The iPhone5 comes with the best features you can ever imagine, the phone is wonderful and good to use because of its powerful and well in built apps that are not easy to come by on any other smart phones in the market, the iPhone5 comes with the best applications you can ever think about and these apps are the best for your day to day usage. It is no more a new thing that the iPhone are the leading brand of all other smart phones. Apple Company is known throughout the world because of their product features that made their product to stand out among all other technology company throughout the world.

The Apple company are known for their good and the best reputation, be it laptops or wonderfully built smart phones, Apple are leading, but Apple company had just soar high with this wonderful iPhone5 because of its distinct features.

The iPhone5 has come to amaze its users because of its whole in built apps that make your daily living easy and stress free. The iPhone5 has baffled users because of the apps that are on it. These apps are very captivating and useful for users and can help users to do anything anytime on the iPhone5 without stress and without wasting of time. Whether when you are finding locations, shooting of photo or video and even when it comes to asking Siri for some help on anything.

This article is mainly going to expose the life made easy apps on iPhone5 only,  I will discuss one by one the some apps on the iPhone5 that you will not want to live without once you have it, the apps am giong to discuss will keep you connected to your iPhone5 always and will make you their daily user because of their unbeatable and unequal features that will keep you glued to them.

The iPhones operating sysytem has been known to be a window operating system. This time around iPhone come with an upgrade operating system. The latest iPhone5 comes with the iOS 6 which makes it very easier for users to access the phone without stress. With the new iOS 6, the iPhone5 interface is very fast, smart and better for the benefit of the users. This will help users to manage music, apps and at the same time help users to avoid red eyes while shooting photos.

These following listed below applications and features of iPhone5 make it a life made easy smartphones you will want to lay your hand on.


The iPhone5 comes with these great app that you will love to use, With Facetime on iPhone 5 you can indulge in video calling to other Apple products like iPod touch, iPad and iPhone. Fcaetime can work with a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. With this app you will be able to do video chat with your friends in very amazing and exiciting way. Aside that with Facetime you can arrange meeting with anybody in any part of the world. Facetime allows its users to stay with connectd with friends and familiy wherever they are. This is an applications you can used regardless of where are residing.


The video quality of iPhone 5 is not ajoke, iPhone 5 comes with a large aperture and backside illumination which provides more light to the iPhone 5 camera to get a wonderful video files when you are shooting video. The iSight camera come with three powerful features

  •   better image
  •   high resolution video
  •   improved sound track.

This three features make video shot by iPhone camera hard to believe because it makes any video you shot on it appear brighter and clearer than you can never imagine. With this High Definition Video recording you dont need to waste your money on cameras again because the quality video you need will be achieved by iPhone5.


This application is an intelligent asssistant that understands, know and has answers to all your questions. Siri helps you to ask any question and give solution ao all your queries. With these aplications on your iPhone 5 you can ask more than enough questions because this application is built in way that users all around the rejoice when they have thier hand on it. Siri can be used as search engine app, news updater, map reader and many other to mention few. The app will help users in finding places, and will give you relevant to any question you ask from it. With this app you phone will become your personal assitatant through Siri because it will help you send messages, making phone calls, set reminders and schedule meeetings for you in a painless way without wasting your time. Siri will help you to find time for shows, give you updates on live football match including player stats and the team rosters to mention a few Siri is indeed a life made easy apps you will love to lay hand on.

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