The way businesses now reach a more targeted and broader audience is different than it was several months ago. Before, small businesses and individuals would use article marketing for expanding their brand and getting the word out on the web about their service or product. Now that Google has changed their algorithms, more people are finding article marketing more of a hassle. Because of this many are now more in favor of guest blogging as a means for marketing their business. Guest blogging is a legitimate and white-hat SEO strategy that anyone can use if they possess motivation.

While the algorithm changes don’t mean that you won’t still be successful with article marketing, it does mean that you might have a longer waiting period to achieve your desired results. After the algorithm changes it’s apparent that quality should be the main focus. Because it was so easy for spammers to take duplicate or poorly spun content and publish it on the web, it became harder for reputable and authoritative sites to rank above them.

So is article marketing still effective? Quality, white-hat article marketing is, yes. Poor content used for article marketing is not. In order for your articles to rank they need to have unique anchor text. Each one of them. Otherwise Google picks up on this identical text and you lose authority. Also, submitting articles to reputable websites in addition to only a few article directories can help your rank. Many people view articles found in article directories to be of less quality. Getting your content published on an authoritative site that has a high following is very important for successful article marketing.

 What about guest blogging? Is it better than article marketing? Guest blogging comes with many more benefits than article marketing. Including building long-lasting relationships with others whom you’ve guest posted for. You also reap the benefit of reaching a wider, and targeted, audience. The readers are looking for information related to what you’re providing and will most likely visit your site after your guest post. It’s a great way to build credibility and portray that you are an expert in your niche and not spinning content to get more traffic.

Guest blogging for just a couple reputable sites may provide better results than article marketing alone. You’re reaching out to blogs that already have a good page rank, following, authoritative presence, etc. You are simply contributing a piece to showcase your blog, or provide information on a topic in your niche, to their readers. Once they’ve read your post, they visit your blog or website and determine from there if they’re interested in what you have to offer.

This said, both methods can be effective if done the right way. If you’re using guest blogging to promote your business it’s important that your website or blog be 100% complete and optimized for a user-friendly experience. You don’t want to spread the word about your business only to have a visitor visit your website and be disappointed with what they find. (Your guest post was better quality than your own site, etc.)
If you’ve only tried one of the above methods, consider incorporating the other into your marketing mix. It really depends on what you plan or hope to accomplish with your marketing efforts as well as what your schedule/budget allows for. Both of these methods can be used in a “free” fashion but sometimes forking a small fortune over may provide better results.

If you choose to use article marketing and prefer directories, try to select the most popular two or three only. Stick to submitting all of your articles to these particular sites instead of every site you can find. Keeping your content’s quality reputation in check is important so adding the same article to a variety of places across the web could have detrimental effects.

Should you choose guest blogging for your marketing method, try to select blogs with a good page rank and provide only quality, unique content. Your article reflects on you and the host publishing your post. Keep this in mind when contacting prospective blog owners and while drafting your submissions.

Written by Frederick, guest blogger and article writer who knows how to make a website

Guest Blogging And Article Marketing: Whats Better?