Setting up iPhone VPN

Most people think that setting up iPhone VPN is quite difficult and technical but they are in for a surprise when they figure how easy and effortless it is just by following a range of simple steps on their mobile devices. VPN basically provides protection against any unauthorized actions which can happen over the internet by random and anonymous users. Over the recent years it has ended up beating other competitors such as IP hiding software and proxy servers which are also used for gaining protection over the internet. Setting up iPhone VPN on iPhone brings greater protection against acts like hacking and unnecessary viruses from anonymous users over the internet. It is used by millions of iPhone users worldwide and the number only keeps increasing gradually.

VPN Security and Information Privacy

VPN ensures high levels of security for its user. All information can be kept secure without worrying about others who could possibly be snooping in order to gain personal or confidential information. Notable business organizations contact high end VPN providers for achieving untraceable anonymity over the internet and it also helps them keep highly confidential sources and information safe.

Benefits of Using iPhone VPN

For individuals who indulge in connecting to the internet via mediums like the public Wi-Fi’s, VPN serves as the most adequate facility in the short and long run. Users of iPhone VPN can easily connect to the internet from public Wi-Fi’s without getting hacked. The reason this can be avoided is because an iPhone VPN service will connect its users to the internet through 256 bit encrypted tunnels furthermore to remote servers which are normally based in other or foreign countries.

Steps for Setting up iPhone VPN

In order to set up iPhone VPN, users need to go to the iPhone settings in the first place. The “general” option must be selected in order to select “network” later on. Afterwards the selection of network, users are required to select VPN subsequently. In order to install iPhone VPN, users should select the “Add VPN Configuration” and provide all the necessary details to set up the connection. The PPTP option is to be selected later on as this is the most used iPhone VPN service along with L2TP which is almost the same as PPTP except for an additional feature which requires a shared key by VPN providers. This step requires iPhone users to enter VPN configuration that are given to them by their iPhone VPN providers. Later on, users must select the name for their VPN service and afterwards a name provided by the VPN providers must be used in order to move on. Essential details like username and password will also be provided by the VPN providers. Moreover, the RSA Secure ID has to be turned off by the users and the encryption level to Auto along with the “send all traffic” option to “ON.” This completes the entire configuration settings for turning on iPhone VPN and the VPN Slider tab beneath the Wi-Fi tab will appear. It must be turned on in order to browse the internet through iPhone VPN.


How to Setup iPhone VPN