To every business men or women that are using android phones this applications are simply designed for your use wherever you may be in the world. As business man or woman today you need one thing and that is technology, whatever you may be either young or old you need technology.

The age we are today is the age of technology and because of this in our daily lives we need technology updated  applications and other tech gadgets in whatever we do, whether you are  in schools, companies, home, office, travelling and places you may find yourself.

The time we find ourselves is time of advanced technology, everyday great investors unveils great technologies that are designed to meet the need of different people all around the world. If you are among those that travel from place to place because of your business then you need these following android apps for easy and stress free business.

Android Phones have been designed for you as a business traveller and online business men and women with amazing applications to ease your job and business journey.

There are different companies producing powerful and advanced technologies from time to time but when it comes to technology’s company with a good production qualities and customer appreciation no other name will be first mentioned than Android because of its stylish and good qualities products with reliability and great performance especially for you as a business man or woman.

This article list out the best android applications you can ever come across for business travels, I will liked to discuss very well on this android applications that are latest for any business.

The apps I will like to talk about here are the best applications for your business and travelling without stress and they are  easy to use applications for business men or women either a starter or a professional.

Many Business men and women are having difficulties in the travelling and business due to circumstances that are not supposed to exist in the first place but which happened as a result of the silly mistakes of the airports and airline services that the business men or women are using.

These have brought loss to many business men and women and make it very uncomfortable for them to make their business trips when they like. Many business men and women have disappointed their clients in the pasts because they miss their flights.

But the following listed applications for android has come as a solution to any problem arising to your business as business man or woman.

BOX.NET: This is a application is a rescue tool, this application will help you to utilize your time when it seems like you don’t have enough time to use. If you have this app on your android you don’t need to panic all you need to do is to go to this app on your phone and the problem will be solved for you.

SQUARE:  This application is a very nice application mainly designed for business men and women all around the world. This application will let you accept credit card payments with your android phone. This application is all you need for easy payments for your business through credit card without stress or wasting of time you will be able to accept your payments on your credit cards.

FLIGHT VIEW TRACKER: This is a must to have application for any business flyer. If you are among those that travels frequently for business purposes this application is for you. This app gives you real-time status updates on your flights and also comes with alerts when something changes. It also has a widget which lets you see the alerts information on your phone homescreen.

PARCELS APP: This application is the last application I will like to discuss about here, this app is the best app for your business transaction from your smartphones. This application will track all of your shipments. This applications supports program like FedEx, UPS, U.S. Postal Service, DHL, and other mailing services. It can track continuously in the background with the option to activate notifications whenever a package’s status changes.

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Four Useful Android Apps For Business Travellers