If revenue generation is on your mind, then it’s imperative to set your priorities right in terms of setting your SEO stats right. With the world witnessing rapid changes in terms of people’s online behaviour, the importance of having an online business presence can be an ideal option.

In most cases it has been seen that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) cannot afford to allocate an adequate spare budget for brand promotion. Having a web presence in such cases can be of optimum help. It not only increases the chances of people taking note of your brand and products, but also helps in increasing the chances of selling your products and boosting your sales drastically.

The changing trends doing the rounds of the market

  • There has been a significant change in the consumer behaviour across the world over the last few years.
  • Countries like India and China make up the world’s largest consumer markets; they are heavily dependant on the emergence of a strong middle class community, most of who belong to the working class.
  • All these people have adequate knowledge of Google and internet.
  • Another major impact has been made by the emergence of social media which has helped in building opinion.
  • Any company wanting to make it big cannot ignore these two facts, especially, if they wish to make it big on the world stage.
  • And in order to increase their presence over the online domain, adoption of SEO services should be the first and foremost priority.

How to increase your online presence?

Now, what are the things that you need to do in order to increase your online presence on a local as well as a global basis? Here are some tips to get on you rolling with the process:

  • The first and foremost thing to look out for is some kind of a local directory that can help you locate the preferences. You can also keep on adding and improving the directory simultaneously. Such directories are mostly free but a few premium directories do come with a one-time fee.
  • Once you get hold of the directory you have the option of including keywords which cater to the markets you’re wishing to serve. Including the name of the place you are targeting can help Google place your website as a top priority at the place that you are looking to cater to.
  • The directory also gives you the option of selecting the field you are basing your business on. So, once you enter the field, you can manipulate the searching process. There are also 5 options that you can choose from as part of this option.
  • There are also options of including images and videos which can help enhance your ranking.
  • It would be advisable not to use too many directories in a single go, as it might prompt Google to spam your website. It is important that you trade cautiously.
  • Look to include keywords that have preferences among your target audience. There is also an option of putting your address in the directory footer or mention the location that you might be wishing to operate in.
  • Lastly, you can use social media websites like Facebook and Twitter to promote your website link. Usually, a site promoting your website can be an ideal option for getting hits as far SEO is concerned.


In order to increase your web presence, you need to battle a lot of odds. Don’t expect miracles overnight. While Google measures each and every move, they also try and understand the analytics you’re using to reach to the top. Play the game well and see how you make a lasting impression on Google’s top pages.

This post is wriiten by Joseph Berg, a SEO consultant and strategist. He likes to share his tips and tricks for better visibility and increasing the authority of a website.

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