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Twitter-ing Your Business Into Social Media

Twitter has 500 million total users, with more than 200 million active users.

On average, 55 million tweets are tweeted per day.

8900 tweets happen every second.


Source: StatisticBrain

Twitter ing Your Business Into Social Media

Whether you own a local store or have a big brand, or even an internet-based venture, many businesses are making money thanks to Twitter.  This is because, for many people around the world Twitter is a part of their daily routine. For many it might be the first thing they do each morning before they even brush their teeth.

Interact with customers

For businesses, Twitter offers a platform through which brands can interact with their customers and find out what their target market is saying about their brand. The best part is that you don’t have to be a big brand like Nestle or Nokia to tweet your way in. Twitter is a zero cost podium from which you can talk to your customers as a person rather than as a brand with no personality. You know how traditional advertising mediums such as radio, television and print can cost your business. Try using Twitter for marketing with a price tag worth zilch!

Promote Events

Twitter is a one of the fantastic social media for promotion. If there are upcoming events specific to your industry, you can tweet with a hash tag specific to that event. You can even tweet on seasonal events like New Year’s Eve Mother’s Day, graduation and back to school and make them relevant to your business with hash tags.

Product Launch

Another interesting thing that you can do is create hype before your product launch. This builds the excitement before the product launch and will generate enough potential customers willing to buy your product. Schedule your tweets to capture interest and make sure you reply promptly to anyone who wants to know about what is coming up. You can even use a specific hash tag for your product so that more people can use it when they are conversing about you.

Mouth to Mouth

Retweet-focused contests can also be launched for greater word of mouth. These involve creating follower interest to tweet more to unlock exciting rewards. Think carefully on what would excite your audience and let them know that it is only available on this particular social media. Gain visibility through countdowns and mentioning campaign every now and then. Reveal the reward and give the winners what they deserve! You can even launch deals and discounts especially available for your Twitter followers.

Thus, this social media platform is a great way to build relationships with your customers. From there, you can get various hints about the personality of your target market and better understand their needs. These cues are very essential for the future direction of your business venture as you will be able to earn greater customer satisfaction.

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Twitter ing Your Business Into Social Media

How To Use Twitter Analytics To Improve Your Social Media Marketing

The main purpose of using twitter analytics is to determine whether your twitter marketing strategy is working for you. Analysis of the data in your twitter account can take up a lot of your time. However, it is a good way to get twitter followers and improve your marketing experience.
In order to analyze their twitter marketing strategies, most companies have taken up using twitter analytic tools. They can help you get information such as user interests, retweets, demographics, time when users are most active, etc. With this kind of information, you can easily tailor your marketing techniques to suit the needs of your users.
If you are still at the initial stages of your twitter marketing campaign, you might be wondering how to get more twitter followers. You can buy twitter followers to help give your account a significant boost that will help you draw more followers. From there, you can start using twitter analytic tools to improve your marketing strategy.
The following are some of the ways in which you can use twitter analytics to improve on your marketing strategy:
1. How far do your tweets reach
You can use twitter analytic tools to see how far your tweets travel. This is done by looking at the number of retweets in a day, how much exposure URLs to your products receive, which particular users retweet your tweets, etc. You will also have a look at information of the people that share your URLs, your mentions and the number of replies that you get in a single day. With such kind of information, you will be able to tell if your product is able to reach a wider audience.
2. Know when to tweet
Twitter is full of users from all over the world from different time zones. Since all your users cannot possibly be in the same time zone, twitter analytics will help you to know when your users are the most active in real time. If your target market is from a particular region, you can use twitter analytics to know when they are most active. This would help you time when to tweet about your products and services. This is an effective method of improving your marketing strategy because you will not be relying on other people’s studies but your own.
3. Analyze your competition
Twitter analytics can also help you to analyze your competition and see how much exposure they are getting. There is a very easy way to do this. If you are using a twitter service that uses bit.ly links such as tweetdeck, go through your timeline and find these links.
Pick out one link, add a “+” sign at the end of the link and copy paste it onto your browser. This will send you to the bit.ly statistics page of that particular URL. On this page, you will see regional analysis, clicks and even conversation history. Not only is this a good way to analyze your competitors but it is also a good way to analyze how effective your tweeter history is, as well as analyze and utilize through your competitors how to get more twitter followers.
These are just some of the ways that you can use twitter analytics to improve your marketing strategies. It is much easier to download various analysis tools which will help make your work easier. Each and every tool has information that it can draw out for you.

