How Are PPC And SEO Connected?

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PPC is a paid ad listing that appears in search results and uses a portion of a company’s advertising budget each time it is clicked.

SEO is the optimisation of websites to attract searchers through organic listings i.e. anything other than the paid listings. This depends on many things set out by search engine algorithms including design and content quality, adherence to search engine rules and trustworthy linking.

Lots of companies are unaware that to truly succeed online, combining PPC and SEO is a pretty big must. PPC takes care of making you visible in search results nice and quickly, whereas SEO builds up a trustworthy and organic page ranking over time. This means they can work together to keep traffic flowing.

Some Great Reasons To Connect PPC And SEO In Your Advertising Strategy:

1) Any SEO campaign is at the mercy of search engines, as the rules by which your site is judged can change at any time and remain a closely guarded secret. Planning a PPC campaign ensures that your site will be well represented in search results whether it has recently gone live or you’re adapting your SEO after a search engine update.

2) PPC is completely dictated by your budget and can be changed regularly according to the results you’re seeing. So it’s the perfect companion for a long-term plan with an SEO agency and gives you the comfort that you have an ad-based safety net should anything go wrong with the SEO.

3) Starting a PPC campaign gives you a good knowledge of how keyword targets work for SEO. Any keyword that you find working really well for your PPC campaign is probably worth optimising your site for to help with organic results.

4) The company providing your SEO services is likely to have a PPC department who can liaise with your SEO manager. This way the two campaigns can work together to get you more traffic and a great conversion rate.

5) SEO isn’t a quick win. You have to think months in advance if you want to capitalise on your seasonality. But with PPC, you can set specific campaigns to bolster your keyphrases during a season on the day it starts – letting you focus on producing great content for your site’s SEO. You can even run campaigns targeted at tablets and mobile devices. And if something stops working? No problem, just change the campaign. These quick wins and fixes really help reinforce a strong, long term SEO plan.

Going for a combination may sound like two ways to spend money on the same thing and for the same goal, but you have a choice where to allocate your budget: try a few things out and see what the response is. You can always spend more or less on the next campaign.

Have you got any tips for making PPC and SEO work for you? We’d love to hear them so leave us a comment.

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How Are PPC And SEO Connected?