Making money: not by creating an internet company, but using the network as a tool to create value, and then to be paid. Using the Internet as a tool, not as an end. Do it when you’re part of a large company or do it when you’re a solo artist. The incredible power that the network may be able to overcome the current state prevailing in the economy.

The essence is this: connect.

Connect what is disconnected, and will create value.

• Connect advertisers to people who want publicity
• Connect job seekers with jobs
• Connect information seekers with information
• Connect together the team
who has similar interests • Connect
• Connect to partners and those who can exploit the your work
• Connect people with those closest geographically
• Connect with those who spend the money to spare systems
• Connect with like-minded people in a movement
• Connect people buying with those who sell

Connect advertisers to people who want publicity

Dani Levy did with Daily Candy, a company that later sold for over $ 100 million. Daily Candy uses a simple system to send email, nothing technologically complicated. It ‘just a business based on permission marketing … hundreds of thousands of people, who receive a personal email and relevant every day. (Note: This only works if you have the real permission and not those things which are not very clearing so common nowadays).

Connect job seekers with jobs

My friend Tara, in good years, made ​​hundreds of thousands of dollars working as arecruiter. But what exactly did all day? He was connected with a lot of people. He kept track of everything. It is connected with the right people, investing the time on them. So, when it was time to hire someone, they called her. The best time to start something similar now, when nobody seems to want to connect and help the “superstar”. When the economy recovers, this will be extremely valuable. (Note: This only works if you are a much focused person and if the people with whom you interact are truly “superstar”, not just numbers).

Connect information seekers with information

On a large scale, is what has made the fortune of Bloomberg? Spend a lot of money on a Bloomberg terminal guarantees you at least 15 minutes ahead of those who do not use. Think about how many micro markets that do not exist. Michael Cader did for book publishers, and it works pretty well. What the market needs your help to channel, collect and connect?

On a micro level, there are people who make thousands of dollars per month through their pages on Squidoo. This can be almost a full time job for a curious person and who is willing to share information.

Connect together the team

What happens when a company has 10 people in 3 different offices and the goal of launching a new product in record time? Why not spend a bit ‘of money to hire someone to manage this team? Someone able to use Basecamp, conference call systems, scheduling, control that the right people have the right information at the right time … I do not think that most companies can afford to hire such a person full time, but I bet that this may be a good specialization for those who have the right skills.

Connect those who have similar interests

Who launched an association of architects working on residential green? Or connect the CFOs of the largest U.S. banks? It ‘amazing how people are isolated in a world so connected. I know a guy who has created an incredibly profitable business by linking executives in the Fortune 500. After all they are only 500. And they want to know what others are doing …

Connect to partners and those who can make your work

Freelancers have no power because they depend on the customer to get in touch with the rest of the team that could exploit their work. But what if you do before you approach customers? If you, as a designer, you have a partner who is a well-known copywriter and another who is a famous designer? You could cross the threshold of the customer and submit a detailed quotation for a PDF or other media with high impact, in a turnkey package.

Connect people with those closest geographically

We know that newspapers are in bad shape. Yet the news, it seems, are increasing. This paradox is an opportunity. Who is able to connect together the 10,000 people who are in your community / neighborhood / city / postal code? If you do, could you attract an audience of thousands of RSS and email … and you would think it difficult to gather them all in a monthly cocktail party? Or find a local sponsor in question?

Connect with those who spend the money to spare systems

During the last recession, a lot of entrepreneurs have made doing business advice to save telephone costs. They cut costs by 30% the first year and have done the work for free. Today there are many ways to save money through technology and outsourcing, but few are able to derive maximum benefit. You could help to do it and get a slice of the savings.

Connect with like-minded people in a movement

We have seen people who are unable to turn a blog into a multi-million dollar empire. The secret: do not write a blog for all. Rather use the blog as the central point of connection of a niche, and then go from there. It ‘easy to list tech blogs of success, there are literally 10,000 other niches just waiting for someone to colleagues.

Connect people buying with those who sell

Certainly know how to use Craigslist and eBay to buy and sell … but many people do not know. You may find people in your city that have the useless stuff they want to get rid of things they want to sell, they want jobs to be done … and maybe, in exchange for a small percentage, you may solve their problems using your PC and the Internet. Imagine, for example, the power of a mailing list that sends an alert to 500 people seeking markets for used items. Every time you send them an email, they leave home and go to market. You could go anywhere in the city market of used items, and ensure that they are capable of bringing hundreds of buyers, data in hand.  As long as you can keep for yourself this mailing list and provide a useful service to members, will steadily increase in value.

If these projects had started 10 years ago, now would earn thousands of dollars every week. But there is another good time to start: Now.

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Mohit Maheshwari is the CEO and strategist of a Web design india and a digital marketing agency, New Media Guru. He is also an active blogger and loves to share his experience and knowledge of the web design company india web designing and Internet marketing.

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