In the early days of personal computing, the desktop PC was “it”. And for a good long while, it seemed like the only way that personal computing technology was going to continue to improve was in the areas of processing speed and storage capacity. Then along came the wireless revolution with laptops, smart phones and tablets, and suddenly the rules changed. Nothing has been the same since then.

These days, mobile devices are not only selling better than desktop computers, if the trend continues then Internet usage by desktop devices will be left in the dust by Internet usage off of mobile devices. Soon, the only thing associated with “dust” will be personal computers, who will be gathering it.

Keeping Up With The Joneses, The Smiths, The O’Malleys, etc.
If you want to stay competitive, then you have to embrace the latest and greatest innovations because you just know that your competitors are doing so. In today’s cut-throat business world, it’s “adapt or perish”. Mobile access is the Next Big Thing. You need to join in.

Just like how everyone and their grandmother have a blog, your business not only needs one, but it needs to have the flexibility to be accessed by a vast array of Internet devices. That’s what your competitors are doing; not only creating blogs, but also Facebook pages, tweets, etc.  Your business blog needs to be accessible to not only desktop PCs (and Macs), but also smart phones, laptops, tablets, and who knows what else.

Google Gives Mobility The Thumps Up
Google is the most popular search engine out there, and it endorses the concept of a mobile responsive blog. That’s because a blog only requires one URL and HTML code if it’s mobile responsive. Suffice to say, if the people who wrote the book on Internet search like it, then maybe that’s worth taking note of.

Mobile Yes, But Standing Still…
Just because people’s web access is mobile doesn’t mean that those people are actually going anywhere. How much time is spent in line, or sitting around waiting for the bus, or train, or taxi? And what do people do? They turn to their mobile device to kill some time while waiting.

This is a captive audience, and you need to take advantage of this by giving them a good web experience. They’re bored. They want to be entertained and informed…mostly entertained.  But an entertaining mobile website and giving your business an online presence are not mutually exclusive.

While you’re at it, after you entertain the bored masses, drive them to the e-commerce section of your site and tempt them with some awesome goods and services. If your company can process mobile payments, then a mutually beneficial situation exists. The customers are entertained, happy, and open to spending some money and your company’s profits increase as a result.

Customers Want It
Your customers want to know that they can access your blog securely and easily, no matter what device they’re using to connect. The easier you make the experience, the more amenable potential customers are to spending some money. And you can bet that if they’re having a good time, they’ll tell all of their friends. Free advertising!

It’s Simple and Cost-Effective
What’s cheaper and easier; creating and maintaining one site, or multiple sites? If you have one mobile responsive blog that can be accessed by all devices instead of multiple blogs each dedicated to a particular platform or device, then you save money and resources.

The people want it, it’s easier on your business, Google likes it, and your competitors are doing it. What are you waiting for?

Byline: JT is a freelance writer who still pines for his Apple IIc.

Go Mobile or Go Home