Most of the people would agree that plug-ins are a great part of WordPress but there are certain things that we overlook in our eagerness to get all the plug-ins that we want. Although plug-ins are helpful, but they also hinder the instant loading time of a page. Due to this reason, people are advised to only add those plug-ins which they require instead of loading extra plug-ins that are of no use.

To actually measure the time that is consumed by each plug-in to load, people must add one plug-in at a time and get an idea. However, there are various users who have been able to identify which plug-ins are more troublesome than being a blessing. There is even a software available on the market that can help people with plug-in time measurement. Most users keep on adding plug-ins without paying attention to other details, and because of which they suffer later. Having said that, one must always read all the details before actually installing any plug-in at all.

  • Plug-ins work all the time: Even when we are not using them some plug-ins keep on updating or backing up their data which is bound to mess up the speed as the process is long. Also there is a lot of data in a plug-in but not enough memory which makes it more of a burden on a web page. There is a lot of information available and it is not possible for a user to view every single bit. So, the less these plug-ins are installed, the lesser would you be facing an updating issue.
  • Risks: Slow speed is not the only problem as plug-ins can damage the website as well. There are chances of viruses to affect your site and it may also be removed by the hosting provider which is likely to become troublesome for the user. It is better to be safe than to fret over spilt milk. Therefore, instead of stuffing your page with plug-ins, it is advisable that you use only the ones that you really require.
  • Plug-in Performance Profiler: This is a tool which is very helpful for people who want to determine which plug-in is the one that takes the maximum time to load. By using this tool we can easily decide on the ones that need to be retained and vice versa.
  • Don’t Over Crowd: if you believe that a plug-in is needed or something that a reader might want on WordPress, only then add it. Otherwise you will be damaging your web site which will land you in further trouble.
  • Disable or Don’t: Even if you disable your plug-ins, they will still consume time because when the site starts to load it automatically runs a check for the latest plug-in updates. This rule unfortunately also applies to the disabled ones, though not a lot of time is spent on them but still removing them completely is a better option instead of disabling them, especially when you know that it will save you a lot of time, hassle and energy.

If you follow these, you will get rid of your browser taking ages to load. If you have a website on WordPress, try getting help from a freelance SEO consultant to get better results. Happy browsing!

Does Your WordPress Plug in Affect Your Page Loading Time?