Roman is the CEO, owner, and head of Frozzo: Social Media Marketing agency. The agency provides the chance to buy twitter followers. He loves his profession and enjoys his time working with team. He always trains his team and informs about the latest news about social networks. His company Frozzo is one of the leading Social Media Marketing agencies.

How To Use Twitter Analytics To Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Tap Into Twitter to Build Your Small Business Presence

In a recent article on the SCORE website, small business expert Daniel Kehrer encouraged entrepreneurs to consider the benefits of Twitter that go beyond simply tweeting. “When it comes to using Twitter for business, it isn’tjustabout tweeting,” he writes. “That might seem odd to anyone who hasn’t explored the Twitter universe. But Twitter also has much to offer the non-tweeters among us — and that’s a lot of local businesses.”

Even if you only tweet occasionally, Kehrer says, you’ll reap free marketing, public relations and other business benefits in return.To validate his position that the social media channel can deliver even for non-tweeters, he offers his Top 5 Twitter benefits for small businesses:

  1. Learn by following.Kehrer believes that one of the great unheralded benefits of using Twitter is the ability to check the pulse of what’s happening in your business, profession or industry by “following” a variety of businesses and experts on Twitter. “Following thought leaders in your industry, as well as specific groups, topics, brands and even your competitors can give you an edge and provide fresh ideas for marketing and growing your business,” he advises, adding that you can identify the appropriate people or businesses to follow by using the “Who to Follow” feature available on your Twitter toolbar. Another great tool to use is Followerwonk which will help you uncover the thought leaders and influencers in your industry.
  2. Monitoring your business or brand. Even if you choose not to actively tweet, Kehrer notes that you’ll still want to know if someone tweets something about you, your business or your products and services. To do that, use the free Twitter Search function to search your business name or related terms to see if you’ve been mentioned. “You can also track what’s being said about your competitors and to check news and trends in your industry,” he says. “And you’ll certainly want to know if a customer has expressed concern about your business via Twitter.” You can also use third party tools to monitor twitter searches such as Tweekdeck and icerocket.com
  3. A Twitter profile gives your business visibility. A brief business profile on Twitter will benefit your business regardless of your tweeting prowess. Kehrer suggests that the link you include on your Twitter page can be invaluable. “Instead of putting in your main business website URL, create a special landing page on your site just for people who find you on Twitter. Use it to quickly introduce these visitors to your business and generate a lead,” he says.
  4. You can use Twitter as a prospecting tool. Use the free search and monitoring tools available on Twitter to plug into conversations and find out what kinds of questions people are asking about the products and services you offer. “When you locate people who might benefit from what you sell (because of a comment they’ve made or question they’ve asked, for example), you can look for ways to connect with them,” notes Kehrer, either via Twitter or through a website, blog or other source, depending on the information they’ve made available in their profile. This can also give business owners a wealth of insight when it comes to new content ideas for their blog or website.
  5. Twitter offers a public relations bonus.Reporters, bloggers and other media folks tend to be highly active on Twitter, so finding and following them gives you the opportunity to pitch stories about your business to them. In addition to doing a Twitter search, Kehrer offers two suggestions for tracking them down: JournalistTweets.com allows you to browse journalists on Twitter, and MuckRack.com, which bills itself as “the destination for journalists on Twitter and social media” and offers Muck Rack Daily, a free daily digest of journalism on Twitter. “Also keep an eye out for story topics that reporters and editors are working on for which you or your business might be a helpful resource,” he says. Another great idea to find journalists on twitter is to find and follow certain hashtags that journalists tend to use when requesting information for a new story.

About the Author:Beth Longware Duff writes about small business merchant services.

Tap Into Twitter to Build Your Small Business Presence

How Twitter Traffic Remains the Most Powerful Driver of Traffic to Your Site

Twitter’s Influence in Marketing

When it comes to growing your online business, expanding your reader base on your blog or generally want to drive more traffic, social media is the go-to-guy for SEO. Come to think of it, social media has been at it for a while. And I’m sure you’ll agree that when we’re talking about social media, Twitter has been on top of the heap.

Twitter’s Abilities

Twitter remains a powerful referral platform if used that way. Remember that what we’re dealing with a platform that gets175 million tweets a day,has about 500 million user accounts, and 8% of them are active every single day. Sure, it isn’t as big as Facebook, but considering how it consistently is mentioned in TV and countless other prominent platforms on the web, Twitter is a juggernaut on the web whether you like it or not.

