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How to make Word Press easier?

Word Press is a famous activity for the people who are involved in the online working. Nowadays the companies and businessmen having working efforts online are using the effective sites and blogs. This is helpful to gain the essential knowledge and information as well as to identify the latest requirements and demands. In most of the cases the Word Press is ignored by the users because they don’t consider its value as it is used behind the screens.

Now doubt, the Word Press is a technology that is used behind the screens but it has a prominent role play for the promotion of the websites and blogs. You are suggested to take care of the given facts. There are numerous points and features that should be checked in order to identify the value and requirement of the Word Press for the online working.

Why the Word Press is necessary?
The Word Press is necessary for the online working because it has potential to catch the necessary applications and technologies for the online working. Nowadays, there are numerous groups and companies having the services of Word Press experts. You are also suggested to make this technology easy for the online utilization. How to make Word Press easy?

 Try the best search engine optimization services:
First of all, you are suggested to fulfill the requirements and demands of the online activities. It is very necessary to have the search engine optimization for the better online working that’s why it is recommended to gain the knowledge and information about the relationship of Word Press and search engine optimization. It happens in most of the cases that the people don’t like to deal with the Word Press because this technology works in behind so there is a concept that using this new technology is very difficult.

 Rapid Customizations should be practiced at the Start
You are also suggested to focus on the customization. The customization comes in the action when it comes to talk about the search engine optimization. The basic role of the search engine optimization is the customization of the websites and blogs so be careful when dealing with the customization of the Word Press technology. It is required to have the practices and techniques that can make the customization a fast process.
Nowadaysit is possible to maintain the learning levels and trends. Only using the helpful websites and blogs can help you to get enough knowledge and information about makingWord Press easier.

 Change the Dashboard
It is also required to have the altered dashboards. The dashboards play an important role to make the Word Press very easy for the clients and users. You have to focus on this topic by taking interest. Only the dashboard changes can’tparticipate for the effective working that’s why it is required to collaborate with the other techniques and technologies being used to make the Word Press very easy for the users.

Installing essential Plug-ins
The Word Press can be made easy and simple for the users with the help of plug-ins. The plug-ins have been developed and introduced by numerous groups so there will be no problem for you to identify the basic requirements and demands concerning to the effective utilization of the essential plug-ins.
First of all, you have to get information about the required plug-ins. After getting the necessary information about the plug-ins you have to download and install them fast. This will be helpful to make Word Press very easy.

 Use the CMS
CMS is another technology that is commonly being used for the Word Press related tasks. There are some important practices given below to make the Word Press easy for the users.
• Modify the display of admin login.
• Eliminate navigation menus.
• Eliminate dashboard panels.
• Create menus obtainable to the editors.
• Customize the dashboard panel and logos.
• Work with numerous WordPress websites by using one dashboard.
• Let the support for the child themes.

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How to make Word Press easier?

How To Build A Social Network In WordPress

With literally thousands of social networks available on the Internet today, ranging in niche from dating to automotive consultations, many webmasters are starting to see the potential of creating a social network. Unfortunately, building a social network has always involved hundreds of hours of programming and planning, making it very difficult (and expensive) to build a social networking website. However, WordPress has now made it possible to build a social networking site with relative ease by taking advantage of a little-known plugin called “Buddypress”.

Setup Hosting

Before you can even start building a social networking website with WordPress, you’ll need to set up your hosting. Hosting allows you to have your own, designated area on the Internet, where you can put anything you like and assign a domain name to it so that it is easier to find by other web users. While there are many hosting options available, ranging from free to dedicated servers, the most cost-effective and reliable type of hosting is called “shared hosting”. Look around and find the best plan for you. Once you have setup your hosting, use a domain name registrar to assign a domain name to your new website using its built-in tutorial.

Install WordPress

Once you have setup your hosting and domain name, look through your new control panel for an auto-installer. Although WordPress can be manually installed on your server, it is much easier to use an auto-installer. Once you have located the Auto-Installer, usually labeled by “Fantastico”, “Softaculous”, or “Quick Install”, find the option to install WordPress. Now fill in the blanks to choose a login name and password, while leaving the directory field blank unless you know what you’re doing. When the installation has finished, use the link it has provided along with your login name and password to login to your WordPress account.

