products that they have pinned. The buttons are free to use and easy to add to any page.

3. Follow Your Followers Keeping your company in the eye of the public can be done by following those who are following your products. The next thing that you want to do is follow the big guys because they in-turn will almost always follow you back.

4. Keep It Interesting Adding material that is interesting to your Pinterest page is a great way to keep folks coming back. You can even add photos and videos to your page. You want to keep followers interested in your products never put material on your page that has nothing to do with your products.

5. Don’t Forget To Link Back Pinterest doesn’t give the option to sell your products therefore it is very important that you always link back to your own website.

6. Likes and Re-pins Visit other Pinterest pages, make comments, and be sure to follow the pages that get lots of Facebook likes, Pinterest re-pins, and Twitter Follows.

7. Picture Perfect You must have high quality photos on your page and keep all of your photos about the same size. Fuzzy or out of focus photos don’t get pinned.

8. Proper Tags Tagging photos is with words that are directly related to or describe your product correctly is how they get indexed and later found during searches. Take your time and carefully consider each tag before you enter it.

9. Help Your Virtual Neighbors Everyone needs a little help from time to time and when they get it are quite grateful. Grateful enough in fact to follow your page and recommend your products.

10. Keyword The Keys To Being Found Adding keywords to the end of you product descriptions can help people to find your products more easily.

11. Browser Bookmarklet “Pin It” Easy to install the Bookmarklet Pin It button can be added to your Internet Browser in seconds and it makes keeping up with things that you like easy to do.

12. Mind Your Manners Often referred to as etiquette minding your manners and being polite are all very important to any type of business. Another good idea is to keep a positive attitude about your followers even if you don’t agree with their comment or content.

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Ben Sawyer is an Social Media Marketing consultant for Arverne, well known real estate company from New Yowk These are some of his tips about Pinterest, based on his own experience.

12 Great Tips for Using Pinterest for Your Business in 2013

Which is the best social networking site?

Which is the best social networking site?

Today’s web world is flooded with social networking sites and social networking has been a buzzword in 2012. Everybody is looking for social networking sites whether for entertainment, business promotion, finding friends, sharing and anything which makes them happy.

No doubt 2012 has been the year of Facebook; dominating all the social networking sites but the serious question is that will it going to success to keep in top position in 2013 also?

Google+ is giving a tough competition to Facebook and gaining good popularity and whereas Twitter is as much of a social messaging platform is very much popular, Linkedin is very popular in business community and Pinterest had gathered a very good number of users in little span of time.

So the competition is tough!

From my point of view it’s depend upon person’s thinking what he or she is looking for in social networking sites and whichever sites fulfils all his/her needs is the best social networking site.

I have selected top 5 social networking from last year and created a poll to know your opinion regarding the best social networking site according to you.

Which is the best social networking site?