Long gone are the days when “advertising” meant a single poster on the public bus or a 30 sec video that interrupts your favourite TV show.  With marketing companies becoming more creative and the onslaught of internet marketing becoming more pervasive, it’s no surprise that advertisements would become somewhat “smarter” too.

That’s the thinking behind a new concept released by AdWords this week.  Google is now offering Enhanced Campaigns.  With so many people switching between several devices throughout the day (PC, laptop, smartphone, etc.), Google has identified the need to customize the ad consumption experience.  The company recently conducted a study of consumer behaviour.  It found that 90% move sequentially between several screens to accomplish a task.

For example, let’s assume that Sally the receptionist is asked to order a pizza at a local eatery for an employee lunch meeting of 20 people.  Sally heads to Google on her desktop to look up the joint’s phone number and perhaps see if there is an online ordering service available.  Based on Sally’s search terms, Google’s Enhanced Campaigns will most likely send her to the eatery’s main website and she can go from there.  Fast forward 12 hours later that same day.  Johnny has just spent a night out on the town and is heading back to his apartment with some friends.  He’s sitting in a cab looking for pizza delivery options on his smartphone.  After entering some search terms in Google, he is sent to the same pizza joint that Sally ordered from earlier that same day.  But this time, Johnny is directed to the restaurant’s mobile site.  It highlights a night-time pizza special and also includes a “clickable” phone number for quick dialling.  This is just one example of Enhanced Campaigns at work.  Two people, two different scenarios – thus the need for two customized campaigns.

Here are some key features of this new product:

1)  Powerful marketing tools for the multi-device world

Google believes that people want search results that are relevant for the context they are in – on the device of their choice.  Enhanced Campaigns help you better manage your creative concepts and budgets for this multi-device world.

2)  Smarter ads optimized for varying user contexts

As illustrated with Sally and Johnny above, different people may be looking for different things depending on the scenario they are currently in.  Enhanced Campaigns let businesses show several versions of the same ad across multiple devices with tweaked features.

3)  Advanced reports to measure new conversion types

If you want to know if this new advertising product is working for your business, Google provides measurable data through its AdWords reports.  Everything from number of clicks, calls and downloads is laid out for you in a spreadsheet.

A short visual explanation of how Enhanced Campaigns work can be found below:


Who knew advertising could get so “smart?”

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Google AdWords Releases Enhanced Campaigns