Planning to start a new blog? Or have already started it? The major problem is that many a times, most of the blogs doesnot get indexed easily. Google not indexing your pages means you are not getting appropriate traffic as expected. No traffic means no business.

So, what can be the best way to get your pages indexed even faster than before? Is the answer is through paid search engine services?

Well, there are lots of services being available online which can index your pages even faster. I would always suggest you not to go for paid services as it can make your business go banned. You can easily index your webpages by search engines with fewer efforts by following the tips and tricks as suggested below:

This is true that Google bot almost crawls every website but preference is generally given on high pr websites first. For new blogs, the pr is usually zero and therefore there are fewer chances of Googlebot to come and crawl your pages. Therefore, being a blogger it is your responsibility to inform as well as enforce google bot to search and collect your pages. It is therefore your duty to inform google bot to crawl your site. This you can easily do by following the guidelines as suggested below:

Sitemap Submission: Sitemap is the collection of webpages on your blog. It is generally an XML document being hosted on your web server. However, you do not need to be a XML expert to submit these sitemaps. For wordpress blogs, lots of plugins are there to submit these sitemaps online. Google XML sitemap is one of the best sitemap submission sites and can be the best solution to this service. For this, you need to register and enter your sitemap url and can submit site map to search engines.

Opt for Social Networking Services: Submitting your business on social media sites would definitely help. Sharing post on social networking sites and profiles definitely help in search engine results page ranking.

Try to Add Fresh and Quality Content: Google likes and always appreciate fresh and quality content writing and so as your readers. Therefore, it is the responsibility of a blogger to update the blog with fresh and unique content as possible. This would also help to crawl your pages as possible.

Use Free URL Submission Services: Going for manual url submission is always time consuming as there you need to submit one by one. It is always better to submit urls of top posts that will increase ranking in search engine results page. Submitting urls of top posts will bring a good reputation and thus will enforce Google to crawl your pages.

Guest Blogging: Though guest blogging is not an easy task to get backlinks, search engines and Alexa preferred links. Guest blogging in high pr blogs would also help to get good backlinks. Therefore, it also helps Google to crawl your pages as early as possible. Therefore, it is always better to stop doing guest post at a single place and try to get backlinks from different areas of blogosphere. That is infact very essential indeed.

Thus, following these tips and guidelines would surely help to index your web pages even at a faster rate. Social networking sites and adding fresh quality content definitely helps a lot. But yes apart from this, applying to all other methods would surely enforce Google to crawl your site even more easily.

About Author:

Aditi Datta is a professional and expert content writer as well as a blogger who maintain a good era of blogging. She also provides effective writing tips and tricks for both newbie and professional writers through her researched works. She has also got a clear command and excellent ear of the language.


How to enforce Google Bots to crawl and Index Web Pages at a Faster Rate