In the early days of blogging, it didn’t take much work to get a blog launched, articles written and an audience flowing and engaging. The novelty was such that if you happened to get in on the ground floor, you could own a blog that was head and shoulders above the rest.

Over the intervening years, blogging became popularized as sites such as Technorati tracked the genre and tens of thousands of splogs were added to the mix. Soon enough, the legitimate blogs were being crowded out by the junk until Google decided to take matters into its own hands and penalized the naughty players.

Today, building and sustaining a credible blog is still possible, despite the rise of corporate-driven sites and professional bloggers. If you want to build a credible blog you need to keep in mind several matters including your audience.

Be truthful. Let’s face it: there is so much garbage online that it is passed off as fact. Half truths, spurious information and outright false information seems to dominate the web. Have no part in such unethical practices and you will gain a reputation as a blogger that places value and work on getting the story right.

Be consistent. Credible blogs are updated with regularity and such bloggers adhere to an editorial calendar to produce interesting and engaging content. This may mean sourcing articles from guest bloggers weeks or months in advance, scheduling interviews with industry leaders and gauging what material gets read and what does not.

Be engaging. No credible blog is built that way apart from active engagement with your readers. This means making it easy for people to leave comments and rewarding them with link love. It goes beyond that too — you interview some of your more avid and influential readers, allowing them to share your platform. The term “a rising tide lifts all boats” is appropriate here and that should be the modus operandi for your blog.

Be social. Beyond your own site, you need to take what you do elsewhere. This means being active on social media including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus. Get the word out and share good stuff from other bloggers. Work offline too by holding seminars, classes and outreaches to advance your brand. Team up with other influencers too.

Be daring. Too many bloggers play it safe, avoiding taking risks that can set them apart from the blogging pack. To advance your credibility, you need to concentrate on several “outside of the box” methods for advancing your blog. These include YouTube videos, contests, offering provocative commentary and finding other ways to stand apart. You need to know your subject well and be passionate about it. Your credibility is also tied to your blogging authority, so protect the two to offer a blog that truly shines.

Blog Credibility

A credible blog isn’t something that happens over night, rather it is a process that takes time and needs to be built carefully. This also means spending ample time learning about your site’s impact and finding ways to expand your influence. Ideally, you will personally be viewed as an authority in your niche, a go-to person that traditional and new media will go to when advice or a source is needed.

Keep in mind that your credibility is something that you must work diligently to preserve and can just as easily quickly collapse if you do not guard it. This means being watchful over your guest contributors, and insisting that they hold to the same standards as you. Use style sheets, blogging guidelines and article recommendations to ensure that the contributed work shines just as brightly as what you write.

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How To Build A Credible Blog