In fact, there is so much activity going on with Twitter that businesses are now tapping into another usefulness they’ve found with it. Because at all times, its users are actively discussing topics, it’s easy to use it like a “human seismograph”. We all know that in the past, businesses spends significant amounts on surveying their target market to find their preference on products and services. This process is vital as it contributes immensely to a business’ R&D (research and development). Today, they can simply listen in to what’s trending on Twitter.

My Twitter Experiment

However, it’s understandable if you’re not convince at this point whether Twitter is still as effective as it once was. After all, Facebook and Pinterest seems to be getting all the attention lately. Don’t worry; I was also a bit curious a few weeks ago. And because of that, I set out a little experiment to tell how much impact does Twitter deliver on my marketing.

For a whole month, I held back on posting my contents on Twitter, I discontinued re-tweeting people, and I discontinued having conversations with people within my niche. During this experiment, I did not halt any marketing efforts to drive traffic from Facebook, forums and blog postings.


The data I’ve gathered from Google Analytics after the month long experiment was substantial. Although, the referral traffic I was getting directly from Twitter is measly to begin with, overall, the traffic I regularly was getting on my blog dropped. In some days, by as much as 70%.

As I look at it deeper, I’ve derived that Twitter is responsible for the bulk of Traffic I was getting. Even though it is indirectly.You see when people see our posts on Twitter, they re-tweets them, favorites, and discusses them, and our links are spread across many content. This creates back links for our blogsand from there creates many portals where unique visitors could find us.

I’m guessing that a larger part of the Twitter community has blogs of their own compared to other social networking sites. Or maybe it’s because sharing, engagement and re-tweeting is such a major aspect of Twitter. Whatever the reason is, not leveraging Twitter for online presence is a mistake no doubt.

Author Bio:-Author Bio : Sunny Popali is SEO Director at http://tempocreative.com TempoCreative is an Arizona Inbound Marketing firm that has served over 700 clients since 2001. Tempo’s team specializes in digital and internet marketing services including web design, SEO, social media and strategy.

How Twitter Traffic Remains the Most Powerful Driver of Traffic to Your Site

3 Ways to Improve Your Twitter Marketing

3 Ways to Improve Your Twitter MarketingTwitter has more than 200 million monthly active users, and it is the web’s top micro-blogging site. For that reason, businesses are making use of Twitter’s potential to promote their products and services as well as create greater awareness for their brand. Are you taking full advantage of Twitter’s impressive and growing influence? This article will highlight 3 ways to improve your Twitter marketing.

A. Balance Your Tweets

It is very important that you balance your tweets, just like how you must maintain balance in your professional and personal life. The business model you are involved with, will determine the proportion of each. Irrespective of what you publish or tweet, ensure the two are balanced. It is not a good idea to post one hundred percent personal or one hundred percent business tweets. By monitoring how your audience interacts, you can determine which one they like better. Also, you should continually fine-tune your approach as you develop. Keep this tip in mind: if you are posting business related tweets, desist from too much advertising. You should rather concentrate more on providing your followers with valuable and interesting industry related information.

B. Background and profile

Your Twitter background and your profile image are the online parallel of your business card. It is vital that you make a good initial impression. Remember the following tips:

1. Make sure your background looks professionally designed. If your background is inadequately designed, your potential followers will think your company does not have sufficient funds to create a professional background, and that is an indication that your business is not generating new business.
2. Your profile image should be a personal picture or your company’s logo. You should use a personal photo, if your objective is to reach out to your Twitter followers on a personal level.
3. Your brand should be designed in such a way that your prospective followers can understand your style and brand message right away.
4. Your design styles, colors, and logo should be consistent throughout all of your internet real estate.

C. Do your utmost to connect with the people who are following you

Do not forget that Twitter was developed on the concept of connection and interaction. Design your communication in such a manner that it will attract your target audience’s attention. This is the only way to sustain the growth your audience; after you buy Twitter followers initially.
1. Make a habit of saying thank you. Thank followers for following you and show your appreciation when they re-tweet your posts.
2. Use Informal language. Your discussions should be kept light and interesting, unless you are talking about a serious issue.
3. Respond when people talk about you in a tweet. It is highly essential that the individuals who follow you know that you actually exist and that you have interest in what they are saying.
4. Use interesting tone. Uninteresting tweets will not help your business grow. Your followers are looking for motivating content that will make it easier for them to personally connect with your business.
5. Respond to negative comments – You should react in a constructive light, whenever a prospect or client says something negative about your business. You can further enhance client appreciation by resolving the disagreement in a timely and professional manner.

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3 Ways to Improve Your Twitter Marketing