Install Buddypress

Before anything else, go to Plugins on the left-hand side of the screen and click “Add New”. Now search for “Buddypress” and install it. Once installed, follow the Setup prompts to successfully configure Buddypress to work with your website. If Buddypress fails to create pages for you, you can do so by clicking on the Pages menu on the left-hand side of the screen and clicking “Add New”. Name the page appropriately and repeat the process as many times as you need to in order to create a page for each Buddypress component. Once installed, Buddypress will use its default theme that comes with the plugin to create a nice-looking social network for you.

Choose A Theme

If you don’t like Buddypress’s default theme, you can go to Appearance on the left-hand side of the screen, hover over Themes, and click “Add New”. This page will allow you to search for a different layout, depending on what kind of niche you’re going for. While you can technically use any theme with Buddypress, you may need to copy certain files over to your theme’s directory unless you choose a theme that is already Buddypress-compatible.

Add Content

There you have it: You now have a fully-functional social network. Now all you need to do is add content, add in other Buddypress plugins to boost the functionality of your website, and tweak individual pages. You should also go to Appearance and click on “Menus” to choose which pages you’d like to appear at the top of the page, as it will display all of your pages in the order they were created if you don’t.

Brandon is a Web Developer and a Part Time Blogger. Brandon has written this article for Peterborough Web Design, a full service website design & internet marketing company based out of Peterborough, Ontario Canada.

How To Build A Social Network In Wordpress

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Site

I have my own dedicated WordPress site and as many other Web Admins I like to keep the user experience perfect. A big issue to consider when calculating user experience is page speed and after digging and playing around with some plug-ins and changes of my own I thought I’d put it down in a list. Since Google puts a lot of value in page speed it will most likely affect your rankings.

Google Page Speed Insight

First off you need to know if your site’s speed is slow or not. Visit the following page and insert your url to determine your websites speed, https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights.

If you score above 80 you know you’ve got a decent score but if you scored anything below you’ll need to optimise your site for speed. Google is very helpful in this regard and will give you insights and examples on fixes.

Cleaning up the database

You might be sentimental over the spam comments in your comment section but they might be holding you back (emotionally and speed wise). Trash your spam comments and while you’re busy you might as well clean those drafts and pending review posts on your site. Everything that you don’t need needs to be removed from your site, every bit counts.


Plug-ins are great but if you have too many it will slow your site down. A great plug-in to use for this is the P3 Plugin checker. This handy plug-in will give you an indication of what plug-in is slowing down your site. It gives you a colour wheel with timestamps.


You’re hosting company might be bogging you down. If they’re hardware isn’t up to scratch they might be slowing down the response time when someone opens your site. Invest in a serious hosting company and get what you pay for.


Themes are a dime a dozen, and you might be reluctant to let it go but themes are sometimes coded by brilliant designers with cluttered coding in the theme. Buy PRO versions and be ensured of clean template and theme designs.

Optimise your Images

If you’re site isn’t an image heavy site you can stick to 8bit extensions but it’s recommended that you use JPEG or PNG for quality. Instead of resizing your images (the percentage slider) you should edit your dimensions which permanently resizes the image instead of keeping its original dimensions which keeps it as a large file even though it is scaled.

Some of the options we mentioned might cost you some cash, but if you’re ready to take the next step its prudent ot invest in your business/website to get above the competition.

Ruan Smit enjoys running his own WordPress site where he can test and run seo case studies. I hope you enjoyed the article!

How To Speed Up Your Wordpress Site

WordPress : The Backbone Of Small Business Websites

WordPress is the ideal software for powering new small business websites. The open source platform is capable of creating a functional and professional website with just a few hours work, and it has been developed specifically with SEO for small business in mind. Even better, it is completely free and requires very little technical knowledge to use.

A Small Budget Solution

The majority of new start-ups struggle with financial constraints and escalating expenses during the early months of business. The pricey fees of hiring a web developer can be difficult to accommodate, even for start-ups who recognise the importance of having a small business website for vital promotion and brand awareness. WordPress is an excellent solution for building websites because it costs absolutely nothing to use. The open source platform is free to install, and new start-ups with a strict budget can easily create a professional and effective website.

