Viral videos have the potential to take over the world, influencing everything from water cooler conversations to commentary on major websites.  What business or marketer wouldn’t want their next YouTube video to garner that kind of attention? Going viral is tough, but with up and coming video advertising service Virool, getting the video views you want just got a whole lot easier.

Virool – What Is It and How Does It Work?

Virool was founded in 2011 by CEO Alex Debelov and Vlad Gurgov. The company participated in the Y Combinator Summer 2012 program. On February 14, 2013, the company announced that it acquired $6.62 million in seed funding: The largest amount ever secured by a Y Combinator company.

The current service works much like Google AdWords, with users selecting a daily budget (starting as low as $10) with videos being published to Virool’s network of over 100 million real people. This network is built upon a series of online publishers like websites, games and mobile apps. Publishers of these videos are also rewarded monetarily by Virool for displaying the relevant content on their respective platforms.

How Virool Can Help You Go Viral

The service helps large and small businesses, filmmakers, brands, musicians, startups, nonprofits and other individuals reach a target audience with their YouTube videos. Users are able to customize their video advertising plans by selecting the appropriate sites or apps used by a target demographic.

Another advantage of Virool is its analytics platform. The service guarantees full transparency. These detailed analytics will allow users to alter and improve views and conversions based on budget and performance. It’s also important to note that each view documented is a 30-seconds-or-more video view from a real person.

Why Viral is Valuable

Viral marketing is valuable because it inspires prospective customers, fans and followers to become a part of your campaign by sharing interesting content. Sharing videos with target audiences will help increase buzz and word-of-mouth marketing for any type of product, event or promotion. Once a video catches on with the desired audience, sharing and engagement are likely to increase.

With flourishing sites and apps like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, social  impact is becoming a more effective and efficient way to communicate with target audiences. Whether you’re interested in creating a fun viral Harlem Shake video like the Dover Downs did to increase web traffic or by launching a new product through an interesting how-to video, Virool is a new advertising option to help jumpstart your next video’s virality.

Katie Elizabeth is a freelance content coordinator, blogger and communications grad student. She enjoys writing about social media, careers and technology. She’s a huge animal lover and enjoys going to concerts in her free time!

Going Viral Just Got A Little Easier