Some people love it, some people hate it, but in the world of online social media, there is probably no site more famous than Facebook. Made popular back in 2004, this social networking site has become a way of life for many people today. The problem that has arisen since the birth of this site is the amount of time people have begun spending doing nothing but sitting in front of their computer screens. On average, a person will spend anywhere between eight to ten hours a month on this website. There are, of course, those who spend much more and those who spend much less time here; however, the overall consensus seems to be that Facebook is a majorly time consuming medium. However, what is this website really doing for people? Has it created a society of lazy, antisocial individuals or is it opening new doors for interaction and long distance friendships? Arguments could easily be made to support either side.

The Blessing

In the beginning, the founders of Facebook intended for it to be a way to reconnect with old family and friends as well as make some new ones along the way. They wanted to make a place where people who lived hundreds, even thousands, of miles away could connect, chat, see pictures, and keep each other updated on life. As far as this goal goes, many would argue that Facebook is a huge success. With over one billion active users, it is the largest social networking site today.

People are easily able to log into their accounts, search a name, and then find a long lost friend whom they haven’t seen in years. The ability to do something like that so easily is just mind-boggling. Before the age of technology, people would be lucky to ever reconnect with someone they knew as a child; but, today, it is almost an expectation to be able to keep up with the same individuals for years on end, no matter where they live. It’s really quite amazing what one site like this has accomplished for the world of long distance friendships and keeping up with relatives.

The Curse

Unfortunately, there is also a downside to Facebook. While the original intentions of the founders were great, these intentions have not remained unsullied. Facebook was not created as a way to play all sorts of online games and waste hours upon hours each day sitting around being lazy. However, that is almost what it has become nowadays. People have become obsessed with Farmville and other popular Facebook games that are honestly quite pointless. Individuals get caught up in their own little virtual worlds and forget that they have a real life to live off the computer.

This is very sad because this great social site was not supposed to turn into a method for people to become antisocial recluses who sit and play games all day long. In fact, Facebook is even being blamed for the increase in unhealthy and overweight individuals because of how much time these people spend online. Though this may be part of the problem, there are certainly many more underlying factors that have contributed to the overall fall of America’s health.

A Fine Line

It is very tough to pick a side when it comes to whether Facebook is a blessing or a curse. It really depends on the person using it and how he or she chooses to do so. There is a fine line between keeping Facebook the social site it was intended to be and turning into an escape from the outside world.

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Facebook: A Blessing Or A Curse