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Going Viral Just Got A Little Easier

Viral videos have the potential to take over the world, influencing everything from water cooler conversations to commentary on major websites.  What business or marketer wouldn’t want their next YouTube video to garner that kind of attention? Going viral is tough, but with up and coming video advertising service Virool, getting the video views you want just got a whole lot easier.

Virool – What Is It and How Does It Work?

Virool was founded in 2011 by CEO Alex Debelov and Vlad Gurgov. The company participated in the Y Combinator Summer 2012 program. On February 14, 2013, the company announced that it acquired $6.62 million in seed funding: The largest amount ever secured by a Y Combinator company.

The current service works much like Google AdWords, with users selecting a daily budget (starting as low as $10) with videos being published to Virool’s network of over 100 million real people. This network is built upon a series of online publishers like websites, games and mobile apps. Publishers of these videos are also rewarded monetarily by Virool for displaying the relevant content on their respective platforms.

How Virool Can Help You Go Viral

The service helps large and small businesses, filmmakers, brands, musicians, startups, nonprofits and other individuals reach a target audience with their YouTube videos. Users are able to customize their video advertising plans by selecting the appropriate sites or apps used by a target demographic.

Another advantage of Virool is its analytics platform. The service guarantees full transparency. These detailed analytics will allow users to alter and improve views and conversions based on budget and performance. It’s also important to note that each view documented is a 30-seconds-or-more video view from a real person.

Why Viral is Valuable

Viral marketing is valuable because it inspires prospective customers, fans and followers to become a part of your campaign by sharing interesting content. Sharing videos with target audiences will help increase buzz and word-of-mouth marketing for any type of product, event or promotion. Once a video catches on with the desired audience, sharing and engagement are likely to increase.

With flourishing sites and apps like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, social  impact is becoming a more effective and efficient way to communicate with target audiences. Whether you’re interested in creating a fun viral Harlem Shake video like the Dover Downs did to increase web traffic or by launching a new product through an interesting how-to video, Virool is a new advertising option to help jumpstart your next video’s virality.

Katie Elizabeth is a freelance content coordinator, blogger and communications grad student. She enjoys writing about social media, careers and technology. She’s a huge animal lover and enjoys going to concerts in her free time!

Going Viral Just Got A Little Easier

YouTube Worldwide: Conflicts Explained

With so many forms of communication streams out on the web, you begin to wonder what is next. YouTube is one of the most important websites on the internet – a place where radical thinkers can come together and end up watching videos of cats falling over. However, it is not just about cats falling over, YouTube integrates people and countries together and in the most current times it can sometimes affect us in a negative way because of a clash of religious rights, racism, gender abuse and so on. As well as the good and informative YouTube comes along conflicts on the other side and today we explain to you some of the concerns in current news.

Communication Now

YouTube Worldwide: Conflicts Explained

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One of the reasons governments across the world are scared of the internet is that it gives users unprecedented access to knowledge. Five minutes on Google and people can call up philosophical treatises, subversive works and anti-Western news reports that completely jar with the perception of the world. YouTube is just a prominent part of that: ‘TED talks’, libertarian radio shows, footage from Al-Jazeera… the amount of information at our fingertips is almost scary. But are we using this to our advantage?

Confirmation Bias (and other unfortunate things)

As anyone who has ever accessed YouTube knows, it’s far from the intellectual utopia described above. The most watched video in the history of ever is of a South Korean man pretending to ride a horse to euphoric music. Then there are the comments. YouTube comments are where good taste goes to die – racism, homophobia and hate can come crushing down at someone’s expense. It’s estimated that the amount of abuse in these comments is so vast that laying them back to back could reach the Moon and back twelve times. For all its subversive possibilities, YouTube is essentially used for hardening our prejudices rather than seeking out new information. But how does this impact people worldwide, one action of late is to shut down YouTube in specific destinations.

Shut Down

YouTube Worldwide: Conflicts Explained

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Recently the innocence of Muslims was questioned on YouTube. It triggered riots across the Muslim world, caused untold offence and contributed to our burgeoning culture of xenophobia. In light of the chaos unfolding, destinations such as Egypt and Pakistan clamped down on the perceived cause by shutting off access to YouTube. While this almost redefines the notion of shutting the stable door not only after the horse has bolted, but after it has filmed and uploaded a tasteless video to YouTube, it also caused flickers of fear across the online world. Censorship of anything, no matter how offensive is never good, and both Pakistan and Egypt took a firm approach to this.

