Create a Website without HTML/CSS Knowledge

Are you looking to create a website for your company or business, or to advertise products or services you sell? Nowadays there is absolutely no need to be a master of HTML or CSS in order to build a cute and attractive website. With the help of website builders, such as Jimdo, you can gain access to your very own website within several minutes, have it for free and customize almost however you want. If that sounds like something that can work for your business, then keep on reading as we will give you a step-by-step instruction as to how to create your website with a free website builder.

1. Make good choices. Making the right choice as to which website builder to use is somewhat important for your business. Since website builder’s servers will be the ones providing hosting services for your website, you may want to choose the one that has almost no complaints for downtime. To do that, just search the website builder’s name with Bing or any other search engine of your choice and all complaints (if there are any) will pop up for you to read.

2. ‘Free cheese’ principle. Surely no one actually works for free and everyone charges money for services they provide. So do website builders. When they say that you can build your website for free, it means that you can build up your website for free. But there is one ‘but’. First of all, you will have some advertising placed on your website that you will be able to get rid of only if you upgrade to paid subscription. Secondly, you will not be able to have your customized domain name and it will look like before you will pay for the services and be able to remove website builder’s name from your domain. For this reason if you are planning to run something serious on your website, want you or not, you will have to purchase subscription to get full access to services for your website and remove annoying ads. Thus you need to compare several website builders and choose the right one that suits what your wallet can afford and your needs.

3. Building process. When you have signed up for an account at your chosen website builder, you can proceed to your webpage and start building it. Usually it will be a little bit inconvenient and unusual to sort everything out as you are new to this. Thus it is also recommended that you choose website builders with the most intuitively understandable interface. Though you will be able to tackle even the most complicated platform within a couple of days if you really have passion to creating your website. By the way, there may be additional services for you to consider. For example, Jimdo supports their own shopping cart if you are looking to build an online-store on a website builder. It is easy to use and supports such payment options as PayPal, checks and bank transfers. You may want to ask their customer support to help you add some more options like Payza or Skrill if you wish.

Nothing hard huh? We told you it was easy plus no technical knowledge of different programming languages is required. Cheap, fast and convenient.

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Create a Website without HTML/CSS Knowledge