An explainer video is essentially created to help a consumer understand more lucidly about your product or service. So, it’s only natural that you choose the right style for it, so that the consumer can think about your brand when they are watching it.


In order to zone in on the right style, you have to think carefully about what you want to convey out there to your potential customers. The thing to remember is that your explainer video has to be an extension of your brand. It is far more effective than a mere business card, and should therefore be created only after a lot of deliberation. So, take your time well to chose the perfect style.


After you have chosen the right style for your explainer video, what you are going to get is a video that will improve user understanding, conversion rates and reduce customer support queries. All the more reason to hone in on the perfect style for your explainer video, right?


Well then, let’s get down to it and see exactly which style to choose for the explainer video you have in mind. Let’s do this in style!


10 best styles to choose from for your explainer video


  • #1. Animated infographics. This style is one of the more popular styles. It is mainly composed of text, illustrations, numbers, statistics and icons that are in constant motion. When you are presenting factual information, it’s good to use this style. These are great for companies like those in the realm of finance, who are looking to explain some rather complex products or services to their customers. Using graphic elements keep the viewer engaged and help you to score those brownie points where it comes to better explaining your product to your end customers.
  • #2. Cartoons. Probably the first word that crops in your mind when you hear the word animation, right? Well, for good reason! Cartoons have entertained many people for years and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t do the same in the world of business. They are the most detailed animation style and are great at expressing emotions and paying greater attention to details. They are highly recommended for B2C (business to community companies) as they help forge direct connections with consumers. These are great to create a feel good effect as well as to explain your product succinctly to the audience out there.


  • #3. Typography. In essence this is animation, but the underlying effect is that of a play with text. This involves combining text with the right fonts, colors, music and graphics. Using typography is a great way to invoke emotions, elucidate important points and goad your audience to take action. This style typically works best in videos that tell a story, as using the right words at the right time can certainly create a big impact on your audience. That’s what makes an ordinary story into a virtual bestseller!


  • #4. Whiteboard. This style is pretty effective to use when you are looking to explain rather complex topics in simple terms. The essence of this style is the use of animation in only black and white using simple text and illustrations. That also means that it is easy to make and effective to explain complex topics in a very simple manner, using this style of animation. Also, the viewer is watching things unfold in real time, which gives a feeling of transparency and also a sense of mystery – people are eager to know what happens next!


  • #5. Motion graphics. This one focuses less on emotions and characters, but more on small details that you will probably not ever see in the real world. In a sense, they are similar to whiteboard animation but they are far more colorful and therefore a lot more attractive. You get a vast array of possibilities here, through the use of various shapes, icons, colors, and animation effects. These are really good for explaining complex ideas using graphical elements. There is really no limit to what you can explain using motion graphics. The thing is, if you can imagine it you can showcase it!


  • #6. Screencasts. These are best suited where it comes to providing instructions, because they can show the audience specific steps on how to use a product with the actual images taken from the same. These are great for brands that rely heavily on technology and have detailed instructions – like where it comes to displaying new apps. They are also good in the cases of products that need to be assembled or modified. Although not quite as engaging as the other animation styles, this style usually works out to be the cheapest.


  • #7. Stop motion animation – this one can take on a number of forms – be it cut outs, drawings, puppets It might give the impression of being not all that high-tech, but it can really get the attention of people out there if used well. This one is created by taking a scene, a picture, then moving an element and moving on to another picture until you have captured the entire process that you wish to have explained. The only drawback of this form of animation is the fact that it tends to be a little more time consuming.


  • #8. E-sketch. The e-sketch explainer videos have essentially simpler characters that are attractive because of their cute sketchy This style of animation is great where it comes to making explainer videos for simple products that have a vast competition out there. This is because, since the products are already popular, you really wish to create a video in a different way – one that will make you stand out as far as the rest of the competition is concerned, even though it might be primordially simple.


  • #9. #3-D animation. While 2D animation can be very effective, you might wish to go in for 3-D animation if the topic you are trying to explain is especially difficult. With the addition of the third dimension in your animation, you can go a long way in making something very complex, simple. This is especially great if you are looking to combine data from multiple infographics, into a whole that is engaging and appealing to your target audience. It probably will not work as well, though, in the case of telling a story – best to leave it to explaining the factual.


  • #10. Live action. This is one of the most effective ways to get your message across in a fun manner. What customers really love is to see the people behind your product. That will actually help them develop a sense of trust in your brand that will be vital to those conversions later on. Another great benefit of using that live video is the fact that it is so easy to create. In fact, you could set up your camera in the morning and have that video of yours rolling by the end of the afternoon. You can use these videos most effectively where it comes to conveying things that are of a more serious nature.


By now you’ve probably gotten a gist of which animation style is best for you. You have to remember that choosing the right animation style depends on various factors, like the service or product you are offering, the nature of your target audience and where you are planning to put up that video.

Of course you will find that every animation style has its own pros and cons. While some focus on the visuals, others focus on the message that you wish to convey. In the end you have to make a calculated decision as to which animation style will work best for you. Don’t make the mistake of hurrying this process – it is a very important decision, after all.

The thing to remember here is the fact that every explainer video style tells a different kind of story. Each one of them has their own unique strengths and weaknesses, and will make the perfect fit for some brand out there.  The factors that you need to keep in mind when choosing the right explainer video are the following”

  • What you want to say to your potential customers
  • The purpose of your video
  • Your brand identity
  • And finally, your audience

Take the time to introspect and think of how best your brand can be showcased – be it in the overtly visual manner or with lesser visual value. Then, when you have arrived at your decision, simply go on out there and bring that explainer video of yours to life with animated glee!


Author Bio:

Sandeep Pinge is a Co-Founder at Reptile FX Animation Studio, which creates animated explainer videos and ads for international companies, to explain their business, promote their products and services, and build strong online identities for their brands. He has over 10 years experience in branding and marketing. You can find him on LinkedIn.





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How To Choose The Right Style For Your Explainer Video
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