Free Speech?

YouTube Worldwide: Conflicts Explained

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If the highest value we place is on our freedom of expression, then we can do nothing but object to Pakistan’s and Egypt’s rolling blackout. The reinstatement and second shut down of YouTube in Pakistan was an act of showing what has to be done when something rolls out of control.

Pakistan has blocked YouTube because the Tube will not remove Innocence of Muslims. This raises many questions about ethics and what is right. Many people actually protested in front of Goggle’s headquaters and it hit world news. This is not the first time there have been protests over ethics, the search-engine giant had no qualms about bowing to governmental requests to restrict site access in China – likely because China is a bigger market and an up-and-coming economic superpower, unlike Pakistan which has spent years teetering on the brink of collapse. Likewise, the vocal majority calling for Pakistan to lift the ban includes aspects of the UK government – the same government that has discussed shutting down both Twitter and Facebook in future riots (supported by over two thirds of the population). As you can see, social communication can cause riots in themselves and can be perceived in a number of ways.

At the end of the day, the YouTube ban can be seen as good and bad for a destination. Those in Pakistan who want to see the film will almost always find a way to if it is not through YouTube. But we shouldn’t assume that increased internet freedom is wholly and unequivocally a force for good; nor should we turn a blind eye to hypocrisy in an increasingly switched on world. These are just some of things that impact the way we communication worldwide, sometimes it may be easier to stick with standard forms of communication and share news on email or dial a call to spread the news. The world we live in now is forever changing, so let’s see what happens next!

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  • YouTube Worldwide: Conflicts Explained License: Creative Commons image source
  • YouTube Worldwide: Conflicts Explained License: Creative Commons image source
  • YouTube Worldwide: Conflicts Explained License: Creative Commons image source

Author: Thank you to Jenny and the dialtosave.co.uk team who brought you this article. YouTube can impact destinations in different ways as you can see, and its important to know what is happening around the world.

YouTube Worldwide: Conflicts Explained

YouTube In Your Marketing Strategy

If a company can get a large YouTube audience, YouTube can be a very cheap method of advertising. Posting customer testimonials – or even encouraging happy customers to post their own testimonials or product reviews on YouTube – can be an easy way to get positive reviews out in the open.

Show Your Product in Action

Showing customers using a product in their everyday lives can help potential customers see how the product would fit into their own lives. This is especially effective when clips are taken from news clips featuring “real people” rather than paid actors in a company-sponsored commercial, since this can feel more realistic than in a staged television commercial. Companies can post news clips they are featured in onto YouTube in order to reach a larger audience than the news did. YouTube viewers may be attracted to the fact that the company was featured by local news channels, which means more credibility points for the company.

Cool Videos, Cool Company

YouTube channels have been hugely successful for a number of marketing campaigns, including those of Quicksilver & Roxy and even Home Depot. Quicksilver attracts customers with aesthetically captivating surf footage, while Home Depot establishes itself as a go-to company for home improvement by featuring home improvement tutorials on its YouTube channel. Brands who post frequently on their channels quickly find out what does and doesn’t work for their brand. For many companies, YouTube can widen exposure to a larger array of potential customers. Companies featuring well-filmed and interesting videos attract large audiences and gain exposure to their company they otherwise might not have.

Going Viral On YouTube

Web video was the fastest-growing online advertising format in 2012. In order to set themselves apart on YouTube, companies need to be especially creative with their film. Using good cinematography and interesting material is important. Blendtec, for example, in it’s “Will It Blend?” campaign, has posted somewhat humorous YouTube videos showing their blender tackling various objects such as golf balls, soda cans, glow sticks, and iPhones. The humor and sheer uniqueness of the content is enough to attract viewers and expose them to the product. Since few people go to YouTube to watch commercials, using entertaining videos to attract customers via YouTube is a fantastic approach to online advertising.

YouTube Promotion: More Than Just Posting Your Videos

While making attractive videos is crucial to keeping your YouTube campaign alive and interesting, the last thing you should do is “post and pray;” you need a platform for your videos – meaning your goal is to get your videos into a category and get to the top of it. Remember that just as quickly as a video can become popular, it can die in popularity overnight as well, so keep promoting your videos by having popular sites feature links to company YouTube videos.

About the Author: Rick Delgado is a freelance writer who specializes in the latest social and technology trends. He is currently acting as a social media consultant for Vivint in their YouTube campaign. You can follow them on Twitter here.

