How to Increase Readership of your blog

Not happy with the limited number of readers on your blog? Building a blog is not enough. If you want to multiply the number of readers or visitors on your blog, then consider a few tactics. So, here are some useful tips:

1-Content: No doubt subject matter of the blog matters a lot but you should also pay great attention to the content. Write your blog in an easily readable and simple language. It is one of the basic principles of a successful blog writing. Use short and simple sentences to convey your idea. Moreover, ensure that the blog is free from all grammatical and punctuation errors. If the content and subject matter of the blog is interesting then people will share it with their friends and thus the number of readers will definitely increase.

2- SEO guidelines: In many cases, it is also recommended to use SEO-friendly content so that it easily shows on the search results of the search engines. To make your blog search engine friendly you can take help of the various keywords, analytical tools that help you to understand the highly search terms that can be used in blogs.

2- Use social media: Take the help of popular social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social book marking sites to reach the audience. In the contemporary times, the presence on these platforms is very important as it helps you to reach millions of people easily and establish a communication. Be consistent in uploading your post on the social media sites and also try to use captivating images and catchy descriptions to attract more visitors.

3- Use of images or videos: By uploading appealing images or interesting videos relevant to the subject of the blog you can draw attention of readers to your site. Appealing images help readers to understand the subject or visualize in a better way. However, it also help search engines to index the blog in search results.

4- Design of the blog: An appealing design instantly captures the attention of visitor. So, spend sometime and give your blog a beautiful design. You can even take the help of the professionals or browse the web to find fascinating designs that are made available for free.

5-Enable share and subscribe button: Readers always love to share interesting blogs and so you should provide them way to share and subscribe your blog. Such a step will also increase the number of readers and followers.

6- Analytical tools: For better understanding of the traffic or visitors to your website take the help of Google Analytics  which is  available for FREE!! It lets you to measure the traffic from various sources and geographical locations.

7- Respond to the comments of the readers: Try to communicate with your readers by responding to their comments. It is a simple but effective step to establish loyal readers and followers. Besides, you should also leave comments on other blogs to draw more readers.

So, by following the above mentioned tips you can easily draw huge number of readers to your blog.

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How to Increase Readership of your blog