Search engine optimization is that little tricky thing that many bloggers fail to adopt on their blog on regular basis. I will admit that in beginning I was one of those blogger who don’t practice SEO on their blog but after reading this article you will come to know that SEO is much important for your blog as brushing your teethes daily. Remember to write and post articles and images keeping in eye your SEO strategy and your main mission should be to drive new readers to your blog. Like anything in life practice SEO regularly and it will add to your good habits.
Here I am going to tell you some simple points that would help you to raise traffic to your blog by practicing SEO. To follow my steps you don’t need to be a computer programmer. They are simple yet powerful.

1. Give ALT tag to every image:
Writing up ALT tag for every image may sounds difficult to you especially when you are blogging fast, but relax and sit down its very easy to do, just focus on your keywords and give relevant alt tags to every image. You don’t need to give alt tag related to image every time you can try to focus on your keywords this will ultimately better you on-page optimization for your blog. Many people usese google for finding images, google uses these alt tags as keywords and match with that one of user, this will help you to bring more traffic to your blog in this way.

2. Make your blog keyword rich:
Every blog should have keywords that are relevant to the intended audience. My personal blog is about web-designing and SEO, so I keep my focus on keywords like web designing or seo or blogging etc, you can even use free keyword tools available on net if you feel that you are stuck or confused. You can use your keywords in alt tag , headings or even paragraphs.

3. Blog regularly and add fresh content:
The more you blog the more you get. Google and other search engines loves fresh and unique content so try to post and review articles on your blog daily or 3-4 times a week this will increase your ranking in search results significantly. You try you make effort you will definitely get it. You can use your target keywords throughout your post. Remember your focus should be on quality rather than on quantity, blog unique and fresh content.

4. Linking properly:
The basic and most important tip for SEO is that your every blog post should contain atleast one inbound link to another relevant article this will not only stick users to your website it will even rank you up in search results. Try to limit your outbound links. You should also try to build backlinks from high page rank blogs to your blog from relevant niche. Backlinks can affect tour pagerank to great extent. Try to keep a balance between do-follow and no-follow links.

Author bio: This article has been written by Parbhat Jain, he is a freelance web designer in Ludhiana, he is a blogger and a SEO expert. He loves to write about blogging and SEO. You can tweet him for seo advice he is always available for his readers.

How To Get More Blog Traffic Through SEO