YouTube In Your Marketing Strategy

Video Monitoring For Your Business Is Good But Make Sure You Know What’s Appropriate!

The use of video monitoring in business is normally necessary to reduce the chances of theft as well as to monitor your staff to make sure that they are working properly. The use of such equipment may seem very straightforward when it’s put this way. However, there are issues that you will need to consider before installing such equipment to monitor your staff. One of the most important of these is the ethics behind the use of such items.

Why you need to be careful when using video monitoring equipment

These days, it’s very easy for most people to institute litigation cases against companies when it emerges that their rights have been infringed upon. If your company becomes the victim of such cases, you may end up losing a lot of money due to the case, and also losing your credibility as a good employer.

One of the ways in which this can happen is when you install the cameras in inappropriate areas. For instance, it is not a good idea to install them in areas where your employees may need privacy, such as in the restrooms.

Other methods of preventing litigation

In addition to prudent installation of the cameras, there are other things that you will need to do in order to reduce the chances of such litigation. For instance, you can try to inform the employees that they are under video surveillance. This way, they will know that they are being watched, and that they should avoid doing things such as visiting social media sites when they are supposed to be working. In addition to that, you will also need to place someone you can trust in charge of the surveillance equipment. This usually means finding someone who will not do things such as using the footage they get from the cameras for the wrong reasons, thereby putting the privacy of the employees at risk.

In summary, the use of such technology has many benefits for many people. However, you always need to be very careful about how you use it lest you end up having a hard time with the law in future. In addition to the above, you may also need to find out more about the laws in your area to find out just how far you can go as far as the use of video surveillance of your staff is concerned. This way, you will have all your bases covered.

Video Monitoring For Your Business Is Good But Make Sure You Know Whats Appropriate!

Best Guide on How to Use YouTube for Business

Best Guide on How to Use YouTube for BusinessYouTube is the biggest video sharing site in the world. It has the most traffic and users among all video sharing sites. This fact makes YouTube as the best place for business owners to promote their businesses. There are many people publishing their promotion videos on YouTube and advertise them. This site has around 60 million unique visitors per month and most of them spend around 5 to 6 hours watching videos on YouTube each day. There are many economic experts who believe that the household incomes of those visitors are approximately from 0 to 100k dollars. It means that this is a good opportunity to advertise products through YouTube.

In this article, there is a quick guide on how to use YouTube for business effectively.

1. Target the Home Page of YouTube
One basic thing to do in order to promote videos well is by targeting YouTube’s home page. This is the only way to give the most amount of exposure in a certain period. There are many ways to make it to the YouTube’s home page. Most videos on YouTube’s homepage are relatively new. It is recommended to keep your channel updated. By keeping it updated, YouTube will be able to put new videos on their homepage easily. Another great tip to get to the YouTube’s homepage is by making a real account with massive exposure. Always try to make the profiles grow by adding some of your friends, getting some subscribers, and uploading many videos.

2. Make A Shareable Video
It is essential to make a good and shareable video before uploading it to YouTube. A good and attractive advertisement video can attract many customers who are watching YouTube videos every day. There are many brilliant advertising companies, which always upload many shareable promotion videos to this site regularly. If the videos are shareable, there will be many people who are willing to share the videos without being asked to do so. It will be the best way to share the promotion videos around the world. The sharing process looks natural, and it will boost the ranking of the videos, either in the search engine listings or on the YouTube listings.

3. Sharing Videos through Email and Social Media
Social media and email are the most powerful tool in the marketing these days. Those tools can be used to share the videos to the other people easily. Most people want to make their videos go viral with their marketing campaigns. However, only few people know how to use social media and email to attract more customers watching the videos on YouTube. Video is considered as the best media that can be shared around the world easily. It is easier to share videos than websites or blogs because everyone loves videos.

When an advertising company launches a fantastic promotional video, people would often like watching the videos. As a result, the customers will also be able to see the promoted products in the videos. Buy YouTube views to further enhance your chances of making a viral video. This is the best way to boost sales compared to the other marketing methods.

Those are basic tips on how to use YouTube for business. This tool is effective to promote a business around the world. There is no limit to where the videos can reach.

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Jerri T. Barton currently produces blog posts for getmorepromotions.com. She publishes articles relating to how businesses can increase their visibility online through social media.

Best Guide on How to Use YouTube for Business