No Web Developers Needed!

It may seem like an obvious solution, but hiring a third-party web developer is not always the best path for new businesses. The price of hiring a professional to design and develop a website for a new business can be extortionate, and the time frame can easily snowball out of control. Most new businesses don’t know what they need, and it can take time as they try to decide exactly what they want their website to be for. The final price of paying an external web developer can be much higher than originally anticipated, so new small businesses are advised to do as much of the work themselves as possible. WordPress is easy to use and can be set up in minutes (many web hosts have WordPress pre-installed on new domains), and a WordPress powered website can act as a working prototype which new businesses can refine and change over time to suit their changing needs and requirements.

Extensions That Support Businesses

WordPress has an extensive library of plugins and themes which can be installed on any new website. Many of these extensions have been developed to improve the functionality and usability of business websites. The WP e-commerce plugin, for example, can quickly create an e-commerce shop with a shopping cart and checkout functions capable of processing transactions and payments. Typically, such features would require a professional web developer to code and integrate, but the WordPress library means that anyone can create a fully operating business website from scratch.

Easy To Add New Content

At its core, WordPress is a blogging platform. This means that it was developed to easily support the composing and publishing of new content without authors having to worry about coding in HTML or following style guidelines. Although the capabilities of WordPress have grown substantially as its plugin library has developed over the years, it is still one of the most efficient content management systems available. This means that small business websites can easily add new content whenever they want, and the simplicity of the WordPress interface means that the running of the website doesn’t have to be left in the hands of a pricey web developer or the most technical minded employee. Anyone familiar with a word processing GUI will be able to update their business website from a computer or mobile device with just a few clicks.

SEO Friendly

WordPress is the ideal solution for SEO for small business. The architecture of the content management system has been optimised so that new websites are easily found by search engine crawlers and trackers. Key SEO principles, like image optimisation, meta tags and page descriptions, are all easily maintained and edited using WordPress. There are also many plugins available that can greatly improve the SEO capabilities of small business websites powered by WordPress.

New start-ups eager to make an impression with their business website will benefit from the features offered by WordPress. The content management system is an excellent tool for new start-ups, and it can serve as an effective stepping stone until the business is successful enough to hire professional web developers and SEO experts who can improve and expand their website.

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Ross Davies is an expert in small business websites and writes about web design, SEO and CMS systems.

WordPress : The Backbone Of Small Business Websites

Must Use WordPress Plugins for Every Blogger

Running a successful blog isn’t easy, but thanks to WordPress plugins the job can be made a lot easier.

Since WordPress is the number one solution for building web sites and blogs, it would only make sense that they have thousands of free and premium plugins for site owners to use to improve the management and use of their web sites.

You can find all of these plugins by going to Google and searching for “WordPress Plugins”. This will send you to the main WordPress plugin directory where you can download as many plugins as you like. You can also install plugins right through the dashboard of WordPress when you are logged in.

As mentioned, there are thousands of plugins out there for you to choose from, so how are you supposed to know which are best?

We have featured some of the top free plugins before for you to try out on your blog.

Contact Form Plugin

Everyone can use a good contact form on their site, but the complexities of creating a form and programming it can be quite a hassle. Thankfully the contact form plugin easily creates one for you. All you need to do is install the plugin and add a simple line of code to any page you would like the form to appear.

Shareaholic Social Plugin

With over a billion users on Facebook and another few hundred million on Google+ and Twitter, it would be a shame not take advantage of social sharing. Now you can easily add social sharing buttons to your site with a simple click and addition of the Shareholic social plugin for your blog.

Related Posts Plugin

Whenever visitors on your blog are finished reading content on your site, they are usually left with no where else to go but to leave the site. Using the related posts plugin you can show your visitors more content that is related to what they just read. This is a great plugin for letting readers know about other great content on your site and increasing your overall page views.

These are just a few of the top free wordpress plugins out there that you could be using on your blog. Be sure to visit the WordPress plugin directory and see what plugins will fit in best with your site, or you can click here for a recommended list of top plugins.

Must Use Wordpress Plugins for Every Blogger