Link building takes a lot of time and can be a headache, but unfortunately it’s not something you can skip because it’s necessary if you want a high ranking in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Some people take the easy way out and purchase links to their site from link farms. The problem is that Google and other search engines have caught on to this and will penalize these links. The latest Panda and Penguin Updates that Google slapped on the SEO world weeded out many of the most popular link farms and along with them, the sites that purchased links from them. Successful white hat linkbait campaigns involve one thing: interesting content that will catch people’s attention. You want content that people want to link to. Most of the sites that were weeded out with last year’s Google Updates had spammy website content and didn’t add value with interesting, engaging information.

Offering quality content is easier said than done. If you’re working on building links through white hat content creation techniques and are getting frustrated with your slow progress, here are some tips that will help you with your link building campaigns.

• Make your site look professional and trustworthy. You need to have no spelling or grammatical mistakes, an About Us page that talks a bit about your qualifications, and a privacy/information security policy.

• If you’re looking to place articles on blogs, there are many ways to determine if they are a Splog Blog or not (or a blog that you will want to avoid). Avoid the blog if you see multiple anchor text links going to different pages or even to the same page multiple times. Obviously you want a blog that posts high-quality content with graphics in each article. Make sure the comments are turned on and that they don’t advertise ANYWHERE that they sell links on the website. If the blog is in English, the content should read as if a native English speaker wrote it. These are some things to consider when looking for a blog to post your content pieces.

• Write and syndicate professional articles and press releases to other websites, especially ones that publish articles in your industry.

• Join local programs and groups that will add your business to their site. For example, your local chamber of commerce or an organization that promotes local businesses over chain stores.

• Submit your products to review sites. A good review not only gets you a link, it gets you free publicity.

Link building can be tedious, but don’t give in to the urge to buy links. There are plenty of white hat ways to build links for your site and Google will applaud you for it!

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How To Build Links Without Simply Purchasing Them